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File Listing: [0.34.10] Genesis 4 - Alpha 4
Last Updated: May 23, 2012, 01:26:57 pm
First Created: May 19, 2012, 02:12:02 pm
File version: Alpha 4
For DF version: 0.34.10
Downloads: 459 (591) Size: 8.07 MB
Views: 1,613 (1,886) Type: RAR
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An alpha version of Genesis 4 mod.


Alpha 4:
- Fixed troll and orc body sizes.
- Added slimes to caves.

Alpha 3:
- common snapping turtle -> snapping turtle.
- foxes and gray foxes have proper names.
- fixed invisible nords.
- added pegasi and unicorns.

Alpha 2:
- Renamed elves to sylvans.
- Renamed humans to dalesmen.
- Added nords.
- Caps are now leather-only. Leggings are removed.
- Added skullcap, kettle helm, winged helm, horned helm and full helm. Full helm provides most protection, dwarven only.
- Added dwarven plate. Dwarven plate covers torso and arms, unlike breastplate.
- Added plate leggings and mail leggings.
- Shields are separated by type: round shields, kite shields and spiked shields. Assigned them to entities.
- Added a bunch of nord-related weapons (ice axe, dane axe, seax, bearded axe, thunder hammer).
- Tweaked some weapon stats.
- Undead and barbarians undergo biome and item rebalance. Undead have a bunch of stuff from different entities (because corpses can come from anywhere).
- Added plants and grasses from Genesis 3.
- Added bread baking and candy making.
- Craftdwarf's workshop can now make rocktip arrows/bolts, rock axes, rock mauls and rock spears.
- Kiln can burn butchery waste (hair, nerves, cartilage etc.) and vermin remains.
- New building "stonecutter". It can grind worthless rocks, make magmasafe mechanisms, split large gems and a few things more.
- Much better square ASCII tileset, natural color scheme and color balances for vegetation.

Alpha 1:
- Initial release.
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