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File Listing: Pik-Pik Fortress
Last Updated: Feb 06, 2013, 08:04:51 am
First Created: Feb 05, 2013, 04:23:37 pm
File version: 1
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 129 (135) Size: 16.74 MB
Views: 458 (479) Type: ZIP
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Pik-Pik Fortress Beta

Pik-Pik fortress has been on hiatus due to medical issues and college work, but I'm finally back! Pik-Pik is officially off of hiatus!

- Pikmin! Control a fortress of you're very own pikmin force! Includes all the basic types of pikmin (Red, blue, yellow, white, and purple), each with different stats and resistances!
- Enemy Dweevil forces that pose serious risks to your pikmin swarm! All colors included!! (Titan too!).
- A wide (Yet still developing) bestiary of all of you're favorite enemies from both of the pikmin games!
- Huge megabeasts that have realistic (i.e. to the pikmin games themselves) deadliness! No single pikmin is going to take down one of these beasties! All of them are to scale (So ridiculously big!!)
- Flora that matches the pikmin world! Crops and other flavor plants are still under development, but have enough to be playable.
- And more!
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