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File Listing: Dwarf Fortress Complete [A6]
Last Updated: May 14, 2009, 07:08:10 am
First Created: Jan 01, 2009, 03:45:39 pm
File version: A6
For DF version:
Downloads: 265 (681) Size: 19.89 MB
Views: 1,331 (2,345) Type: RAR
Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
A mod which makes races more distinguishable and adds flavour and new creatures/items.

Unpack anywhere you want and play. It doesn't require an original installation to work.

Version A6 comes with "rounded" walls and a few tweaks. Also it contains a pre-generated world with all races for those lazy to generate one by themselves.
Info: Pre-generated world: 300 years old, Age of Heroes.

DFCP A6 mod : Dwarf Fortress Complete by Deon.

Others' content:
1) there's a Metalax's Uncut/Deblock mod included to allow you to buy gems/blocks from caravans and uncut them into rough gems/stone to use for moods.
2) there's Chariot's Angler mod included which adds a big variety of fish.

Deon's content:

0) Adventure-mode friendliness. ===================================================
Every race is playable in adventure mode for you to enjoy.

1) Ethnically diverse humans. =====================================================
The humans have various biome-dependant subraces, each with unique style and language.
For now there're 3 subraces:
1) humans: europeoid type humans which resemble medieval westerners
2) nippons: chinese+japanese type tropical/warm climate humans with yellowish skin, different eyeshape and eastern weaponry (a subrace which tries to "combine" chinese and japanese race).
3) norse: a race without plate armor (but with studded leather armor to compensate it) and partially unique weaponry. They are more resistant to cold and live in tundra and taiga (and sometimes even on glacier edge).

I haven't made an unique language for eastern people yet but I'm working on it.
Then I'll start to work on islanders (people who live on oceanshore).

== A List of non-standard items for new subraces: ==

feather staff
battle staff

full helm

katana (long sword)
naginata (glaive)
wakidzasi (short sword)
odachi (great sword)
tanto (large dagger)
yumi (longbow)
yari (spear)
masakari (axe)
tekko (hand-to-hand, not sure if it appears in the game at all)
bo (staff)
chigiriki (flail)
kanabo (large 2h mace)
otsuchi (large maul)

lamellar armor
tabi - socks
zori - shoes
geta - sandals
kimono - robe
hachimaki - band
kasa - flat brimmed hat
obi - sash

Ice axe - instead of pick
Seax - large dagger
Longax - long seax, sword
Bearded axe
Huscarl's axe
Kite shield

Wooly socks
Horned helm
Studded leather armor
Kite shield

"elves" use unique-named weapons, armor and items too.

2) "Koboldly kobolds". ========================================
The kobolds wear different insect-related stuff, spit bugs and use parts of giant scorpions, bugs and spiders to beat their enemies. As they should.

3)More creatures. =============================================

There're ghosts and banshee in evil areas, mummies in desert and giant ice scorpions, snow trolls and mammoths in tundra and on glacier.
More than 30 of new creatures of various types with customized body structure, biomes and attacks.

4) Dwarven items. =============================================
Dwarves should be able to forge more sturdy and reliable weapons, thus I gave them unique equipment (runic and "dwarven" weapons and more sturdy armor) which other races cannot use or make anyway. Also there're two weapons which utilize COLD and HEAT damage (runic swords) which are just to test are they viable for most df players. If there'll be rants I can remove them or make them optional.

Hammer pick
Keg hammer
Awl pike
Bearded mace
Spiked mace
Dwarven crossbow
Runic sword of fire (for test)
Runis sword of frost (for test)
Hammer of pain (for test)

dwarven plate armour
dwarven coat of mail
dwarven chausses
dwarven tassets
dwarven three-quarter plate
winged helm
horned helm
battle helmet

5)Evil Goblins. ===============================================
For now they have just a bit different look but I plan macabre items for them. Etc.

6) More skulking filth! =======================================
A bit more of skulking races which consist of already avaliable creatures. I.e. "outlaw" humans and lizardmen for swamps, I used the same graphics and almost the same creatures but I will give them unique equipment later.

Warning: there're some new creatures which are mainly different kinds of creatures which are already present: i.e. jungle imps, frost imps, drakes, wild dogs, a few undead (liches, vampires, ghouls); and there're a few of "quest" creatures for playtesting which drop special itemcorpse (head of ...) which should be nice to sell. For now the quest part of DF is not developed so I tried to work in this direction too.

I have a big list of creatures but they don't have graphics yet, so they'll appear in the next release.
Most of common creatures use Sphr's graphic tileset and I've painted a few of missing ones and mine.
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