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File Listing: Fur, Hide and Feathers - a tanning mod
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2010, 07:20:21 pm
First Created: Jun 19, 2010, 10:17:51 am
File version: 0.8 beta
For DF version: 0.31.08
Downloads: 753 (805) Size: 82.5 KB
Views: 3,235 (3,410) Type: RAR
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Fur, Hide and Feathers - a Tanning Mod 0.85b
This mod expands butchery and tanning to potentially produce a variety of new products, including:

- fur - manually produced in exactly the same manner as leather; you must now choose between fur or tanned hide when tanning skin.
- scaly hide, such as dragonskin - automatically produced from scale, which is dropped by scaled animals like aligators, or swamp dragons.
- carapace - automatically produced from chitin in the same manner as scale.
- wool thread and cloth - automatically produced from wool, which is butchered from animals like sheep and goats.
- gut thread - manually produced from tough intestine.
- feathers - manually produced from feathers, dropped by creatures like harpies, cave swallow men and chickens.

All of the hide-like materials function in essentially the same manner as leather, and wool and gut thread function as, whoopie do, thread. It also contains modified versions of the majority of the raws included in vanilla Dwarf Fortress.

This mod also functions as a demonstration of how creature variations can be used to reduce needless clutter in the creature raws by reducing frequently-repeated tissue allocation to a few repeatedly-applied variations. All of the credit for this concept belongs to the Captain, who assisted me greatly with this mod.

Long story short, with a bit of work, this mod allows your dwarves to swagger around in dragon hide cloaks and werewolf fur mittens!


0.86b - added a couple of new reactions and changed materials around a little so that creatures with only fur or only skin will be automatically tanned, but the skin of creatures with leather and fur will not.

0.85b - numerous changes.
- changed scaly alligators to swamp dragons.
- added a FURRED_NOLEATHER creature variant.
- added cave ferrets with FURRED.
- added minks and ermines with FURRED_NOLEATHER.
- gave sheep TANNABLE_GUT.
- removed furry dogs and wildcats as tannable gut and fur are both included in other creatures.
- made chitin treated automatically.
- made wool produce 5 units of thread instead of 1.
- fixed sheep and other child names in the example creature file. Also added rams as a sheep caste.

0.8b - Swapped feather/scale/chitin materials for wholly distinct materials contained within material_template_tanmod, reducing installation time. Also enhanced compatability. Added modified vanilla creature raws that use the modded materials.

0.75b - Sneaky edit, added gut thread and wool. Also added sheep and wildcats to the example creature raws.

0.7b - Complete rewrite. Added creature variation functionality and evened out material thickness and drop rate issues. Also (unfortunately) removed the updated vanilla raws from the mod, due to them being outdated. Added four example domestic creatures - scaly alligators, chickens, furry dogs and cave spiders.

0.6b, again - added some files that were forgotten - creature raws with fur added where appropriate.

0.6b - Add [ITEMS_HARD] and [HORN] to raw chitin and [HORN] to raw feathers. Removed [AUTOMATIC] from the chitin and feather reactions.

Thanks to rgon842, for suggesting giving feathers tokens required for crafting, and the removal of AUTOMATIC from the feather reaction, and Captain, whose advice, suggestions and assistance with the creature variations was invaluable.
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