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File Listing: wasps89
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2015, 06:29:04 am
First Created: Sep 19, 2014, 07:30:56 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.34.11
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changes v.39

-Added the Cement Worker building: create items from waspen cement
-You can now create more expensive cement by using metal bars. The return rates are lower.
-Some slight modifications to the nobles

changes v.41

-Added the Shrine To The Depths: use souls, skin and meat to summon megabeast sized creatures. Beware, some of them might turn feral
-Added the Laboratory building: improve your wasps and your pets
-Various bugfixes and tweaks

changes v.42

-fixed a bug where the drone had multiple body parts

changes v.43

-Removed the Insect Hive and added the Hive Caller: call a random waspen pet in exchange for meat and leather, but beware the raiders! the Hive Caller also has the Insect Hive reaction

changes v.44

-Added lungs to the wasps

changes v.48

-Lots of tweaks to the summons
-Hive Caller now uses four souls
-Fixed a loop where you could constantly summon and butcher creatures. now the shrine's creatures meat is inedible.
-Added a new furnace: the Chapel To The Depths. it is used to facilitate paying the costs of the Shrine
-Culling a wasp now also produces a soul
-Added the missing GENERAL_POISON classes
-Aberrants and Praetorians give no souls, so no more easy soul harvesting
-Changed the waspen body
-Fixed the stinger
-Removed the Colossal Moles
-Lowered the costs and the drawbacks of the Lab
-Made Praetorians cheaper
-Fixed the waspen and Praetorian aging to match with their reproduction system
-Raised the life span of aberrants and reduced their size
-Praetorians now will show up in waspen sieges as building destroyers
-Other stuff i can't remember

changes v.51

-tested the reactions. they should work now
-fixed various cascades
-temporarily added a reaction for creating drones
-added missing souls
-fixed some problems with waspen bodies and bodyparts
- other stuff i can't remember

changes v.52

- made shields practically unusable
- some changes to the nobles
- changed the buildings wasps have access to

changes v.53

- changed how wasps use shields, now they simply have a significant penalty. they still can't produce shields
- switched the names of the enforcer and the swarmlord. the former is the militia captain, the latter the captain of the guard
- removed the riot interactions entirely
- added a unique language
- changed the price of paper cement to zero, but added the possibility to make advanced cement from more metals
- raised the prices of the shrine
- fixed the stone bullets crafting. it should work now

changes v.54

- lots of additions, tweaks and fixes. the mod is nearing completion, so i won't list them all (i don't remember them all, anyway).

changes v.57

-added heydude's new joints and the reproduction system
-some small changes and fixes

changes v.58

-added goblins, dwarves, drow and orc "slaves" as pets and removed gnomes
-updated the scripts
-cleaned up the raws
-tweaked many age tokens and removed unneeded equip tokens
-fixed the issue where wasps would die of old age soon after they transformed
-removed many artifact reactions
-made drones only gain skill points at half speed so workers are useful again
-maybe other stuff too, i can't remember. nothing big anyway

changes v.60
-made installing it more user friendly

changes v.64

-fixed the bug where the makeown script triggers when a caravan arrives
-changed many profession names
-all reactions now require a smaller amount of souls
-soul packs can be made from 5 souls instead of 10
-shrine to the depths now requires 5 souls to be constructed
-changed many workshop and forge keys
-tweaked the orc slave names so they are a little bit less weird
-cement working now uses the pottery skill
-wood pulper uses the presser skill
-fixed a bug where the queen appointed in the waspen mind does not transform and made sure the blocking interactions are easier to pass around
-removed the craziness interactions because they caused problems
-wood pulping now produces less logs
-nerfed the metal cements

changes v.65-66

-fixed some minion scripts (thanks,Vitelozzo)
-and fixed them again in order not to overwrite the Hermit's pets

changes v.68

-made Shrine To The Depths require soul packs instead of souls
-made the Shrine summon be more expensive, and added greater packs for the sake of players' sanity
-added values to the packs, making them reliable commodities
-made the Summon an animal reaction more expensive
-fixed the infectory. it should work now. also, it uses the Surgeon skill
-fixed some bugs in grower and improved the naming(somewhat) and added organic picks (and the appropriate reactions)
-revamped the wood pulping and cement working industries: now there's "fine paper cement" which has some value, 2 separate reaction to create either 6 paper cement blocks or 2 and 2 paper and fine paper cement blocks, infusing and cement working require paper cement (but not wooden logs anymore), infusing now gives 2 metal cement blocks whose total value is equal to the metal bar and cement working consumes one metal cement and one paper cement
-changed the names of the organic weapons so that you'll understand a weapon's quality with one glance, and made copper grade organic substance require 2 months to grow
-fixed a bug where Sacrifices survived
-added souls to the rest of the waspen pets
-fixed the larvae and egg names
-(kinda) fixed a crash when you butcher a larva

