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File Listing: Suika Fortress Mod V0.7.5
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2012, 04:23:55 am
First Created: Nov 17, 2009, 12:44:28 am
File version: V0.7.5
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 309 (1,084) Size: 8.89 MB
Views: 2,167 (5,816) Type: ZIP
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This mod allows you to replaces your dwarves with Suikas from the Touhou universe. And most other races and animals will be replaced with yukkuri along with several name and characteristic changes (like prefstrings, names, and body features.) This mod is still in it's early stages and there are bound to be changes every so often.

Special announcement

On July 15th, the annual Suika Fortress yearly challnege will begin once again! This will mark it's third year (did the last two as experiments) I will be releasing another update on that day when I start the thread. Feel free to sign up to play in the community game board at either Bay 12 or MoTK board, just look for the Suika Fortress Yearly Challenge sign up thread in the community games board on the 15th. This year will be a cross forum event where I'll get MotK and Bay 12 involved. We will see how this goes...
V0.7.5 Bugfix 1

Fixed errors with Seigakkuris not performing their necromancery and Kyuukyuu Hakutakus popping up too early.


Fixed Pond Turtle Sprite and added Sasquatch sprite. Suika Fortress Yearly Challenge sign up begins now!

Come to Bay 12's thread
or MotK's thread,13044.0.html

V0.7.5 RC2

Fixed massive game crashing bug that made game almost unplayable. Was oddly triggered by the Mofuling. So the creature was dropped from the game since apparently keeping a Semi Megabeast that depended on grazing is completely out of the question and does horrible things to the game.

If you have 0.7.49 or 0.7.5 RC 1, replace them with 0.7.5 RC 2. Or remove the Mofuling from the raw files in creature_large_temperate.txt.

Mac Versions:

V0.7.5 RC1

Fixed up Nuenue Hakutaku's morphing, made Ibarakkuris deal some more decent damage to undead creatures (I think, needs testing), fixed up a LOAD of sprite errors, fixed up some creatures that had spelling errors.

Added in 14 Sukusuku Hakutaku breeds all with unique features. replaced Llamas and Alpacas with Mofujis, and added in a Mofuling, a semi megabeast panda like creaute. Bug testing will be needed!

Added Orin and Cirno, fixed up earth spirits and zombie fairies that seem to have gone MIA. Also fixed some weird script errors involving hell cats laying eggs (what?) and hell ravens reproducing like mammals.

Added Keine, and Singoykkuri also changed up yukkienes so they change once a month into a hakutaku version. Same goes for Keine. Singyokkuris will change forms every few days.

Seiga Kaku and Miyako Yoshika have been added with a nice functioning necromancer and zombie engine to fit their personalities! General (wicked) hermits have been added along with Jiangshi. Seigakkuris can now use Necromancery magic. Letty Whiterock has been added for Frozen fun. Kogasakkuris and Orinkkuirs have changed their locations. Designed a new Medium world region suitable for Suika Fortress needs.

Quick fix for 0.7.3: fixed sprite error with a sprite in world gen, fixed description of some beer from dwarven to Suikan, some sprites errors with pots and gourds, and more descriptions tweaks with GoombaGeek.

V0.7.3 Transferred all content to 0.34.11 and updated it to meet with standards. Fixed missing Suika Horn file, fixed missing yukkuris, updating tile set with Mike Mayday's permission, updates sprites for almost every animal in the animal kingdom (only a few in tropical_new are missing) with permission from various artist and my own work. Fixed some text with Goomba Geek's assistance, and updated some behavior and location mechanics of 10 D yukkuris. Testing will be needed....

Bug Fix 4 update: Fixed yukkuri Reisens and made them exist again. Also fixed the gourd and several small sprite issues. And finally transfered everything to 0.34.06.

Bug fix 3 update: Fixed turtle sprites from not displaying properly sprite. Also transfered everything to 0.34.05.

Bug fix update 2: Fixed Parseekkuri error and made them now appear in the world instead of replacing Inabas. Inabas now return as they had in previous games. Also updated to 0.34.04!

