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File Listing: Talvieno's RandCreatures
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2013, 08:53:38 am
First Created: Nov 27, 2012, 09:15:37 am
File version: 0.2.0
For DF version: Multiple
Downloads: 1,075 (1,239) Size: 204.7 KB
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The goal of RandCreatures is to randomize absolutely everything pertaining to creatures, and do so in a way that enhances gameplay without destroying it.
Here's the readme.txt:

Everything in this folder should go directly into (DF Folder)/Raw/Objects/
Even the bin folder. That goes into /Raw/Objects/ too.

IF YOU HAVE A PREVOUS VERSION INSTALLED, UNINSTALL IT FIRST. (In other words, delete all related files. Even the genned raws.)

The program is pretty hands-off. You choose how many creatures you want to gen, and it gens them for you. Seems pretty simple to me. You know when it's done because it stops.

Entity_random may or may not include computer-controlled civ data. If it doesn't, that's fine. It just means that none of the creatures you genned were deemed civ-worthy. Sometimes that happens, usually when you only gen a few creatures.

Sometimes your creatures MAY have odd descriptions. This is because a computer can only go so far towards describing a randomly-generated creature. If you don't like it, think about how much time it would take you to go through 1000 creatures, read their raws, and custom-add a description to each of them that fits. I think that for 30 seconds of genning tops, DFRandCreature is doing pretty good. If it says something especially non-descript, this is something to warn me of. It means I need to be more creative.

On occasion it MAY start popping out messages in the error logs, probably related to Toady's old "XFingers_RQ_ANON" code, where fingers were toes and toes were fingers. If this happens, let me know.

Careful with thousands of creatures in Adv mode, by the way. Visiting the random civs can be awesome fun, but DF doesn't scale the ingame creature count relative to the number of species. Instead, they add up. 10000 creatures means approximately 50 times as many creatures ingame as you'd normally see. Toady One has only made about 650 creatures total. This gens up to 1000 at a time.

Entities will siege or trade now. Look forwards to more fun and Fun in fortress mode.

NONE OF THE CREATURES HAVE SPECIAL SYNDROMES. Nothing (should) set you on fire or poison you to within an inch of your life. There are a few (muahaha) exceptions, but other than that...

- Talvieno

VERSION 0.1.0: Released.

VERSION 0.1.1: A few quick fixes that I didn't deem worthy of telling anyone about. This was right after the original release.
Also included the .kpl file for people to poke around in if they felt so inclined.

VERSION 0.2.0: Versions renamed to reflect beta state
Renamed DFRandCreatures to RandCreatures, to combat potential confusion that it's made by the same person as DFLang. It isn't.
Megabeasts and semimegabeasts added
Fixed liquid names for liquidous creatures (hopefully. Meph's suggested that I remove liquid names entirely, but I will replace them if someone asks)
Hopefully fixed the elusive suffocation bug (I absolutely loathe this one at this point. I had to hunt at least six hours for it. Pretty sure I got it, though. Vengeance is sweet.)
Entities need to be capable of grasping and opening doors
Decimal numbers are rounded, to assist German Windows users
Clothing can now be removed if desired (for framerate purposes)
Added language randomization for entities
Fixed the elusive size descriptor error, where the program crashes because the creature "doesn't have a size descriptor"
Civs will siege and trade now (can't believe I missed that bug the first time)
Some creatures have NO_THOUGHT to fix certain mental issues.
Megabeasts have a 50% chance of breathing fire OR being made of bronze (maybe both in a future version, if someone wants it)
Replaced Entitydat.txt with Randomdat.txt. The old one is obsolete now.
Extracted the tag data - you can customize what you get even further. All explained in comments. Just open Randomdat.txt
Explained the extracted entity data in comments
Added a "progress bar"
The program now tells you a little bit more about what it's doing and lists off the civs/megabeasts it's creating
"q"/"qu" names are fixed
caused the program to stay open until you close it (so you can read what it's done, and possibly copy it out if you want)
Reworked the chances of generating civs. Instead of 1 in 200, you now get 1 in 100 (on average, with a wide margin of deviation).
Megabeasts and semimegabeasts are also genned 1 in 100 each, to closer reflect Toady's original design.
Shortened creature names. The average length annoyed me.
Made the "long prehensile tail" description less common. The descriptions are designed to closely imitate Toady's, but that particular one pops up often enough to get on my nerves, from a programmer's perspective.
Fixed a few other scattered, minor bugs. Made a few minor tweaks.
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 DFRandCreatures (v 1.0)  » posted by Falloutfan2773 on Nov 27, 2012, 10:16:54 pm
Does the mod have pre-loaded civ's or are thier an infinet number or racis that could be made in this mod.
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 DFRandCreatures (v 1.0)  » posted by Talvieno on Nov 28, 2012, 05:35:12 am
The civilizations (entities, if you're a Dabbling modder) are randomly generated and very, very unique - except for the language. None are pre-loaded, but it doesn't destroy the standard civs, either. You'll still get elves and goblins and humans. Nothing is overwritten.

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