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File Listing: Obsidian Tileset
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2013, 07:20:55 am
First Created: Jun 06, 2013, 09:31:36 pm
File version: 0.8 alpha
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 24,227 (25,294) Size: 1.65 MB
Views: 9,760 (11,668) Type: ZIP
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Rating (3 votes): 4.8 / 5.0

A 16x16 graphics set for DF2012 (v0.34.11v01). It focuses on consistency and stylized realism to harmonize the different tiles and give a more "medieval" atmosphere to the game. Unlike other tilesets, this also specifically sets aside different tiles for grass with modifications to their graphics raws. This makes it easier to distinguish pasturable areas from bare rock and sand, tell apart different biomes, as well as letting you plan green (or blue, if you're going with cave moss) gardens along your entrance halls. Just make sure to forbid traffic on it to avoid trampling them to bare ground.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or problems, please don't hesitate to tell me about them. This is based on Phoebus' Graphics Set

To install, unzip the file, then simply copy and paste the contents of the folder into the DF directory and overwrite when prompted. You may want to back it up first.

Note that this set is also pre-bundled along with the Lazy Newb Pack (Windows version, Linux version), and the MacNewbie Pack (Mac users).


v.08 Alpha
    * Animated grass.
    * Improved dwarf tiles, particularly the military units and the nobles.
    * New tree, shrub, and crop tiles
    * Flipped fungiwood tile so it matches overall perspective better
    * Further fixes for numbers/water depth becoming unreadable in the trade screen.
    * New coin tile
    * New gypsum/shale tile
    * New crown tile (to match actual crown worn by royal dwarf tile)
0.7 Alpha
    * GRASS! It's now easier to distinguish between rock and tiles with plants.
    * Numerous changes to plant tiles, including new bamboo tile, exclamation mark doubles as a tunnel tube tree, changes to tiles used for blood thorns, glumprongs, etc., restored withered plant tile
    * Adjusted opacity of numbers so the brightness/darkness of background water depth doesn't affect readability
    * New jug/flask/waterskin tile
    * New plump helmet tile
    * New pigtail/worm/eel tile
    * Vertical bars and horizontal dashes now look arrow/spear-like
    * Adjusted barrel tile so it doesn't display a black background
    * Added grass backgrounds to items commonly found outdoors
0.6 Alpha
    * Background color for water depth now shows different shading. Lighter means shallower water.
    * Tweaked sand floors to make it blend in more with the ground tiles
    * Tweaked sand walls to be darker to make it stand out more from sand floors.
    * Added noise to ramps/ballista arrowheads to make them blend in more with the ground/water tiles.
    * Darkened background for boulder tops/microvermin
    * Restored ground shading variation.
    * Darkened the gray background of creature and animal tile sheets.
    * Fixed background of colon and semicolon characters being lighter than that of other characters.
    * Fixed deleted pixels in eagle tile.
    * Changed saguaro background color to brown.
    * Darkened Dimple Cup background.

You can use this tileset any way and anywhere you like. Credits to me and the others listed below would be appreciated however.

Phoebus, whose tileset serves as the base for all of this. Sphr, NW Kohaku, Jiri Petru, Kafine, Bane, Magnut, and Deon for the creature and animal tiles (which have mostly not been changed). Ironhand from whom I took some background rock tiles. Darkond and Hermano whose work serves as the base for most of the finished goods and furniture tiles. Meph and Deon who originated the idea for animated grass tiles. PeridexisErrant and fricy for including these in the LNP and MNP. Most characters use the free Dalelands font by Neale Davidson, width-adjusted to at least give the illusion of proper kerning and letter spacing with square tiles. Symbols are mostly retained from Phoebus' tileset. And thank you to everyone who provided help and feedback in my original thread. :) If I missed anyone, please PM me so I can add your name here. Thanks.
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