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File Listing: Burying corpses in coffins requires item hauling
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014, 02:45:21 pm
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For DF version: 0.40.05
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I was trying to get my last dwarf to bury the rest of the dwarves. To make this faster, I turned off most of his hauling, but kept refuse hauling and burial on. The dwarf didn't move any corpses (at this point there were many coffins with corpses assigned to them.). I made a graveyard stockpile and he brought all the corpses to it, which were in various states of decay and intactness (corpse, rotten corpse, partial skeletons, mangled partial skeletons, head). Still didn't bring any corpses to the coffins.

Then I enabled Item Hauling and the dwarf started moving the corpses (with the Place Item in Tomb job). This doesn't seem consistent, as the Burial hauling labor is used to move the dwarf corpses to a corpse stockpile.

This save has one dwarf with burial and refuse hauling enabled, but not item hauling. Enabling item hauling on him should cause him to move dwarf corpses from the corpse stockpile to the coffins.
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