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File Listing: [TC] Genesis Reborn 5.43
Last Updated: Nov 10, 2013, 04:31:20 pm
First Created: May 18, 2013, 08:05:00 pm
File version: 5.43
For DF version: 0.34.11
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Genesis Reborn 5.43

- renamed lions to sabertooth cats. They can be found in temperate savanna now too.
- good areas are now more good/plantlife based.
- moved crawling stumps, living trees, saprolings, thallids and spore colonies to good regions.
- allowed shroomers (mushroom people) to appear in good wetlands.
- moved beholders from good areas to 3rd caverns.

- added foxes to temperate forests and taiga.
- griffons are properly summoned from air temple (not fire temple).

- added Berserker axe, made from battle axe, to fire temple. It grands no exertion, no fear and no pain while it's held.
- added Warlord banner (staff) to fire temple. The wielder can rally troops, granting them no fear and no exertion for a short period, and increasing their willpower.

Genesis Reborn 5.42
- added butcher products - venom glands to 2nd and 3rd caverns' dwellers.
- renamed troglodytes to trogs.
- added iron centurion.
- renamed utility spider to clockwork spider.
- renamed jade cannon to clockwork turret.
- clockwork turret and spider are made out of copper
- automaton making is changed
-- inactiva automatons are removed.
-- build iron/bronze/copper frames in automaton manufactory.
-- build bronze/iron centurions from 3 bronze/iron frames and a soulgem.
-- build clockwork spiders from 1 copper frame and a soulgem.
-- build clockwork turret from 1 copper frame and a fire crystal.
- gargoyles are properly summoned from earth temple (not fire temple).
- you can summon clay golems in earth temple (they live for 1-2 years).
- suede is considered to be "leather" type (for stockpiling).
- skull throne is re-enabled.

- Fixed warding items making for Ironhand.
- Fixed shadowscale making for Ironhand.
- Summoning reactions now work differently. It does not transform the user into a creature, it spawns a separate pet creature instead.
- Summoning reactions now cost more crystals.
-- You can summon imps, magma guardians, hell hounds, bebiliths and pit fiends in fire temple.
-- You can summon giant crabs in water temple.
-- You can summon griffons in air temple.
-- You can summon gargoyles in earth temple.

- Ironhand version did not have some magical items, my bad with merging. It's fixed.
- Creatures are "reborn" as a different caste in Aether temple now instead of Chapterhouse (for 1 aether crystal and 1 soulgem).
- New item: Ancestral gown. Crafted in Aether temple, it makes the wearer sterile but shields him from most of curses and spells. So long, Void dwellers.

- New worldgen maps (Numenor, Middle-Earth, Tamriel).
- Gemgrinding chances to get mana crystals has been increased.
- Skull throne now has a chance to grant any type of gem during bone sacrificial ritual.
- Changed religious buildings so they follow the same scheme as mana crystals. Each temple uses appropriate mana crystals.

- Aether temple
-- Cultist rite, turns into cultists.
-- Make nightwatch scarf, a scarf with extravision (ignores darkness/blindness).
-- Make shadow veil, a veil which allows to hide in plain sight.
-- Conjure shadowscale, turns leather/hide into dragonscale-tier leather.

- Air temple
-- Clear skies, clears weather.
-- Rain dance, calls rain.
-- Winter call, calls snow storm.
-- Make hermes hood, a hood which makes wearer very fast.

- Earth temple
-- Make warding armor, which reduces damage to 1/3.
-- Make warding greaves, which make immune to nausea and paralysis.
-- Make warding helmet, which makes immune to stun and dizziness.
-- Make barkskin belt, which increases endurance, toughness and reduces damage to 3/4.

- Fire temple
-- Summon Hellhoun
-- Summon Bebilith
-- Summon Pit Fiend
-- Make Titan belt, which increases strength to 150% and grants no exertion.
-- Forge Wand of flames, which allows to shoot fireballs.

- Water temple
-- Druidic rite, turns into druid.
-- Farming rite, which grants random plants.
-- Grow forest, which turns all saplings on map into grown trees.
-- Make triton fascia, which grants ability to require no breathing (no drowning/suffocation).

- Added Ctrl-H to view all current active DFHack hotkeys.
- Updated manual with new hotkeys.
- Updated manual section about religious reactions.
- Updated all falconne's plugins to the most recent versions.
- Added autochop plugin (Ctrl-C), allows to keep required (mix/max) amount of logs and auto designates trees for cutting in burrows.

- Added light rendering system (Rendermax by Warmist), Ctrl-L and Alt-L to turn it on/off.
- Updated manual with gem grinder/infirmary/alchemy/calcinator.
- Added new tabs to ModLoader with hotkeys and zoom toggling.
- Changed some ironhand tiles to make them look better (stone walls, one plant tile).
- Fixed a few small errors.

- Calcinator, gem grinder and infirnary are back.
- Removed redundant geomancer's workshop.
- Fixed hotkeys for custom buildings.
- Blood fiends drop fire crystals again.
- Clockworks and Remade's prosthetic arms now are (again) made from frame and casing, preventing easy beak-offs.
- Clockworks have crystal eyes.
- Clockworks don't eat/sleep again (they still need alcohol for fuel).
- Air/fire/water/earth/aether crystals are back.
- Cement is back.
- Abyssal growth (grass) and pestilent trees are back for the Abyss (caverns lvl 3).
- Tower-caps -> tree roots (cavern 1).
- Cement making, flux from bones are added back to calcinator.
- Elexir brewing replaced old potions in alchemical still.
- New religion, calcinator, gem grinder and alchemy lab reactions are added back.

