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File Listing: DF Genesis 4.15 ASCII
Last Updated: Sep 14, 2012, 02:26:38 am
First Created: Aug 24, 2012, 05:07:30 pm
File version: 4.15 ASCII
For DF version: 0.34.11
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The archive contains an Excel file with detailed information about monsters, creatures, reactions, workshops, trees and plants.


- Dwarves.
- Sylvans.
- Dalesmen.
- Nords.

- Horde: vile barbarians. Goblins, orcs, trolls and barghests will attack you in big numbers to loot and plunder.
- Fallen: undead creatures which want your lifeforce. Revenants, shamblers, liches and fallen footpads will siege you to gnaw on your bones.

Entities have different weapons and armor. For example, dwarves get full helms and dwarven platemail, which gives them the best armor amongst other races.
All civilizations build tombs.

War gear

- Different races have access to different weaponry and armor.
- There're different types of swords, axes, hammers etc. which range in size, shape and utility value.
- Different armor preferences make races different. Barbarians prefer to wear light leathers and cover only some parts of the body with armor, nords wear some armor but replace some of it with warm clothes, dalesmen prefer full heavy plate suits and undead wear what they kept on their bodies in disorder.
- There's always a chance to score a critical chance through armor. Every armor has a chance to be passed by an attack (simulating a hit in a joint/under edge etc) which is really slow, but gives you a chance to kill even an armored opponent like a dalesmen knight. Better gear has better coverage, with full helms and dwarven plates being the best against it.


- Creature rebalance: removal or merge of overly specific creatures, balance of herbivores/omnivores/predators.
- Unique biomes. Arctic/temperate/tropical/desert/mountain regions all have unique predators, omnivores, herbivores and birds.
- Creatures are named after their type, not first letter of their name. Check the manual for a complete list.
- Removal of giant animals and animal-men to leave room for fantasy creatures.
- Vermin rebalance: less specific vermin, more vermin to fish (fish, toads, frogs, turtles), some vermin bite (mosquito, leech) etc.


- Different types of wood (common/fair/rare) with different value.
- Lots of different plants for subterranean and aboveground farming. Bread baking and candy making.

- Many different new lines have been added to speech files, you will notice it as soon as you start an adventurer and start talking/killing people.
- New engraving and decoration types have been added.


- Four types of dragons: dracoliches, ember dragons, frost dragons and green dragons.
- Dragons can impersonate gods, lead civilizations and write books.
- Dragons grant mortals secrets based on their type.


- Five unique secret types: nature secrets, secrets of death, secrets of disease and blight, eldritch secrets and pyromancy.
- Secrets are granted by gods and dragons.
- Unique spells for druids, necromancers, blight prophets, wizards and pyromancers granted by those secrets.


- Complex geology: dozens of new mineral and rock types to make the mining more interesting.
- Compact peat as fuel and goethite (bog iron) as an iron source in swamps.
- Anthracite as the best mineral coal avaliable. Lignite gives 5, bituminous coal 8 and anthracite 10 coke.
- Meteorites which net meteoric iron.


- Alchemical Workshop: transmute metals and make artificial gem.
- Anatomical Theater: practice medical skills and dump busy water buckets.
- Charcoal furnace: burn wood into charcoal more efficiently.
- Craftsdwarf's workshop: crafters can make rock axes, mauls and spears.
- Crucible: make steel from ilmenite or iron and flux.
- Finishing forge: make steel from pig iron and iron, hammer coarse iron.
- Dispay case: put any item inside to boost a value of the room (a use for useless artifacts).
- Fletcher's workshop: make bows here; turn rocks and wood into rocktip arrows and bolts, a cheap replacement for iron ammo.
- Kiln: burns butchery waste and vermin into ash.
- Kitchen: bakes bread from flour and makes candy from sugar.
- Library: read skill tomes to get skill levels.
- Potted plant: a decoration.
- Royal carpentry: make fancy/noble/royal and gem furniture. A use for large gems.
- Scriptorium: scribe skill tomes here with a low chance to get a rare artifact tome.
- Stonecutter: grinds worthless rocks, splits large gems, makes normal/magmasafe mechanisms and rock anvils.
- Training crutch: train crutchwalking here.

Fantasy beasts

Fantasy creatures: giants, spriggans, wendigo, unicorns, griffins, pegasi.
Beasts: Cyclopi, ettins, minotaurs, draugrs.
Megabeasts: Roc, hydra, ancient automaton, dracolich, ember dragon, frost wyrm.

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