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File Listing: 73 Rocs
Last Updated: Aug 04, 2013, 08:49:06 pm
File version: 501 spring
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 84 Size: 90.45 MB
Views: 963 Type: RAR
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The last remaining member of the last dwarven civilization, the Brown Books, was slain in the year 132.

It is now the year 501, and a ragtag team of dwarves - perhaps the descendants of snatched children, raised on stories of the general's last stand, after thirty years as the lone member of his civilization; perhaps the descendants of cowards and deserters, who hoped by their effort to do penance for their ancestors - formed The Last Book, for the glory of The Brown Books, and set out to settle Anguishedmountain.

But Anguishedmountain had been settled before them. In the tongue of the elves it was Ilaimere Amethaleya, Starrain the Windy Justice; to the goblins, Aso Spishab, The Leaf of Bristles. A great rookery of rocs, 73 strong, their great white forms covering the mountain like snow. Here - their wagon broken down between the rocs on one side, and a blistering rain of fetid mucous on the other - The Last Book faces what may be The Brown Books' final challenge.


Mods included:
Modest Mod, including Broken Arrow but not including egg reduction
Modest Bodies
Snails by NonconsensualSurgery (as updated by Button)
The skin->glob leather fix
A fix for flux in steel-making (untested, you may have to revert this if I broke it)
Added [LARGE_PREDATOR] to a number of giant animals that should have had it already (e.g. giant mantis, giant spiders, giant snakes)
A handful of creature changes to do with training & domestication. Most notably, removed [COMMON_DOMESTIC] from most naturally-occurring animals (exception: horses); changed naked mole dogs' [PET_EXOTIC] to [PET]; added [PET_EXOTIC] to the animal man templates.

World was genned with max megabeasts, max demons, max titans, 0 semimegabeasts, and a few other wonky parameters.

This save is the 'Spring of year 1' auto-save, so the embark has already happened. If you don't like it you can abandon and reclaim - I didn't keep a copy of the region pre-embark.
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