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File Listing: Odd military/Archer behavior
Last Updated: Jul 04, 2012, 12:05:00 am
File version: 1
For DF version: 0.34.11
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Views: 950 Type: RAR
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I have 9 archery targets with a bridge in front of them,
A squad of equipped archers. They did train for a while until I raised and lowered the bridge, In the save you will see them gathered to the station point, If you go to the squad menu then cancel their orders, They sit there and form up with the -Go to archery practice- job. They also seem to be stuck on there orders, As in drinking forever, Standing elsewhere in the fortress and not moving.. And as soon as you change there status to -inactive- They all form up and start training.. And when you change the squad back to active they keep training. Until they run out of bolts. And when they do that, they form back up.
I have no other barracks's marked, Only the targets.
-You might want to use fast-dwarf to speed up the process.

Also.. Sorry for the mood guy who will pause you a few times, Just press down a bit to go back to the archery range

ok so.. When you load up, Go to the squads and cancel there station

This will make them form up in that general area

To the right is the archery range, The lever to the south the opens the bridges to block the targets(I thought it would be a good idea to force my archers to go to other barracks's)

After they assemble, Turn them to inactive. Most of them will rush towards the ranges. some will stand there for a while, and the guy to the north sitting in a stockpile will
sit there and enjoy his drink..

Activate the squad, And After they empty the quivers. They will reassemble in the middle area.. Or if you turn the squad inactive they will spread out around the fortress.

I have not played any further, I've been spending most of the time playing around with the save. But from what I see, They don't seem to want to go back to training.
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