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File Listing: EA (Tolkien mod) [ASCII] - 1.4
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015, 05:24:10 am
First Created: Mar 24, 2013, 05:27:03 pm
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 0.40.24
Downloads: 601 (865) Size: 8.28 MB
Views: 3,602 (4,467) Type: ZIP
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EA 1.4
- Quick update for compatibility with DF2014, new worldgen, various tweaks.

EA 1.3
- Birds, fel beasts, dragons etc won't wrestle with wings.
- Wargs and great spiders are no longer "natural" (enemies to elves).
- Fel beasts are no longer "mundane".
- Fire drakes no longer have wings.
- Added long-worms, snake-like dragons, to evil deserts.
- Added cold-drakes, evil glacier/tundra dwelling smaller dragons.
- Added werewolves, evil two-legged wolf-like creatures to evil forests.
- Werewolves who bite other people turn them into werewolves. Werewolf curse can also come from deity.

EA 1.2
- Added thatchery building. You can weave bins/beds/chests from plants (wicker).
- Added rocktip arrows/bolts. You can craft them in craftsdwarf workshop.
- Much better sprites for alynxes and kittens courtesy of yours truly.
- Display cases to show off your useless artifacts or just raise room value.
- Ability to burn vermin remains/bodyparts in kiln.

EA 1.1
- Added ringwraiths to ASCII version (derp).
- Added barrow-wights, mummy replacement. Their curse is temporary.
- Dwarves build fortresses and tombs.
- Hobbits no longer build fortresses and tombs.
- Better sprite for alynx.
- Added Middle-Earth worldgen (lots of rejections, select 'p' - allow all rejections).

EA - Release 1
- Completely rebuilt on a base of my Essential mod.
- Check essential mod for detail on streamlining.
- Lots of new mundane creatures are there thanks to that.
- There are bread/candy producing subterranean plans. You can also make a mead candy.
- Separated "dragon" into fire drakes and dragons.
- Added balrogs.
- Dragons leave dragonscale when butchered which is a copper-level leather.
- Added tons of small adjustments here and there.
- Full graphical support, Spacefox/Phoebus tiles.
- Custom TTF fantasy font.

OMRTA - Beta3
- included dfhack v3.
- included companion order (Ctrl-C) and advfort (Ctrl-X) in adventure mode.
- disabled playing as orcs (for now).
- halberds are using "halberdier" skill.
- removed whips.
- added spellstaves and spellbolts. You can get them as adventurer.
- there currently are
- gave adventurers ability to pick a starter set (archer/guardsman/battle wizard).
- added armored robes and plated hoods.
- added dunlending race.
- tweaked armor/clothing/weapons.
- ringwraiths, new necromancer type (create advanced world with 0 secret types to see them).

OMRTO - Beta2
- rebalanced archery: bows and crossbows are less deadly, especially against armor.
- dwarven crossbows: as good as vanilla crossbows.
- elven bows: as good as vanilla bows.
- new ammo - bullets: blunt damage, not deadly unless hit the head but nice against armor and break bones.
- slingshots: they shoot bullets.
- hobbits use slingshots for ranged weapons.
- new swords: arming sword, greatsword.
- different races use different weapons.

OMRTO - Beta1
- good races: dwarves, dunedain, hobbits, sindar.
- evil races: cave goblins, easterlings, haradrim, orcs.
- other races have diplomats/trade representatives.
- removed DF-specific creatures.
- removed vanilla megabeasts/semimegabeasts/greek creatures.
- aboveground/underground plants, trees and grass.
- vermin.
- semimegabeasts: giant trolls and shadow spiders (Shelob-like).
- megabeasts: dragons, with dragonscale which can be melted into bars.
- evil creatures: cave trolls, wargs, hairy rats.
- generalized materials: leather, wool.
- ability to play as orcs (at war with most races).
- raw mithril.
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