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File Listing: Going Postal Community Game
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2013, 03:59:04 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.34.11
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Going Postal (Community Game)

Fortress 1
Fortress 2

Fortress 1 played until Expedition Outfitter workshop is constructed, then retired (Profession of new adventurer becomes "<Fortressname> postdwarf".)
Fortress 2 played until the Fortress 1 Postdwarf arrives (Profession of new adventurer becomes "<Fortressname> postdwarf".)
postdwarf from Fortress 2 must travel back to Fortress 1, bearing items that symbolize messages.
postdwarf may be outfitted with gear and recruit companions.
postdwarfs must deliver their packages to the Post Office (Expedition Outfitter workshop) or failing that, to the bookkeeper of the postdwarf's fortress.
Once the postdwarf has made his deliveries, he is retired at his home.

New fortresses can be added to the world, but each time a postdwarf arrives, that fortress must be retired with a postdwarf of their own and the arriving postdwarf returned to their home fortress bearing packages of items symbolising messages.

If a dwarven postdwarf dies, a 2x2 fortress must be built on that spot to reclaim the mail. This fortress then becomes a waypoint for future postdwarfs, ensuring the mail is delivered. A single bed, stockpile of prepared food and a group of trained fighters (or marksdwarves) are stationed here. A new postdwarf is chosen to replace the dead one, renamed <fortress(of the dead postdwarf)> postdwarf" and the fortress retired. This new postdwarf takes up the journey of the last one and the game goes on.

If a fortress has its own postdwarf arriving in a migrant wave, assign them a nice room and leave them alone. A fortress will only retire if a postdwarf from another fortress arrives.
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