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File Listing: pisskop's Creatures
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2014, 09:05:32 am
First Created: Sep 17, 2014, 07:17:47 pm
File version: 0.3
For DF version: 0.40.14
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This is a centralization of all the miscellaneous creatures I made. They were independently maintained or made for private use, and now they all share one download location.

Creatures included:

- - Caccodemon

Influenced heavily off my favorite Doom monster (and stolen from another source by them), the caccodemon would float around the map and spit lightning balls at you, causing several melee damage if you got close to it.
This mid-level caccodemon is a cavern-dwelling flying ball that can spit bone chunks instead of lightning.

-Possesses glob-spewing interaction akin to some Forgotten Beasts
-Has several horns on its red spherical body.
-Contains a fetid mouth, and bites which causes 'rot lung'
-In 34.11, a small squad of crossbows with wooden arrows would reliably kill it.
-Its bite tends to kill 1 in 5 dwarves outright
-Lives deep in the caverns, and flies


- -Merlock (civ)

The Merlock civ (Source) originally started as an orc, but was later remodeled to their current form. They are envisioned as a lightly armored and somewhat calculating and charismatic race that subsists almost entirely on intelligent humanoids. The reality is fairly in line with that.

-Rather lightly armored
-Has the baby-snatcher tag, which implies the ability to trade with goblins and a hostility to other races (currently, they raise stolen babies, but they are supposed to eat them)
-Willing to butcher and eat anything
-Live in mountain halls and prefer desert or tundra.

- -Tyrannus (semi-megabeast)

The king of the dinosaurs, dwarfed. This is just as the label implies, a big reptile that comes by to eat you.

-It is mortal and mundane, and in pocket worlds tends to die out due to lack of mates.
-Massive monster
-It can be a mount, or a pet, though good luck.

- -Mammoth
Just a furry tundra elephant. Gives the elves something new to ride on. Smaller than their southern neighbors, but shear-able.

-Lives in the tundra and taiga

- - Bomb
A fanciful creature. Flavor text, essentially.

-Doesn't exist, but is literally a spherical bomb.

- -Dionaea(Source)
A sentient, mobile plant monster with the exotic_mount tag.

-Uses several vines and roots to move and fight
-Has not traditional head, but a large toothed maw
-Very slow to move, but given fast attacking vines

IT -semi-megabeast-
A creature based on the book version of It. A massive spider-beast, with moderately successful worldgen

- - relatively untested but error free creature with trap-avoid
- -Live forever, are supernatural, and are fairly aggressive
- -would consider making them a night creature, except fort mode


26OCT14 v0.3
- -Updated for 40.14
- -Altered various aethetic changes for all creatures
- -Added buffs to dionaea size, endurance, and recuperation
- -Added 'Advanced subterranean civ' to entity_pisskop.
Uses reptile, serpent, and bat men
- -added short spear, elven maul, and micro pick, and distributed them to entities
- -buff goblins, and nerfed elves in my extra files
- -merlock should cluster in the tundra somewhat less, and be less successful

27SEP14 v0.2b
- -Cleaned up this page
- -Added new descriptions
- -included last 34.11 versions, if they existed back then.
- -Moved all direct original content to their own files, to ease installation and modding.
- - Pennywise males are more capable of surviving worldgen and no longer are necromancers.

26SEP14 v0.2a
- -cleaned up redundant tags
- -added new creature: Pennywise.

18SEP14 v0.1
-Updated mammoth grazer tag

- -To Install
-Remove any previous version files. Add all the files to your raw folder. Thats it, they are their own self-contained files.

-Any comments can be sent to pisskop on bay12forums.
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