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File Listing: =Utilii Stillarii=-{ MERGED MOD PACK }- 010
Last Updated: Jun 02, 2008, 01:17:02 pm
First Created: Apr 24, 2008, 11:52:45 am
File version: Pack 011
For DF version:
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ver. 011 - Ironwood is added. This tree can be processed in smelter to become a "hardened ironwood" - a sharp stone suitable for making weapons (like obsidian).

These small features/changes are incorporated to change the vanilla game to something more flavoured and comfortable without turning the game into buggy thing.

= Ironwood: hardened in smelter to become a "hardened ironwood" sharp rock, you can make weapons with it in craftsdwarf workshop.
= Alchemy mod[/b]: Various smelter reactions (new alloys and methods). Check alchemy mod thread for more info.
= Animal packs: wild animals now travel in larger packs. For additional challenge which isn't present when there's no more than 1 lion around.
= Megabeast values: bronze colossus now drops solargent bronze statue which have value > than iron, thus ironmen are no longer more pofitting than colossi. Dragon now drops on death 1 bar of dragon scale cluster, which can be processed into 10 dragon scale bars in smelter, it's almost as good as adamantine.
= Real stone weapons: Axes, hammers and spears (imagine stone spearheads) now can be made of stone at {craftsdwarf's workshop}.
= Real stone weapons: Axes, hammers and spears (imagine stone spearheads) now can be made of stone at {craftsdwarf's workshop}.
= Body armor tweak: a scalemail (less armor/weight that chainmail) which can be created from shells too and a cuirass (less area protection than platemail) which can be crafted from bone.
= Naked Enemies: Goblins now wear armor only, no more socks/pants/thongs to ruin our hauling jobs/processor time. Kobolds are naked.
= Rock salt mod: Rock salt mineral (now called properly - halite) can be processed in the smelter to gain rock salt chunks which can be milled at quern into salt powder.
= Detailed bodies: now many creatures have their bodies more detailed. One of the important features of the Martial Arts Mod by Sean Mirrsen.
= Fanciful creatures: fanciful creatures now have custom bodies (they had none) and attack tags. The centaur is renamed into centauri king.
= Additional creatures: some new temperate area and cave creatures were added (cave worms, treasure chests, centauri, badgers, forest spirits) to differentiate encounters (for those who got tired of mass wolfs/bears)
= Economic stones: by Sean Mirrsen, allows every stone to be toggled on/off for usage in the stone menu ('Z' -> stone). Optional (but highly recommended for crafting control) file - reaction_all_economic.txt.
= Threats: New threats for named enemies, compiled by Umiman. They were made by community.

Download the ZIP file. Look into archive and you'll see various folders.
Put the folders in your Dwarf Fortress main folder, overwriting same names.
Make sure to install on clean copy of DF.

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