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File Listing: Masterwork Dwarf Fortress: Gnome Plugin
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015, 08:25:22 am
First Created: Jan 17, 2014, 07:19:21 am
File version: 1.1
For DF version: N/A
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Views: 2,690 (4,643) Type: RAR
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A plugin for Masterwork Dwarf Fortress. Compatible with V4g.

Play as gnomes! Gnomes are tiny, but they can recruit wild animals and construct automatons to fight for them.

To install: Unzip the file into the main Dwarf Fortress folder. Overwrite whatever files you are prompted to overwrite. Compatible with Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V4g.

Beta Version 0.1: Beta release. Early constructs and animal recruiting system are in.
Beta Version 0.2: Animal system improved greatly. Success is now based on your relationship with nature. Advanced Animal Training Area added.
Beta Version 0.3: Geology prospecting workshops and the Drilling Rig added.
Beta Version 0.31: Drilling Rig can now be automated by connecting power to it.
Beta Version 0.32: Logic gates and machine-door interface added.
Beta Version 0.4: Patched up some messy bits, grenade launcher and explosive trap added. Geologic Seismograph can now be powered.
Beta Version 0.41: Experimental version of the Aerial Transport Device added.
Beta Version 0.42: Aerial Transport Device is now automated. Automatic Mist Generator and Druidic Device added as well.
Beta Version 0.43: Electrical technology, Gems of Armok-using magitek, and the Thunder Coil added. Improvements to the Aerial Transport Device. Damaged automatons retain their materials.
Beta Version 0.5: Autocrafter introduced.
Beta Version 0.51: Automatic production machines expanded on with stonecutter/woodcutter, furniture assembler, arc smelter, thunder forge, sorter, and cart loader. Aerial Transport Device can be connected to a machine input for chaining purposes. Drilling Rig can be given an output to suck items up z-levels. Druidic system made easier, and it is now possible to tame titans with high enough skill and merit. Muskets, pistols and railguns/magnetic crossbows added.
Beta Version 0.6: Talking to birds, curiousbeasts now give druid merit when stealing items, automatic decorator and tailor added, Cosmic Gear time machine added.
Beta Version 0.61: Bugfixes and tune-ups.
0.7: Released for Masterwork
0.71: Fixed a bug with the Drilling Rig's item transport (machina.lua), and a typo in entity_gnome.txt (the slag grinding reaction)
0.72: Standard traps now operate as machine inputs, calling all animals uses only one token, animal training formulas redone, pets can be nicknamed
0.73: Combat-train pets, talk to them, and replenish your depleted fish populations. All advanced animal training requires positive druid merit. You can now raise druid merit by sending off a gnome carrying or wearing valuable items into the wild.
0.74: Special crafting system and many new armor and weapons added or improved upon. Clockborg conversion removed (but replaced with clockborg exoskeleton armor).
0.76: Animal armoring and Cage-O-Matic added, factories can make more kinds of items.
0.77: Fixed several bugs with clockwork animals, thunder forge, and item crafting. Wood robots and animal-mounted turret weapons added.
0.77.1: Fixed up a few more bugs with autocrafting material size calculations and made the arc furnace process ore in a single step.
0.77.2: Fixed the arc furnace item melting.
0.77.3: Fixed the arc furnace ammo melting bug.
0.77.4: Fixed a bug related to animal armoring.
0.77.5: Items and creatures contained in boxes or cages will now be processed by machinery.
0.77.6: A few more bugfixes related to automatic factories. Also, the sorter can be reversed.
0.78: Alloys and plastic added.
0.78.1: Enemy war beasts can be converted using the 'Recruit All Creatures' reaction.
0.78.2: Fixed Thunder Coil and missing headstrap bugs.
0.8: Machine floating item bug fixed, items and creatures in containers can pass through machines, execution device added, missing reactions added, creature healing no longer regenerates limbs, druid merit increases and decreases will decline in intensity over time

1.1: Updated for DF2014
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