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File Listing: Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom: Major Mod
Last Updated: Jul 09, 2014, 12:36:41 pm
First Created: Jun 01, 2012, 08:25:48 am
File version: 0.37
For DF version: 0.34.09
Downloads: 85 (1,441) Size: 4.52 MB
Views: 9,945 (13,546) Type: ZIP
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Rating (2 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
This mod is set in the world of the Mario games, but in which these games, and Mario himself, are simply legends.

This is a significant mod that adds enough new content to the game that it can be played fine without any Vanilla creatures, entities, or plants, however it does not change any of the game's base files. If you want to play a Mushroom World-only game, delete the raw/objects folder and then place the downloaded raw files in their place. If you want to play crossover Dwarf World and Mushroom World, simply place the new files in alongside the old. All of the new objects are uniquely named, so it should play well with any other mods you choose to throw into the mix as well, provided that they don't change the base files either.

There are three playable races in this mod. To see which one you are playing as, on the embark screen, press tab until you find a list of neighboring races. The one at the top is your civ's race. To switch civs, press tab until you find a list of civ names and then pick the one you want. (Toads usually name their civs after domestic objects or peaceful concepts, Koopas prefer names related to fortresses or protection, and Shyguys tend to have names related to freedom or wildness.)

Current features include:

Three fully playable races, each with their own unique fortress-building style. Cook special powerups and collect Power Stars as the domestic Toads, build a strong army complete with monsters and magicians as the militant Koopas, or open up portals to sub-space and let your creative juices flow without limit as the wild, surreal Shy Guys.

Lots of new races to trade or fight with in Fortress Mode: Beanish, Bumpties, Bub-ulbs, Bob-ombs, Frog People, Mole People, Doogans, and many more...

Over 15 unique races to choose from in Adventure Mode, each with their own special abilities and stats. Soak in the sunlight as a mighty Pianta, stick to the shadows as a sneaky Squeek, wield magic powers as a wandering Shaman, or take the extra challenge and try to survive as a Goomba.

Tons of creatures ranging from the well-known to the obscure, many with some very unique properties. Every biome has a different set, making each game a new experience.

Plenty of new secrets to find: Attack enemies with the Firebrand or Thunderhand techniques, turn them into harmless objects as a Wizard, become a giant, and others...

Lots of power-up vegetation. Eat Super Mushrooms to grow into a giant, or Fire Flowers to throw fireballs for a limited time, Super Leaves to transform into a flying Tanooki, and tons of stat-boosting foods.

0.01: Release. Three main races, a few powerups and secrets, and many creatures included. Shyguys can create subspace portals, and Koopas can create shell armor.
0.02: Lots of new content added: Powerup plants, new secrets, trader races and some cooking reactions for Toads. Koopas will be ruled by megabeasts or demons.
0.03: Toads can dig for resources, but they won't gain skill in mining or engraving. Shyguys no longer produce worthless crafts from portals. Some plant prices altered.
0.04: Magikoopa workshop added. Koopas can now produce magic scepters and learn three special abilities for the cost of one large gem each. Teleport secret added.
0.1: Toads and Koopas have new underground behavior, new kitchen reactions for Toads, Magikoopa system greatly improved, new plants and animals, traders fixed.
0.11: 3 more regular races and creatures, plus 2 endgame 'special' enemies. Toads given metal weapons and castles for Adventure Mode, Koopas can withdraw into their armor in Adventure Mode. Minor weapon tweaks - chomp shells re-balanced. Yoshis now eat from stockpiles in Fortress Mode, frog drinks changed to alcohol.
0.12: Trading races organized, cooking reactions fixed, new plants and animals added, Adventure Mode races can be played as civ members (as opposed to outsiders).
0.13: Human civ added, warp pipe added, new creatures, animate corpse reaction can now animate an entire room, general bug fixes.
0.2: More creatures added, vibe secret added.
0.21: Shamans and Star Sprites added as 'secret keepers'. Many special interactions improved or revamped, some new weapons added and some creatures modified. Worldgen now operates without the need for vanilla creatures, entities, or plants. Instability bugs fixed.
0.22: New creatures added to fill up the temperate grassland biomes.
0.23: Power Stars and the Beacon for Toads, Koopas can smelt the shells of metal creatures, Shy Guys can create bonfires and can produce Subcon Crystals. All playable races now have specialties in Adventure Mode. Civs more focused on specific biomes. Many new creatures added.
0.24: Entity territories improved, more creatures including hint blocks added.
0.25: Kong and Kremling civs, a couple new wild animals, some power-up plants and corresponding secrets, phantos, chomp mummies, duplighosts, hidden machines, shadow sirens, and an experimental Shadow Queen interaction have been added.
0.26: Fully shapeshifting Smithy, powerup sealing reaction for Toads, minor tweaks.
0.27: New embark/trader/diplomat messages, couple of new creatures added, Smithy and Shadow Queen adjusted, subspace materials decay over time, some secrets will level up.
0.3: Back after hiatus - complete overhaul of piranha plants, chomps will now get mad randomly, some weapon and creature tweaks, martial artist secret added.
0.31: Piranha plants are more functional, Dark Knight of Vanda added, necro potion added, Star Beacon redone, shellcreepers and relatives have a weakpoint when withdrawn.
0.32: Toad's Star Piece trading system implemented, more warp pipes, Koopas can spawn magma, Shy Guys have tougher fat.
0.33: Enemies drop yellow coins which can be traded in for stars, Toad Houses added, ? blocks added, Koopas can produce Brutes (basically boss koopas),various bugfixes.
0.34: Koopa monster spawning workshop and shell workshop added, Shyguy slot machine added, more distinct cavern layers, various improvements to creature behavior.
0.35: Much more in-depth alchemy system, guide started
0.36: Soundsense support, Magic Circle added for koopas, Adventure Mode star reactions.
0.37: Final bug fixes for legacy version. Next version will be for 2014.
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