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File Listing: Grims Historic Arms & Armor
Last Updated: Dec 01, 2012, 05:48:39 pm
File version: 2/12/2012
For DF version: 0.34.11
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Views: 1,662 Type: RAR
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Part of Grim Grimoire mod, can funtion independently!

I present completely reworked armor and weapon raws!
Main changes to armor is completely replaced layer sizes and coverage, in order to make each piece of armor have equal strength. As it turns out the mass of the armor drasticaly changes how much protection it provides. I also made some changes to the layering, removed the aventail and gorget and added funtional padded armor. In addition I also added surcoats and tabards, something every medieval themed game needs!

As for the weapons I have modified and rebalanced the way they handly contact area and velocity. Axes are now no longer utterly useless against armor, swords can still penetrate low-grade armor and polearms are more consistently useful (rather than varying from 'crap' to 'hammer of god'). Blunt weapons now properly detroy armored enemies, whilst swords still stand a chance when using stabbing attacks.
Also added a number of weapons: Pollaxe (not to be confused with poleaxe), Crecent axe (low contact area, compromise between swords and maces), Heavy crecent axe (includes a spike attack), Misericorde (stiletto used by knight to finish off disabled enemies), Quarterstaff (changed from training weapon to ranged weapon, used by elved to good effect) and various ancient weapons that will only come up for artifacts.
I also incorporated a modified version of the archery rebalance mod, along with a variety of ammunition. I havnt quite finished balancing that part out against the armor modifications so I may still change stuff there.

Also if anyone knows a better word migration perdiod germanic swords (like Viking swords) than 'transitional sword' or a localised name which makes no sense in DF, id much appreciate one. My ancient Germanic isnt very good.

Anyone is free to use and modify this, long as they dont claim it as their own work.

I moved the crucible tool, part of the metalworking mod, to item_weapon so that item_tool can stay unmodified. If you have an older version be sure to delete the one from item_tool, or if you dont use the metalworking mod delete this one.
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