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File Listing: Accelerated CivMWForge v5.0
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2013, 08:18:45 am
First Created: Apr 22, 2013, 01:39:39 am
File version: v5.3.8
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 159 (203) Size: 36.34 MB
Views: 2,632 (3,180) Type: 7Z
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This mod has been updated with v6

Using this as my base, I redid my mod

This mod has everything that was in the prior versions, but is more streamlined and properly done (i.e. no special util's other than winmerge)

Based on my favorite first mod ever played (Civilization Forge!)

  • v5.3.9 (pending) add [BOILING_POINT:1][rots] to inorganic:grime in inorganic_library.txt to evaporate it (otherwise it fills up food stockpiles). I can't have it boil, because it destroys wood items, wood logs is required for the building. However, as Mephestereas pointed out, it is cleanable when it's placed in a stockpile.
  • v5.3.8 Fixed various incorrect creature_mat:animal:whatever to local_creature_mat:whatever, to include: eye, wax, ink, royal_jelly, mead, etc... (got the idea from the chitin)
  • v5.3.7 Fixed animal chitin to just show chitin by creating a new creature_insect_accelerated.txt. My first attempt to fix it brought all the names of the creatures that it was pulled from.
  • v5.3.6 Fixed animal skin entries, it was due to creature_mat:animal:chitin in the chitin_template pointing to nothing
  • v5.3.5 Reverted Tanned_chitin back to local_creature_mat (animal doesn't have a tanned_chitin)
  • v5.3.4 Changed A LOT of local_creature_mat's to creature_mat:animal for added creatures (Accelerated Mod's optimization) in hopes of finding the animal skin culprit...
  • v5.3.3 Added some new creature entries and tissue entries to support animal_rare, animal_exotic, animal_lamellar, hopefully to alleviate any innapropriate animal skin items?
  • v5.3.2 Hopefully fixed some weird armor types from being produced by deleting *.txt.bak files from the objects folder (backups of files apparently).
  • v5.3.1 Fixed a typo on wool for [items_hard]
  • v5.3 (Modest Bodies!) (All I have to say is: BEWARE THE BRASS COLOSSUS)
    - Added in Modest Bodies (after figuring out the missing/deleted humanoid_joint entry (w/no one's help))!
    - Hopefully fixed ridiculous coif's existing. I added armorlevel:2 to coif's so it's understood there made out of chain material metals? Thx Hugo_the_Dwarf
    - Re added [items_hard] to wool since the coif thing has been fixed.
  • v5.2
    - Modest Mod has been implemented!
    • I didn't change any graphic changes (I'm not sure if that would mess up accelerated mod's settings.
    • I didn't comment any exotic mounts.
    • Lots of grazing changes! Animals shouldn't eat so much grass now!
    I added back in (all remapped to whatever was found in civforge before)
    • kimberlite
    • Microcline, needed for crystal_frost
    • orthoclase (had since the beginning)
    • colored marble's
    • gems
      • amazonite
      • gemstone_jet
      • nightfire
    • stone_mineral
      • nivocite
      • verdenite
      • nightstone
      • lepidolite
      • zinnwaldite
      • muscovite
    Kept & Reasons
    • Reaction Gems
    • Reaction Stones
      • LEVITITE
      • ILMENITE
      • CINNABAR
      • STIBNITE
    • stone weapons
      • flint as it appears in sedimentary layers
      • bladestone as it appears in all stones
      • obsidian (vanilla, found far below
    • aluminum (*ALUNITE (removed as of accelerated)
      • shale_alum
      • bauxite
    • salt
      • rock_salt_deposit
      • rock_salt
    • magnesium (*TALC (removed as of accelerated & found inside dolomite)
      • dolomite
      • olivine
  • v5.0.7
    - Re-added leggings to all the relevant entities
  • v5.0.6 WHOOPS...
    - I deleted pants... should have never have done that... No wonder my dwarf's were getting pissed!
    - More integrated Javelin support (pulled from v3.0.5, I'm glad I saved those prior posts)
    - Removed reference to zombie/skeleton graphics to prevent errorlog entries.
  • v5.0.5 (GRAPHICS!)
    - Javelin entity entries added for humans and sand raiders.
