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File Listing: DF From scratch - minimal world!
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2013, 04:21:45 am
First Created: Jun 23, 2013, 10:20:33 am
File version: Unspecified
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 200 (251) Size: 33.1 KB
Views: 1,552 (1,918) Type: ZIP
Rating (1 votes): 4.0 / 5.0
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This is a "minimalist" version of DF, created "from scratch", entire raws folder is now 144.3 kB. Fully playable. Intended for building an entirely player-made world on.


* new, small language vocabulary and symbols
* no creatures, materials, tissues or templates from vanilla are available
* random creature generation suppressed, the massive error messages generated by this suppressed (by the _shutupdf files).
* meant to be ideal for creating new things out of scratch!


* some body, material, tissue templates written "from scratch" (values were rounded from vanilla for balance). Intentionally different and not out-of-the-box compatible with vanilla in any way. Everything is marked with ending _HLG so will not clash by name
* one intelligent and playable race
* "plain english" translation for new vocabulary
* two domestic animals: hound and mallard
* one megabeast, one semimegabeast
* one type of soil and one type of rock
* one metal and its two ores
* one edible plant, one tree, one cloth-producing plant
* very plain basic underground and overground grass ("moss")

Parts of vanilla included
* item_default : some items needed to run fortress mode and that it would not make sense to define twice, such as wheelbarrows
* descriptor_color_standard : really no point in making new color definitions for now... or is there? If so, it's easily replaceable.

text folder contains empty files required by DF to run. Suggested to generate a world with megabeasts (the included ones ensure it works) but without random creatures. Always generates one error message from suppressing random creatures,
"Cannot generate random creatures -- missing body gloss RCP_GLOSS_PAW". Don't add a RCP_GLOSS_PAW ever.

Happy modding!

Fixes added after initial upload:
Play guide for halflings, fortress mode:

Bugfix 1: no longer in unix linefeed format (durr)! Halfling carpentry reaction fixes
Bugfix 2: it came up that Halflings were upset about not having shoes. Created open sandals for now.
Bugfix 3: MEAT IS NO LONGER WORTH INFINITE NEGATIVE MONEY (sorry, being god is hard)! :hammer: Enabled more professions because it was a little frustrating to play. Maybe to be removed when there's more trade partners. Limited naming somewhat for slightly less ludicrous names.
Balance 1: Hounds more aggressive. More hounds and mallards in biomes. A reaction is now called "make wooden shovel". Slapping things with your bow does less damage. Some other things, including fixes in language. More fixes in language.
Bugfix 4: new egg and organ materials are now edible when cooked.
Bugfix 5: keratin is actually obtainable from non-bird creatures too now. Organ and nervous tissues labeled correctly upon butchering. Creatures overall improved ( Added screws to make pumps.
Bugfix 6: a basic sand is added to make deserts work better
Bugfix 7: halflings can no longer bring shovels at embark due to this leading to bugs sometimes. The reaction in the player guide can still be used to make them and they still work the same.
Bugfix 8: minifix: a token HAS_VAMPIRES had crept back upstream from a later development. Removed. This doesn't affect anything other than errorlog.txt.

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