Bug fix update: Fixes several spelling errors, fixed tag error with yukkuri Reimu, brought Sanae yukkuris and Meiling yukkuris back to existence, fixed kirumi yukkuri's name tag.

V0.7.21 Transferred everything to 0.34.02 now. Did a few small tweaks with tags and matched up breath attacks to new interaction tags and fixed up sprites for the undead. Please contact me via forums to help me fix any bugs you discover.

V.0.7.2 Decided to use the decimal system as of this point. Anyways, this update is a big one as it contains a boat load of yukkuris. All from the PC-98 series. Starting form Reimu based yukkuris from PC-98 and going through all the humanoid charaters turned yukkuri from Touhou games 1-5. I've also included Evil Eye Sigma, and Yuugan Magan in addition to the those I've even put in some animals that have appered in the Touhou universe, such as Dapengs, Tsuchinokos, sake bugs and the like. I manged to replace a few of the other in game animals in the process. Do expect this time to be even more challenging compared to before...

V.0.7 Most of the 10 Desire characters are in now as yukkuris! Also Kasen Ibara is a yukkuri too. Finally some creatures have undead poison class feeatures to them. Also the Inaba race in now been added too. Which seem to function as a more older fashion type thiving race. Beware for they're a sneaky bunch!

V0.6.93 Added in Kyouko and Miyako yukkuri, removed Capybara men, fixed gourds in place of pots and put back jugs. And also fixed eyeball grass and wormy Tendills again to make them see more...natural

V0.6.91 or V6.91 Got some help with Medicene's skin splatter issue and now the problem is solved. Also got all the condensing gland bugs fixed in the process. Thanks for your help Grimlocke

V0.6.9 or V6.9 Made a whole bunch of new things that I've put in this time! First up: Fairies, Kedama and zombie fairies to add some flavor to Gensokyo's atmopshere. But also managed to include for the first time some actual Touhou charaters for once.

The Touhou charaters function as night creatures though they don't reproduce, so they are a rare find. Of course if you look around, maybe you might be lucky to find one! Who knows maybe you might embark on it's territory?!

Anyways, as of right now, I've mainly started on some of the more basic youkai as a base to see how everyone accepts the idea I've put together. So far I've included Rumia, Mystia, Yamane, Kisume, Wriggle and Medicine. Course if your lucky you might get one as a pet. :P But who knows.... (Technically I want to make them exotic pets, but that'll have to wait) Course, since these are night creatures, I have no garuntee wether or not you'll get them as potential pets or not. I'm just hoping.

Finally, I've added Sunflower seeds to allow you to grow sun flowers which has multipul uses, from food, to oil, to flour.

Special thanks to Patchouli for corpse item drops help.

Known Bugs: Medicine's combat daialouge seems to suggest that her skins splatter on her target, but to be fair, it's really suppose to be poison. I'm unsure what's triggering the effects. Though I think it's because I have multisecration on her. If you can find the cause or a fix to it, that can help and I'll make the fix needed for it.

Please feel free to report any more bugs and errors you might come across.

V0.6.7 or V6.7 Moved everything to 0.31.25, and managed to create new sprites for some of the new items like bracelets, bamboo, and jugs were changed into gourds. Also new animals now have sprites. And finally sprites for the new occupations.

V0.6.6 or V6.6: Made the move to 0.31.16 and reconfigured everything to match the current version since the Suika Fortress mode in this version is deemed playable. Due to a series of complains I recived about 0.31.12's flickering issue, I decided to set the default print mode to 2D instead of Partial: 0 or 2 since it was the main culprit causing the flickering for some player. Course if you want to use truetype you'll still have to go to the init menu to change it....

Also I finally fixed all the known errors I kept having with the Mima Yukkuri that prevented her from appearing or appear too early. And I've also added in new creatures, hell cats and hell ravens to make your undergrond exploration more....FUN.

Tiny update: Finally managed to get Iron Shells to become a kappa only product. This product should be slightly more tougher than regular iron. It is now included in V0.6.5.

