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File Listing: Some Sprites for the Civs in ROTMK mod.
Last Updated: Oct 03, 2012, 11:27:07 pm
First Created: Oct 02, 2012, 01:41:55 am
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These are for the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom mod.

Just some very basic creature graphics for the entity creatures in the mod.
+ I added some of the creatures from the RotMK's megabeast file to the files.

Not all these are original works by me. Some were basically copied from Nintendo's original sprites due to them being to recognizable to not use.
These are the Toad (SMB3), Koopa (SMB), Frog Person (SMB3), Yoshi (Yoshi's Cookie), Goomba (SMB), Bob-omb (SMB3), Triclyde (SMB2), Angry Sun (SMB3), Nipper (SMB3), and Shadow Siren (Paper Mario: TTYD) sprites.

Some are slightly altered versions of official spires as well.
These are the Shroob (SMB3) and Star Sprite (SMB3) sprites.

Thanks for sprites goes to:
They provided the official sprites and gave me a lot of reference material for the ones I did myself.

To use you just put these in the graphics folder and change init.txt's [GRAPHICS:NO] to [GRAPHICS:YES] and it should be ready to go the next time you gen a world.

There are two sprites for each of the mods 25 entity creatures (26 if you count Gloombas, but they use the same graphic as Goombas).
+ There are 14 additional sprites all of which belong to creatures in the megabeast file. Chomps and Piranha Plants get sprites too since they have megabeast counterparts. The Demon Koopa creature though has standard and child/infant sprites as a bonus.

This should work with the 0.25 version of the mod.
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