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File Listing: Xenomorphs
Last Updated: Apr 07, 2010, 02:34:03 pm
First Created: Apr 05, 2010, 02:07:08 pm
File version: 1.3.2
For DF version: 0.31.01
Downloads: 837 (915) Size: 11.5 KB
Views: 4,813 (5,052) Type: ZIP
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A straightforward mod that adds a number of creatures from the Alien and Predator franchises to DF2010, including:

* facehuggers and chestbursters.
* Drone, Runner, Warrior, Praetorian, Queen and Hybrid xenomorphs, complete with drool and acid blood.
* The Yautja, also known as the Predators, both Blooded and Unblooded.
* A civ entity for the Predators.
* A dummy civ entity for the xenomorphs, allowing them to be played in Adventure Mode.
* A number of weapons for Predators to use, including shurikens, the speargun, the razor whip and the combistick.

Just paste the contents of the .rar file into raws/objects.

1.3.2 - Further combat balancing with the assistance of the most eminent Captain Mayday. Stats have been reduced across the board and xenomorphs should behave less like single-creature armies now.

1.3 - New version! While I'm having trouble effective balancing gameplay with how I -think- xenomorphs should perform in combat, I've tweaked attacks and armour in an attempt to make it fairer on the player. Xenomorphs are now split into three creatures - the megabeasts, the dummy civ used for adventure mode's Play Now! option, and random encounters in the underground/aboveworld.

I've given the different xenomorph breeds different claw materials - beware, because Queens and Praetorians have a slash attack equivlalent to slade. As far as I can tell through arena testing, the only thing this noticeably affects is armour penetration, so just gear up well and stay out of melee range. Queens and Praetorians are also now fireproof.

while Queens and Praetorians are now tougher, drones, warriors and runners have been downgraded somewhat - their hide is much closer to leather now than bronze.

Yautja now have spearguns, body mesh and shurikens to play with!

1.2 - Toned down the drool syndromes, since the acid spitting is fairly rare in Alien canon. Added stingers to the adult xenomorphs with a related attack. Added a dummy civ to make the Xenomorphs playable in Adventure mode. Added the Yautja, also known as the Predators, as a civ - they're playable but I haven't done anything interesting with them in fort mode. Also added positions and items for them. Added a secondary syndrome to the acid blood that harms Predators, since they're resistant but not immune to xenomorph acid. Did some testing to make sure Predators and xenomorphs are pretty evenly matched. Both of them are very very powerful and three or four dwarves in full iron gear failed to make a dent in a Warrior xenomorph - steel, however, was enough to take it down.

1.1 - Added facehuggers, chestbursters, Drones, Runners, Warriors and Praetorians as castes, added acidic drool secretions, tweaked the stats of the xenomorph chitin to make them significantly less unkillable. Watching ten elephants beat the crap out of an alien then die from the acid blood is good fun.

1.0 - Uploaded.
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 Xenomorphs (v 1.3.2)  » posted by Dromaeosaurus on Apr 21, 2017, 07:26:07 am
I absolutely love the concept. Ever considering an update for 0.43.05?

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