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File Listing: DF Genesis 5.24 Phoebus
Last Updated: May 03, 2013, 01:32:24 pm
First Created: Mar 20, 2013, 04:01:18 pm
File version: 5.24
For DF version: 0.34.11
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- Dwarven militia has got coats and caps.
- Policemen wear blue uniform with caps.
- Some new noble tiles.
- Sylvans look like real plant creatures rather than pointy eared bastards.
- Updated Falconne's plugins to the latest versions.
- Added advanced stocks menu and autotrade plugins.
-- Pressing Ctrl-shift-z will bring up an advanced stocks menu.
-- When viewing stockpiles you can set them to set all items inside for trading or do it automatically.
- Consuming vampire/lamia/demoniac blood now properly turns you into one.
- Deep spiders can be bred.
- Monstrous spider renamed to blackwood weaver.
- Blackwood weavers now appear in ANY savage forests.
- Fixed different poison name issues.
- Aurochs grow fur and can be sheared properly.
- House of Anvil dwarves get stone detailing bonus properly.
- All castes have proper in-game descriptions about their bonuses to skills.
- CMD(sage) is renamed to chief healer. Chief healer must be a dwarf of House of Scrolls.
- Chief Healer can appoint additional corpsdwarves who can perform diagnosis.
- Broker is renamed to trademaster. Trademaster must be a dwarf of House of Scrolls.
- Trademaster can appoint additional brokers who can trade at trade depot.
- Bookkeeper is renamed to treasurer. Treasurer must be a dwarf of House of Scrolls.
- Treasurer can appoint additional accountants which require offices (can be the same office with many chairs/tables, assign them to different chairs).
Workshops and items
- Chainmail leggings can be worn over trousers under plate leggings.
- Fortress mode alchemical potions/medicine last for 14 days instead of 1 day, an approximate time between dwarf meals.
- Feeding festive chest is now done in the festive hungry chest, not in the kiln.
- Sauna vent is now 3x3 and is called sauna. It can host multiple dwarves, and magma sauna now works properly.
- Added mithril wafer making to smelter.

- Dwarven castes are changed to noble houses.
- You can build Chapterhouse, currently cosmetic, soon with new caste changing options!
- Only civilized creatures need bones to be set/splinted. Animals and the like regenerate bones just fine.
- Timberyard replaces sawmill + furniture workshop.
- Fire/inferno/webbing spellbolts and blocks WORK.
- Bronze Centurion creation now affects a creature in the workshop rather than an operator. Get souls of your dogs! It means you can train those centurions now too.
Adventure mode:
- New building - adventurer's forge.
- You can smelt bars into ingots in smelting pits (and back if you need to).
- Forge weapons and armor in adventurer's forge from ingots.

- Fix: adventure mode rock anvil reaction.
- Fix: adventure mode metalsmith forge, glass furnace and wood furnace creation.
- Fix: alchemical still is called alchemical lab.
- Add: ability to make fire/inferno/webbing blocks in alchemical lab (for catapults).
- Add: adventurers can carve spellstaves from a bone and a cut gem.
- Add: adventurers can conjure spellbolts for spellstaves from cut gems.

- All wooly creatures produce generic "wool", so now you have "wool shirts" instead of "auroch wool shirts".
- Removed "make mead candy" broken reaction.
Adventure mode
- New adventure mode-only building: smelting pit. Smelt weapon/armor/helmets/shields into bars.
- Removed useless buildings from construction list.
- Only dwarves can build Deep Furnace, Soul Forge and Tinker's Workbench.
- You cannot use "melt metal object" in smelter in adv. mode (no items are designated) so use Smelting Pit for that.

- Phoebus: engravings look nice now.
- Fixed pickaxe knapping reaction.
- Adventurers can craft stone anvils now for their first forge.

- Phoebus version has non-accented language files (no weird symbols in names).
Adventure mode
- Removed smelting/forging and some crafting reactions from adventure mode.
- Added "mold rock into bolder" reaction, to create boulders from rocks.
- Added "burn wood" reaction, takes a log and gives a charcoal.
- Included and tweaked Advfort DFHack module. You can now build workshops, tame animals, gather resources, grow plants, mine and use workshops in adventure mode.
- Build your bases in conquered lairs. Only lairs save info about your constructions, item placement etc.
- Updated manual with info on Companion Orders, abilities, crafting and construction.
- Added "thatchery" workshop. It can turn plants into wicker beds, bins, chests and blocks for construction.

- Phoebus version is released.
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