V0.6.5 or V6.5: New race has been included, the kappa race! A tech focused race that put all thier focus into technology, but they also seem to be pretty secretive too. Mainly behave like a mix of all different races, but tend to have some good euqipment that's pretty much around Suika quality. Also made kappa sprites that are ready for use. Also put an alternet version of the classic mayday sprites set that'll allow colored back grounds.

Also I've included a sprite that may be Nitori....maybe not, you be the judge... and Akyu has been moved to human diplomat position.

V0.6.2 or V6.2: Renamed weapons to fit in a more Japanese atmosphere, and to top it off I fixed a few tiny errors I spots..... more or less a small touch up.

V0.6.1 or V6.1: Added in a couple of interesting elements into the game after a suggestion was given by Psieye. You now can plant cucumbers, rice, make more japanese themed toys, insterments, and foods! And also I've altered a few yukkuri species and gave them shells to the Nitoris and the Satori yukkuris since it seemed to make sense. I've also replaced and added in some sprites for some items that were recently added. This also includes a traction bench sprite. And before I forget I've also changed the kobold race (formerly Momizis) into Daiyousei yukkuris. And now Momizi yukkuri replace the wolf.

Finally I decided to upload the full game to make life easier for everyone.

V.0.6.0 or V6: Went through and made a massive over by adding in pretty much nearly every yukkuri species in the book so far. I also put together sprites and made then have many unique behavior characteristics. Some yukkuri and megabeast I have not included due to the bugs that dwell in the current version. Until the material beings can get some fixing some creatures have been put as DO NOT EXSIST for now.

I also went and placed on a portion of mayday's sprites for some creatures but for some of the others I made my own renditions. This also includes some underground cirtters and a stingray.

Biokkuris are now lightly green skins since I want to seperate them from the orginal yukkuris they are altered from.

Finally I went through and fixed some blood and text errors and made some changes to some text.

But for now unless there is something important someone can give me for a new feature to add or I put something big in there myself. This will conclude most of the updating I'll be doing with Suika Fortress for now.

The only exception will be some minor updates that'll be done as Toady keeps releases the new releases.
V0.5.5: I finally determined an estimation how much work I will ultimately have to do with Suika Fortress for it to be considered truely "complete" and it'll be something that won't be very quick either as it'll require a few for Toady to add the nesseary features in the long and distant future (like magics and unique animal behaviors ect.) for it to be technically "complete, plus ZUN would have to end the Touhou series. (like that will happen anytime soon lol)

Anyways, in this update, I've currently transfered all the Suikas and yukkuris over to their 0.31.x series. Along with the basic mayday components and some vinilla creatures. Gave them all descriptions to their behavior like hair, skin and eyes.

I've also took advantage of the new poison system and make several yukkuri carry some rather *FUN* dieseases! Finally I have thrown in some more yukkuri in the sprite sheet that I have not implimented yet plus some other things I need to do. This is why this is V0.5.5 and not V0.6, as I got alot of work ahead for me since I now have to start working on coming up with a way for the new yukkuris to fit in plus some othere interesting creatures I may throw in.

Bug testing would be appricated and you can leave your comments in the DF forum topic about Suika Fortress in the mod section.

V5: Gave yukkuri a basic body type that would fit their rounded head features
Added yukkuri zombie and skeleton for Lettykkuri

V4: More Yukkuris
A Sukusuku hakutaku as a possible pet
Suikas will now have horns in their heads! (you can only see them once they injure themselves)
Retouched Suika Soldier and gave them 18th century type samurai armor (sutiable for Gensokyo's atmosphere)
Retouched Human Soldier and gave them 18th century type samurai armor.
Gave new Preference stings to nearly all the yukkuris and other races thus now they will be described based on the perferences on what the Suika likes (press u , select a suika and press enter). If you see a yukkuri you may get to see what I've changed.
fixed the name of yukkuri I didn't name, or named incorrectly.

V3: Continue to add in more yukkuri creatures
Added in Suika Statues in the type art section
Finished giving sprites to all biokkuri and Parseekkuri races

V2: Gave names to define Suikas and yukkuris according to their name
Added sprites for Suika and Biokkuri races I didn't complete
Added Kourin and Akyu sprite

V1: Created Sprites for Suikas, yukkuri races for some other creatures
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