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File Listing: Essential DF [ASCII] - release 9
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2014, 12:30:02 am
First Created: Nov 20, 2013, 06:52:57 am
File version: r9
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 188 (360) Size: 12.48 MB
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This mods keeps DF as it is, while it removes things like animalmen replacing most animal populations, or animals going extinct, or fields covered with socks and sandals from your fallen enemies, or "spotted wobbegong leather shirt".

It is a good idea to try it if you want to experience the same game with better performance and less clutter.

It is also useful if you want to make a big mod from scratch, since it keeps key elements of DF while removing overly specific ones.

Streamlined game
- The game launches alongside with DFHack which patches all fixed by community bugs and errors.
- The mod comes in ASCII and with Phoebus graphic set/Spacefox tileset, properly tailored for visual experience.

Streamlined animals
- Name correction: very specific animals removed or reduced to simplier names. Many similar animals turned into one with expanded biomes.
Example: peregrine falcon -> falcon; common snapping turtle -> snapping turtle; great horned owl -> owl.
- No giant/animal man variations of animals.
- ASCII letters corresponding to animal type rather than name. A for amphibians/repties, s for snakes, u for ungulates, r for rodents, v for birds etc. No more confusion between goblins and groundhogs.
- A few more animal men from caverns form camps.
- Cats are replaced by Alynxes which can be both hunting animals as well as meat/fur source (bigger than cats, smaller than bobcats).
- More animals can hunt vermin.
- Grazing animals require less pasture area.
- All australian animals are moved to "temperate savage" not to clash with common animals in generic temperate areas,
- Dragon and hydra leave jagged dragonscale which can be tanned into "dragonscale", copper-level leather.
- Many animals have vocalization (dogs bark, cows moo, mooses bellow, eagles screech etc).

Streamlined gems
- Decorative: citrine, lapis lazuli, onyx, opal, rock crystal.
- Precious: aquamarine, beryl, garnet, jade, tourmaline, zircon.
- Rare: amethyst, emerald, ruby, topaz.
- Exceptional: diamond, star emerald, star ruby, star sapphire.

Streamlined geology
- Layers: Conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone, gneiss, schist, slate, quartzite, granite, basalt, obsidian.
- Flux: chalk, marble.
- Coal: Anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite.
- Other minerals: alabaster, gypsum, bauxite, rock salt.

Streamlined metals
- Ores: iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, native silver/gold/platinum/aluminum.
- Metals: Only copper, tin, iron, bronze, pig iron, steel, silver, gold, platinum and aluminum. Prices are adjusted to make metals more valuable.

Streamlined leather
- Any animal produces generic "leather", "silk" and "wool" instead of "spotted wobbegong leather".
- Several leather types: fur, leather, hide, scale and chitin.
- For modders: I created special body detail plans for furry, woolly, scaled, chitinous, feathered and hide-covered animals.
- Small animals produce no leather at all (for modders: small body detail plan without leather).

Streamlined clothing
No socks, mittens, sandals, scarfs and other clothing which could cause clutter in the clothing stockpiles after traders/enemies arrive.

Streamlined megabeasts
Semimegabeasts and megabeasts know no fear and feel no pain. You will no longer be able to kill a dragon by lodging a bolt in his toe.
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