- fixed oil pressing (kitchen, cooking skill).
- removed demoniacs (too bad effects for gameplay).
- readjusted biome and population information for creatures.
- changed fallen population ratios. Liches and revenants are very rare.
- ghouls (fallen caste) are slower but much stronger.

- added options to launcher to toggle following features:
-- House of Scrolls only main nobles: on/off
-- Clockworks: bronze/steel
-- Fast maturation: on/off (original 12 years to mature, or just 1 year to be a child).

- First cavern layers no longer have big mushroom trees. There're tree roots and fungiwood.
- Second cavern layer gets all shroom trees.
- Fixed "elixtir" typo.
- Elixir consumption labor now requires alchemy skill.
- Third cavern layer gets blue "abyssal growth" for grass and pestilent trees, also all plants are blue too.
- Juggled around creatures between 2nd and 3rd layers; now 3rd layer is more dangerous and 2nd is less so.
- Added Opium Snails to caverns. They can be milked for poison which turns into cheese. They are also dangerous predators and vermin hunters.
- Calcinator can turn bones and boulders into flux.
- Calcinator can make cement blocks from boulders and sand bags.

- Engravings start obscured.

- Fixed elemental gem religious reactions.

- Clockworks no longer need to eat or sleep (they still need booze, it's like a fuel).
- Clockworks no longer shatter and lose limbs from punches and hard hits; they now consist of "frame" and "case".
- Clockworks get gem eyes.
- Bloodred/dark/shimmering crystals are removed. Added air/fire/water/earth/aether crystals.
- New building Gem Grinder; grinds gems in gem powder (glazing) and has a chance to produce air/fire/water/earth/aether crystals.
- New building Calcinator.
- Removed war shrine and sacrificial pit. Removed % chance to become something religious reactions.
- Religious reactions now require air/fire/water/earth/aether crystals and have certain outcomes.
- Alchemical lab now brews permanent stat/skill boost potions from elemental gems.
- New building "infirmary" where you can force dwarves to take drugs I mean stat boost potions.

- fixed all body sizes to be static; fortress born creatures will be of proper size now.

- new werecreature curse - werelizard. Smaller than werebeasts but can hide when running.
- fixed "nickel argentan" name (now argentan).
- argentan added to the list of undead/werecreature harming materials.
- husks and wights from curses and religious actions are now weak to silver, argentan and moonsilver.
- clockwork and remade metal tissues are splintable.
- fire, inferno and web blocks/ammo are "wood" types (for stockpiling).
- living metal has to be made from void stalks instead of any type of wood.
- dragons drop dragonbone carcasses on death.
- dragonbone carcass can be transmuted in thaumaturgy guild.
- transmute a dragonbone carcass into 20 dragonbone and dragonscale bars (new metals for weapons and armor).
- fixed voidspawn crazy material resistances, reduced their frequency and cluster sizes.
- fixed wicker bed reaction.
- added diagnosing, animal training, smelting, weaving, dyeing, glazing, beekeeping, wax working skills to library.
- fixed previously missing crafting tablet for library, sorted library menu.
- reduced amount of items required to build thaumaturgy guild/library/chapterhouse.
- reduced amount of blocks required to build religious buildings; removed plants as a component of occult grove (to prevent building withering).
- improved odds of titanite smelting in deep furnace.
- added quartzite smelting in deep furnace (makes clear glass out of quartzite boulders).

- Clockwork and remade transformations now work properly for both genders without issues.
- Removed screw press and soap maker's workshop.
- Soap making moved to alchemical lab, pressing to kitchen.
- Finally tracked down and fixed "encrusted with _" error.
- Vulture tile is fixed.
- Magma steam engine is properly avaliable.
- Bronze centurions and utility spiders now are inactive by default. Activate them in automaton factory for 1 soul gem.
- No more bronze centurions and utility spiders arriving as pets with migrants.
- Automaton manufactory has a brand new look and it's 3x3 now.

- Automaton manufactory and alchemical reactions appear correctly.

- Fixed Phoebus mineral and vermin tile graphics.
- Only for Phoebus users, totally save compatible with 5.27 (click "update savegames").

- Added rivebows, crossbows shooting chakri (serrated disks).
- New workshop "gunsmith's forge".
- Moved axebow making to gunsmith's forge.
- Added chakri and rivebow making reactions to gunsmith's forge.
- Added musket making to gunsmith's forge.
- Added musket shot and incendiary shot making to gunsmith's forge.
- Added new trap parts "serrated disks", smaller variants of large serrated disks which hit more often.
- Added jade cannons, stationary jade turrets which shoot exploding balls of flames.

- Fix: Werebeasts cannot transform immediatelly after being bitten, so no more "bitten by wearbeast, stransformed, killed werebeast in beast form" situations.
- Fix: Caste changing in chapterhouse now requires 5 gold bars AND a soulgem.
- Fix: Clockworks cannot be reanimated by necromancers.
- Fix: Proper tiles for tools (minecarts, wheelbarrows).

- Phoebus tileset
- Creature graphics work :D. Sorry.

- Clockworks no longer have "NOSTUN".
- New modloader for settings.
-- Toggle INIT options in a graphical modloader.
-- Change tilesets and update savegames with two button presses.
-- Ironhand and Phoebus both use Ironhand tileset for now, I will update it in the next release.
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