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File Listing: Poil's Lizardmen Mod 1.1
Last Updated: Jun 08, 2008, 03:29:34 pm
First Created: Jun 08, 2008, 07:13:41 am
File version: 1.1
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 191 (194) Size: 15.7 KB
Views: 1,580 (1,597) Type: RAR
Rating (0 votes): Unrated
This mod adds lizardmen as a new playable race in both fortress mode and adventure mode. The lizardmen are larger and slightly faster than humans but doesn't use as advanced metals for weapons or armor. This mod does NOT replace anything, so if you don't want the old lizardmen to show up in cave rivers you'll have to remove them yourself. Think of them as being uncivilized and "lost" to the greater lizardmen nations.

Please note that the lizards are carnivores. The lizardmen know how to swim from the beginning but are still able to drown, if you want them to.

version 1.1

-Fixed bug: removed amphibious tag from lizardmen due to limits in the game
-Fixed bug: corrected spelling of khopesh
-Fixed bug: toy khopesh not showing up in game
-New toy: spinning top
-New toy: toy chariot
-New toy: mini-sarcophagus
-New toy: snakeman slave figure
-New trap component: huge scorpion tail
-New trap component: large scorpion pincers

version 1.0

-New race: lizardmen
-New weapon: kopesh
-New weapon: composite bow
-New weapon: sling
-New ammo: bullet
-New instrument: gong
-New instrument: lute
-New instrument: lyre
-New toy: mini-pyramid
-New toy: toy spear
-New toy: toy kopesh
-New toy: lizardman figure
-New toy: snake figure
-New toy: crocodile figure
-New toy: scorpion figure
-New toy: toy blocks
-New pet: scorpion
-New pet: swamp snake
-New pet: sacred crocodile
-New megabeast: ancient snake
-New megabeast: gargarantuan scorpion
-New creature: enraged lizardman mummy
-New art creature: mummified lizardman
-New art creature: lizardman tomb guardian
-New art creature: sacred snake

*art creature means the animal will not show up in the world but will show up on engravings and such. No I don't know the actual word for it.

If you find any bugs at all, have a suggestion or just want to complain, please let me know.
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