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File Listing: Single companion displayed as two people
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014, 04:39:34 pm
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.40.13
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Load the save and you'll see that each of my two companions is displayed as two people, with the green unit rotation indicator and two entries in the 'l'ook view. This was achieved by the following procedure:
  • Recruited the companions in the mead hall to the east.
  • Fast traveled a short distance (other side of the hamlet) to the west.
  • Told my companions to "Wait here until I return.", which they agreed to do.
  • Returned to the mead hall via fast travel. My waiting companions showed up as asterisks on the travel map.
  • Was re-joined by my companions, who were coming out of the mead hall, like they had never left.
  • Returned to the spot where I left my companions, again via fast travel.
  • Found myself with two pairs of cloned companions, as seen in the save.

When I fast traveled to another location in the hamlet with my clones, the cloning effect disappeared. Each companion was once again displayed as a single unit.
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