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File Listing: DF from Scratch Modding Turn 2
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2013, 03:29:32 pm
First Created: Jul 07, 2013, 01:03:48 pm
File version: Update the 7th
For DF version: 0.34.11
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The object raw folder after I had my way with it. Additions:
  • multifarious insectoid lifeforms, including a milkable giant aphid, water grubs, swarming giant wasps, shearable giant bees, and a Savage Giant Sea Scorpion to prowl the depths abandoned by the Giant Sperm Whale
  • Some annoying vermin - a wisp of rage in Evil biomes to turn your colonists against each other violently, and two types of mosquitoes - one of which carries dengue fever (note: not all dengue becomes hemorrhagic. Except for a very few cases, the poor halfling will just get a little mouth bleeding, nausea, bad fevers, and muscle pain. And to keep everyone away from the pitchforks, the dengue version lives only in savage tropical areas.)
  • some lovely new plants - a farmable cave fungus, several new types of trees, and two new flavors of grass.
  • ability to prepare chitin from butchered insects, turning it into a metal for armor usage
  • new clothing and armor (chainmail robes)
  • new weapons: scimitar, lance, morningstar, spiked whip (last two are for the Spider-Centaurs)
  • two new civs - the twisted Spider-Centaurs, who hate you, and the playable Formics, an ant-derived species with short lifespans and high birthrates.
  • language translation for the Formics that seems to have turned out properly fast-paced
  • creature alcohol: Honeywine, from those giant aphids (note:may not actually work properly in terms of "it goes in the barrel after you brew it, Halfwit.")
  • two new metals: Celestium and Promethium
  • three new gemstones: Fallen Stars, Diamonds, and Amethyst
  • new rock type: Celestial Marble
  • weather for deserts and good biomes (sunshine rain!) (note: have seen no evidence indicating the game lets them trigger. Playtests needed!)
  • some genuine water vermin to fish. I fixed the flying trilobites, I swear!

No glaring bugs except maybe the reaver ants, who will likely be doing a lot of glaring at you when you plug up the caverns again.

Suggested starting point for Modding Turn 3. I mean, who doesn't like giant bugs?

UPDATE 1: Various bugfixes. Honeywine works now, Formics can now open doors ( :oops: ). Forgot to add in wood revisions...uh...don't use Frostheart/wood. I did, however, add in some optional disease-causing vermin. Just find the file "creature_disease_insects_STL" and follow the instructions inside.

  • Spider-Centaurs and Formics now properly have furnace operators, and should now arm themselves with metal gear.
  • Frostheart trees moved down to caverns 2-3. The role of cavern 1 tree shall now be played by the lovely actress Giant Aspergillum Mold, with support from Cave Mold Grass.
  • Breakbone/Dengue fever pain symptom has been tweaked for realism (no, this does not mean it's harder. This means it no longer cripples with pain instantly. It's milder now).
  • Mastahcheese's alcohol templates and plant included
  • Honeywine updated to use the above's alcohol template
  • latest version of BFEL raws merged
  • The bloodlessness of spider-centaurs was not intentional. This has been rectified.
  • "The Shakes", from the optional disease insects, has been expanded to cause dizziness, and now affects everyone. The Red Death from the same file has been tweaked to prolong the suffering of terminal patients. Antennae rot has been removed entirely, as I was displeased with it.

  • Added "equips" token to Spider-Centaurs.
  • Spider-Centaur entity edits: No longer tolerate cities, can be bandits, no longer use wood weapons
  • Formic edit: can now be bandits (they are sentient, so some extremely eccentric individuals may decide to duck out of the caste system)
  • Merged in Halfling's Paladin interactions, to allow for magic immunity.
  • Duplicated MC's alcohol template for creature alcohols and updated Honeywine again to use it.

Everything seems pretty stable (no bug reports, at least) so this should be the last update, barring any new bugs uncovered in the future.
  • Added Shadows to the HFS, with a syndrome that turns victims into Shades in under twenty ticks (fun!)
  • optional plague flies are now restored to optionality, i.e. they are now not active by default.

Getting rid of some persistent, though not major, bugs.
  • Shadows now have the "crazed" token, for some extra incentive to kill everything that isn't them.
  • Bandit Moth wing scales should work properly now. I've got my fingers crossed behind my back as I'm typing this, honestly, but it should work. I hope.
  • Fixed the Dengue/Breakbone Fever syndrome as Knight Otu suggested. Hemorrhagic fever should now involve actual hemorrhages now.
  • unneeded duplicate creature variations in the formic creature raws have been excised, also as Knight Otu suggested.

  • Finally got moth wing scales to work. It was a typo :oops:
  • New template for gems that doesn't have ITEMS_HARD. Hopefully, this should stop people from using fallen stars as doors and anvils, which is almost a cool enough image to merit it an upgrade to a full feature.

Added Halfling's fancy new vampire modifications.
  • see above

  • My sincerest apologies for the unintended feature bug that was causing duplicated raws (ie, frozen blood walls). The coders responsible have been sacked.
  • Just to be clear, I got rid of the dupe and now things should be fine and dandy and pleasantly bug-filled once more.
  • Good bugs, I mean. The intended kind.
  • The ones also known as "insects".
  • If there are more not-insect bugs than this one, I will feel most silly.
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