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File Listing: Vilous mod V4.7
Last Updated: May 09, 2016, 08:48:49 pm
First Created: Dec 12, 2011, 03:17:17 pm
File version: 1.4
For DF version: 0.43.01
Downloads: 124 (1,720) Size: 190.2 KB
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NOTE: drag into your main DF folder instead of the RAW folder as this adds a speech file to the data folder

It is now safe to mix this mod with any other as all mod creatures and items have a DL92 prefix and will not conflict with other items!

change log:
-added gelding profession to comply with latest df version.

-removed squads from nobles as they cause crashing.
-added new military position to northern sergals: Imperial commander. Can only be appointed if you have a Queen or Empress. 20 imperial guard units may serve under him or her.
-added new military position to southern sergals: Paladin. Can only be appointed if you have a apostle or high preistess. 20 holy guards may serve under him or her.

-[TOOL:ITEM_TOOL_STEPLADDER] too all entitys for 0.40.14 compatability
-Reviewed size diferences, this should stop varous size based problems. Such as inability to mix armors with various races that should be the same size. EX: northern sergals only able to wear northern sergal made armor, and nevreans unable to wear any other races armor. Oddly nevreans were taller than humans as well. This will also make finding usable armor easier in adventure mode as previously you could only use armor made by your race.

-Restored the empress' , queen's, and baroness' royal guard squads. 10 men for the empress, 5 for the other two.
-northern sergals are now 70000 when fully grown
-[NATURAL_SKILL:DISCIPLINE:1] added due to being a military focused race with a long history of war

-Restored the high preistess' and apostle's royal guard squads, 5 men for both.
-southern sergals are now 70000 when fully grown
-[NATURAL_SKILL:DISCIPLINE:1] added due to being a military focused race with a long history of war

-[NATURAL_SKILL:DISCIPLINE:1] added due to their feral nature.

-nevreans are now a maximum of 60000 when fully grown.

-enocha are now a maximum of 60000 when fully grown.

-agunders are now a maximum of 60000 when fully grown.

-Removed [METAL_PREF] (players still have the workshops needed for metal smithing, as well as the reactions.)
-Removed [INDOOR_WOOD]
-Talyxias's max size changed to match a tigers (225000). Both to force them into a "unique" armor set that few races can use(they are feral lion like creatures after all), and to make finding armor a little harder (they already have clay like skin durability!)
-[NATURAL_SKILL:DISCIPLINE:2] added due to their feral nature.

-now use creature variation templates for their attacks, with the exception of any syndrome injecting attacks
-any syndrome injecting attacks now have proper prepare and recover times to comply with all other attacks

-clarified chief medical dwarf noble position from "headmaster" to "medical administer"
-Land holder noble "value" corrected, and land types renamed.
-Chief operating officer is the first land holder, and makes your settlement a company.
-Chief information officer is the second land holder, and makes your settlement a industry.
-Chief executive officer is the final land holder, and makes your settlement a corporation.
-Fixed tags with a modifier number, that did not need the modifier number, such as RELIGION_SPHERE

-Land holder noble "value" corrected, and land types renamed.
-druid is the first land holder, and makes your settlement a shrine.
-acolyte is the second land holder, and makes your settlement a temple.
-apostle is the final land holder, and makes your settlement an holy city.
-Fixed tags with a modifier number, that did not need the modifier number, such as RELIGION_SPHERE

-Land holder noble "value" corrected
-Lordess is now the first landholder
-Queen is now the final landholder
-Religion tags simplified
-Fixed tags with a modifier number, that did not need the modifier number, such as RELIGION_SPHERE

-Religion is now regional force, though the values are hardcoded currently, it should not effect talyxia religion too harshly.
-corrected lack of [CANOPENDOORS]
-fixed missing tools minecart and wheelbarrow

-Use the standard dwarf style names for their noble positions, and as such they did not need adjusting.

-corrected lack of

-sweat and tears added approprietly to races that can sweat and cry. All races can spit.
-Removed roads, This reclusive race prefers tightly spaced sites instead of large expansive empires
-Builds forts
-builds outdoor tombs
-Reverted religion tags to the same tags as 3.7 , 4.0 changed them to fix a bug they were not causing.
-allowed the use of more evil resources (plants, wood, animals, etc )
-builds tombs now

-fixed agunder grasp and stance body parts, they no longer exist in the 96th dimension.

