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File Listing: Regeneration: Forced Evolution V1.5 (MM)
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2013, 06:20:19 pm
First Created: Feb 19, 2012, 11:56:15 am
File version: V1.5
For DF version: 0.34.11
Downloads: 166 (676) Size: 7.91 MB
Views: 1,129 (3,230) Type: RAR
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DF 34.11 Regeneration FE Raws (Mod Manager Only)

Warning may have bugs ;) And the Mod Manager is still *new* so feedback is most welcome.
The Log wrote:
-inorganic_regen_magic has been transferred to a creature.
-inorganic_regen_automation has been transferred to a creature.
-PLANT_ALCOHOL_TEMPLATE has [REACTION_CLASS:ALCOHOL] added to it for distilling.
-Sun/Moon/Blood stones now have [REACTION_CLASS:SOUL]
-All Ignouis stones have [REACTION_CLASS:RONE] (excluding ores)
-Blood/Ichor, Muscle/meat/organs, and bone all have [REACTION_CLASS:AEHL]
-Most plant materials have [REACTION_CLASS:FAHE]
-Potions have been added to the POWER_UP plant placeholder.

-kobolds have been currently disabled as playable for now. (fortress mode)
-Humans have had their language changed back to vanilla for now.

-Farmable towercaps and natural towercaps had a raw confusion, as been fixed.

-Two new alchemy shops have been made, and the first one renamed
--Chemists Workshop (smallest alchemy shop, makes simple products)
--Metalurgy Workshop (medium alchemy shop, works with alloys and extracting base elements from minerals)
--Alchemcial Workshop (large alchemy shop, works with making poitions and extraction base elements from organics)
-Set custom build keys for new buildings so they shouldn't conflict with vanilla or each other.

-Alchemy reactions are seperated into the different workshops
-Pure Alcohol (Eythonal) can be made by using fuel and Sulfiric Acid (oil of virtol)
-Potions can now be brewed, and elements extracted and combined is possible

-All accented chars have been removed

-inorganic_liquid_regen (removed)
-creature_material_alchemy (added)
-creature_material_crafting (added)
-creature_material_magic (added)
-creature_material_shaping (added)

-Messed around with a few things and added some graphics for regen related critters.

-updated the program so it runs a bit more stable and file sequence
-Added Obsidian's Alternative Phoebus graphic set.
-Updated Phoebus to a newer set (most to all vanilla critters now have graphics)
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