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File Listing: "Dwarf Fortress from Scratch" Mod: Gnorm's Bug-Fix
Last Updated: Nov 02, 2013, 05:39:15 pm
First Created: Nov 02, 2013, 04:47:26 pm
File version: 1.0.2
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 75 (76) Size: 211.6 KB
Views: 1,301 (1,311) Type: ZIP
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Bug-fixes for my turn of "DFFS." Be sure to delete your current objects folder.

"Dwarf Fortress from Scratch" is a collaborative modification project on the forums to create an entire game's worth of raws absolutely from scratch. As of now, participants have created numerous creatures, including halflings, gun-totting gnomes, and much more. The community surrounding it is quite active, and very welcoming of new ideas. The mod adds great flavor to the game, and you shan't regret downloading it!

Installation Instructions

1. Delete your entire objects folder.
2. Unzip into your main Dwarf Fortress Folder (as this zip-file contains data files, as well as the objects folder)

  • New uncivilized creatures now have actual attacks
  • Several fixes from Github now in the official release
  • Daemonic Cherubim now have nenamed bucklers, as well as [SIEGER] and [AMBUSHER] tokens
  • Cognac grapes updated
  • Halfling mayors now have [LAW_MAKING], which should allow them to receive Treelord and Troll diplomats
  • Nosferatu now have no blood
  • More possible book titles
  • Speech file added for Cherubim
  • Wood gem interaction added for Halflings
  • Plant long guns can now be made only of tarnish stalk
  • Plant substance bug fixed
  • Formic regents fixed
  • Clockworker soldier tile bug fixed
  • Good weather fixed

Known Bugs
  • Clockworkers still cannot perform designations

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SHA-256: 530cdd0028c99f73ea0e8c83bbefc849215afa52d866d733f1b095d24625cf9e
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