changes v.69

-fixed a bug with souls
-fixed everything concerning organic weapons: now grow weapons drop an "unprocessed" version which turns into a weapon through an automatic reaction. this also means organic weapons now also have quality levels and the skill the reaction uses is the Fleshwarper skill
-dealt with the fragile ligaments and tendons: they still are fragile, but now they heal over time
-added the chandler and the slaughterhouse buildings (scale procession was already inside...)
-added a lot of UNIMPROVABLE tokens in items that were missing them
-shrine now uses megabeast souls
-praetorians and aberrants drop nothing upon death
-shrine summon now drop a "corpse" which can be disposed through a reaction in the shrine for some souls
-larvae now drop a "corpse" that can be processed in the Hive Mind for meat and a 10% chance for a brain essence
-changed the prices of the organic weapons. now they use mostly packs. i shall write the new prices in the manual
-added a reaction to loot kobold corpses (redundant?)
-made packs cost nothing in trading
-made praetorians a bit more expensive

changes v.70

-added the archeologist building
-added a reaction to turn megabeast souls to soul packs
-shrine also requires 2 great soul packs
-buffed disposing shrine summon corpses a bit

changes v.71

-shrine now requires 1 great soul pack
-added waspen variants for herbalist and metallurgist so they don't need scientific discoveries
-as well as mortars and pestles
-added reactions to create sets of clothing in the craftswasp building
-praetorians and aberrants now show up in caverns
-greater packs can now be split into smaller packs
-hive thralls are bigger

changes v.72

-scale mails can now be made out of leather
-wasps have wings again
-you can now make organic armor sets and blunt weapons
-new upgrade: the Needler. for whip vines, souls and a reduction of their strength and speed your wasps will now be able to shoot organic needles
-made slaves mature a bit quicker

changes v.73

-fixed the unfertilized eggs' transformation

changes v.76

-new creatures: great stag beetle/great cockroach: the former is a cow sized beetle that reproduces without eggs, the latter is a dog sized cockroach that is short lived and gives birth to large litters. both are grazers
-hive thralls have been split into 2 castes: the red wasp thralls which still explode, and the stinger thralls which are more close combat oriented
-new workshops: mutation lab, fleshwarper's lab: the former can upgrade your hive thralls and your praetorians with warpstone the the fleswarper's lab reagents (as well as provide a new set of mutations for your animals), the latter is used to make the reagents use in the reactions of the Infectory, the Grower, the Laboratory and the Mutation Lab buildings
-red wasp hives now transform into mature hives after 6 months. a mature hive can be butchered for honey and royal jelly
-new drink: waspen beer: using royal jelly, wasps can make a unique drink
-fixed some bugs too (thanks, Vitelazzo)
-probably other stuff I can't remember

changes v.78

-made some tweaks in grown weapons
-gauntlets now cover a better part of the arm
-added a few more poisons

changes v.80

-fixed a few duplicates
-wasps now have a small bucker: the defender. let's see how it goes...
-added the 6 cement blocks reaction

changes v.84

-fixed a bug where pack animals would not carry stuff
-fixed a bug where making paper cement crafts would instead produce gems
-removed the souls reagent from grown weapons and made them somewhat cheaper
-added sandals and cloaks to the wasps' clothing list. sandals can also be made out of cement in the Cement Worker
-changed the defender's name to waspen bracer and the scale gauntlet's name to "scale armguard"
-removed a couple of jobs wasps don't use from the job list
-tweaked the shrine reactions' name so they are shorter
-added souls to the drow slaves
-lowered the beetles' and the cockroaches' grazing needs
-fixed the clean armor's reaction so that it uses the correct reagent
- maybe some stuff I can't remember
-fixed some bugs in the cement worker, a fleshwarper reaction giving the wrong products and added a missing tool
-summon animal reaction now requires 3 souls instead of four

changes v.85

-removed redundant soldier coatings and made it so only uncoated soldiers can receive stinger coatings.

changes v.87

-added names to the metal coated soldiers, as well as appropriate descriptions
-also added names to several laboratory mutations
-removed the baby tokens from the great stag beetle
-added more colors to wasps and to many waspen animals
-added a reaction to the smelter to dispose slag

changes v.88

-fixed the queen fighting interactions

changes v.89

-shortened some reaction names so they're easier to read
-added a couple of missing reactions
-removed some files which overwrote masterwork files
-fixed the infecting system(?)
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