-changed "make cobalt bars" into "smelt cobaltite ore" so it fits with the rest of the standard smelting options
-gave cobalt objects a cyan background(like tin) as they are hard to see on a black background

-sergal north/south entity tweaked due to crashes, some new positions too
-removed the southern sergal school house, will probably be replaced with something less "cheaty" than instantly training skills
-Increased insulation values on northern and feral sergals, and decreased value for southerns

-the ability to create cobalt bars and white gold has been moved from nevreans to agunders, as metal refining is more fitting to agunders than nevreans.
-nevreans have been given a new kind of "tech tree" involving electronics.
-added wire-drawing workshop,converts metals into wires(thread).
-added electronics workshop
-returned flier tag to male fliers
-renamed nevrean noble positions so they are less confusing and better reflect a large company
-manufacturing workshop now properly takes at least one form of build material to construct

-feral talyxian have been converted into talyxians
-old humanoid talyxians removed
-talyxian entity ethics slightly changed to prevent constant conflict with other races
-talyxians have extravision tag now due to "sensors" instead of eyes
-talyxians have a faster speed due to there feral shape
-cannot make gloves
-has four feet now with front feet grasping.
-talyxians are split up into several new castes of male female and genderless:
-male and female generic talyxians
-genderless talyxians, can hold possitions of power in other civs during world gen, have NOPAIN and EXTRAVISION
-male and female stalker talyxians, have NOFEAR and EXTRAVISION
-fur color is affected by caste

-removed the interactions pack, the previous interactions often crashed worldgen. they have been replaced by syndromes.
-swapped attack priority of the yellow eye terror (it will scratch more than bite)
-removed the yellow eye terrors ability to get infections
-nevreans can now refine cobaltite into cobalt metal
-added palladium, very similer to platinum and can be smelted by all
-added whitegold
-nevreans can make a whitegold alloy with palladium and gold bars or ore
-gave nevreans gauntlets,gloves, and mittens because they lacked handwear

-defined all raw entries with a DL92*_ prefix, the mod should now be 99% compatible with any other mod, including skie's and chronojiuj's sergal mod
-remove [flyer] tag from male_flyer nevreans, and compensated by giving them [NATURAL_SKILL:DODGING:4]
-fixed a possible fort killer of northern sergals being unable to hunt with no ranged weapons so added:
-added some variety to the maximum age of the mods creatures, it's mostly based on life styles,
as well as the hygiene expected in their culture, and finally the frailty in old age.

-agunders live from 130 to 190
(being of near dwarven toughness and some may even say rivalling that of dwarves
themselves at mountain life.)

-Nevreans live from 80 to 95 years
(while being one of the more intelligent races their life styles benefit quite well,
however they are still quite frail through their whole lives)

-northern sergals live from 40 to 80 years
(not expected to live long, but hardy enough to do so if they are lucky)

-southern sergals live from 60 to 75 years
(while longer lived than northern sergals they are more frail in their old age, and don't live as
long as a northern could)

-feral talyxias live from 80 to 130 years
(being bio-mechanical creatures)

-talyxians live from 100 to 120
(their culture revolves around natural foods and routines as such their lives are often easier )

-added the frosty arctic plants: jingle berry, cloudberry, and frost root. This should help northern sergals(and others) into icey biomes
-jingle berries can not be brewed, but can be replanted (only in good biomes)
-cloudberrys can be brewed and replanted
-frost root can be brewed and cooked but not replanted

- biome changes
-removed [BIOME:ANY_TEMPERATE] from northern sergals
-removed [BIOME:FOREST_TAIGA] from nevreans

-added [BIOME:ANY_TEMPERATE] southern sergals
-added [BIOME:FOREST_TAIGA] to northern sergals
-added [BIOME:FOREST_TAIGA] to feral sergals

-tag changes
-added [GLOWTILE:'"'][GLOWCOLOR:4:0:1] to all sergal breeds

-gave yellow eyes her abduction ability back
-changed converted terrors to infested terrors
-several pref string changes
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