    - Figured out how to import graphics, might not be perfect yet, but everyone's got something in there now.
  • v5.0.4
    - Removed [items_hard] from wool template
    - Re-added permitted reactions for my mountain entities (the wood saving stuff).
    - You can just extract the raw's over your save raw's and maintain saves.
  • v5.0.3
    - Removed these currently unsupported transformations (to prevent the game from crashing, thanks Meph!)
    • Unrecognized Caste Token in Body Transformation Effect: OGRE_KOBOLD_ARMORED:MALE
    • Unrecognized Caste Token in Body Transformation Effect: OGRE_KOBOLD_ARMORED:FEMALE
    • Unrecognized Caste Token in Body Transformation Effect: DWARF:NECRO_MALE
    • Unrecognized Caste Token in Body Transformation Effect: UNNAMED_ONE:MALE
    • Unrecognized Caste Token in Body Transformation Effect: DWARF:NECROFIGHTER_MALE
  • v5.0.2
    - Removed some trailing ] that I thought were the result of a bug, but honestly, was due to not enough armor items... which has been remedied. There needs to be at least 3 items for coverage for a specific item (if it's tagged with :common, which is 75% coverage)
  • v5.0.1
    - Standardized trees...
  • TODO
    • Graphics
      • MINOR: include modest mod tile changes (probably have no affect in graphic mode, but since I didn't use it as a base... err, I had to re-incorporate the changes and shortened the process by eliminating these)
      • MINOR: fix icons for various creatures
      • MINOR: Graphics: I'd like to update the Xelic's and Drow, as they don't seem to match, but I got the Orcs and Warlocks looking correct!
        - Lots of duplicate graphic entries
    • INCORPORATE MODEST MOD CHANGES (I thought they were already in here, but doing a winmerge w vanilla, I see they are not
    • simplify stone a little bit
    • implement modest bodies after I figure out how to get it to stop throwing joint errors
    • MINOR/MAJOR: simplify metals?
    • MINOR/MAJOR: simplify gems using simplegeology mod
    • MAJOR: Simplify Fish
    • MINOR: Fix animal meat, meat, and meat from appearing
    • MAJOR: Possibly look into Civforge's implementation of bronze ore ratio stuff (i.e. see civforge readme)
    • MAJOR: 6 armed xelic's, 8 armed xelic's, 8 legged, 8 armed xelic's?
    • MAJOR: create some creatures
    • MAJOR: import Putnam's fire wand
    • MINOR: possibly remove mattock (do I really need a mattock, battle-pick, and pick?)
    • MINOR: remove evil armor, replace with standard armor types
    • MINOR/MAJOR: reduce cold hammering so the crucible cant be bypassed
    • MINOR/MAJOR: use mod manager to check differences in inorganic material's between accelerated and this mod (I know, I'm not actually going to use it other than as a reference for what's been deleted between accelerated mod/vanilla vs what I have deleted in this version)
    • Figure out why I have bone as an option in stone stockpiles
What is different than prior version
  • THIS IS CIVILIZATION FORGE through and through. You get ALL the buildings, ALL the custom reactions, all armor, creatures, stone, etc.
  • the crucible should work to make iron, but the old reaction to cold_hammer it (from my prior mod) is still in there. One could easily import this mod into mod manager, and disable all my cold hammering if they didn't like that.
  • added in leather gloves (as stated to be done in old version.
  • added in orthoclase, peat, loam, used civforge inorganic_stone_layer vs accelerated to avoid evaporating stone :)
  • v4.0 didn't have the mwmod tissue and body plans, I re-incorporated them doing a comparison with civforge (civforge didn't edit these too much, but I preserved the changes it brought to the table)
You will STILL have ALL these civ's fighting against you.
  • Civilization Forge
    • Sand Raiders (some bad-ass creatures)
    • Xelics (these are some truly bad-ass creatures)
    • Dinausari's
    • Goblins have been swapped with civforge gobbo's now
    • Kobolds that wear a little armor
    • Frost Giants
    • Hobgoblins
  • Masterwork
    • Warlocks (yes, those bad-ass bad guys from Masterwork are in here)
    • Orcs
    • Raptors
    • Drow
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