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File Listing: Minerals mod and the Stone Selection Hack
Last Updated: May 15, 2008, 05:07:45 am
First Created: Mar 07, 2008, 05:15:45 pm
File version: 1.76 - working
For DF version:
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Concept by Sean Mirrsen


This mod went through several iterations, but now it is hopefully heading in the right direction.


This mod slightly alters appearance rates of most minerals in the game, most notably rock crystal.
Also this mod adds a carpload of new materials, metals, alloys, and the like.


First, back up your DF copy's "raw\objects" folder.
Then extract the contents of the archive into your main DF folder, overwriting anything in the way.
Then run the provided setup batch file. "minmod_175_setup" for this version.

The mod now comes in discrete selectable chunks.
The files are named according to the state of the chunks.
Type "off" instead of "on" (or anything, really) at the filename's end and the module will deactivate.
"mineralmod_main_on" is the main matgloss file. Turning this off will deactivate the mod completely. And spam the errorlog if you leave extensions on. :)
"mineralmod_main_reactions_on" is the main reactions file. Turning this off will disable all alloys and extractable materials added by the mod.
"mineralmod_ext_alchemy_on" is the alchemy extension. It contains gold amalgamation and any reactions I deemed implausible in the game's current state.
"mineralmod_ext_infusion_on" is the infusion extension. It contains the reactions for the 20 new metamagic metals.
"mineralmod_ext_manualstone_on" is the manual stone selection extension. Leaving it on will have all stone in existance be initially forbidden in the Stones screen, so it can be manually selected later.

After changing the state of any of the extensions, you will need to erase all files in the data\objects directory.
You can do this manually, or by running the "mod_clean_objects.bat" batch file provided in the raws folder (where you would be changing filenames around ;)).

Also, changes done to the extensions will only manifest properly in the next world you make.


-Most minerals appearance rebalanced. Rock crystal now abundant.
-Kimberlite changed to layer mode. Blue mountains ho! :)

New metals:
-Chromium. Decorative metal. Smelted from chromite (requires aluminum) or from native ores.
-Magnesium. Ingredient metal. Smelted from powdered dolomite, requires carbon.
-Manganese. Ingredient metal. Smelted from pyrolusite.
-Molybdenum. Rare ingredient metal. Smelted from molybdenite, a rare mineral present in chalcopyrite veins in granite and diorite.
-Cementite. Not technically a metal, but qualifies as such as it is a byproduct of smelting pig iron or steel.
-Erythronium. Made from smelting iron using a specific process. A soft metal not useful for much, except making...
-Ironbright. A hard metal used for armor and tools. Made with erythronium and chromium.
-Kelshinral, "Silvershine". Decorative metal, valuable, rare. Smelted from "Lamshinral", a rare ore found in silver and aluminum deposits.
-White gold. Decorative metal. Smelted from gold and nickel.
-Silversteel. Similar in performance to steel, yet a lot lighter and slightly more valuable. Smelted as steel with addition of Kelshinral.
-Kerasteel. Slightly harder than steel. Is, in essence, steel retempered in presence of cementite.
-Magnalium. Aluminum hardened with magnesium. Used for armor and ranged weapons. Lightweight, yet noticeably worse than iron.
-Duralium. Aluminum hardened with manganese and magnesium. Used for armor and ranged weapons. Lighter and harder than magnalium.
-Mirrorsteel. Steel forged with nickel, molybdenum and chromium. Much more valuable and noticeably harder.
-Isrirkadankel. Ultimate silversteel with a long name. Mirrorsteel reforged with cementite and kelshinral. The best attainable metal without adamantine.
-Arsenic bronze. Low-cost alternative to bronze. Smelted from copper and realgar as arsenic source.
-Al-bronze. Alternative to iron. Smelted from copper and aluminum.
-Patterned steel. Alternative to steel. Sligthly stronger and more expensive. Made from iron with green glass.
-Mint gold. Low-cost gold-like decorative metal made from copper, zinc and aluminum.
-Platinit. Shiny platinum-like decorative metal made from nickel and iron.
-Cobalt. A bright shade of blue, this metal is poisonous, but still useful. Obtained from cobaltite, but requires limestone, brimstone, and rock salt to process.
-Stellite. A cobalt/chromium alloy, this metal is at least as hard as steel. As it is difficult to work with, it cannot be easily sharpened or hammered into shape, thus it is less efficient in attack.
-Talonite. A similar alloy to Stellite, this metal is more workable and provides more "edge" at the cost of less resilience.
-Aromistrum. A complex alloy of aluminum, cobalt, iron, copper, and nickel, this decorative metal is veery pretty. :)
-Vitallium. A very hard alloy of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum.
-Megallium. A superalloy, second only to Isrirkadankel. This metal is forged from kelshinral, chromium, steel, cobalt, and erythronium, with carbon fibers added for inner strength.
-Chugunium. A cheap decorative metal not fit for heavy duty use. Made similarly to pig iron.
-Red brass. A replacement for iron, if you REALLY need it. Actually it's black. Smelted from copper, tin, and zinc.
-White bronze. Slightly stronger bronze that's made normally, but in presence of a phosphate-bearing rock.
-Agakium. A stronger-than-steel material fit for weapons and armor. Extraction is possible from special platinum ores.
-Uristium. (sorry I ran out of names) Another material obtained in the same fashion as agakium. While not exceptionally powerful, this is one of the most expensive metals.
-Rubber. Deny it all you want, if it melts and can be cast into shape, I'll call it a metal. :) Processed from rubber tree logs. Perfect practice weapon material.

New rock:
-Lamshinral. Ore of kelshinral.
-Chalcopyrite. A copper ore, but unusable. Added for flavor.
-Apatite. Phosphate-bearing rock.
-Phosphorite. Another phosphate rock.
-Stannite. Complex mineral that can yield copper, tin, iron, and brimstone when smelted.
-Anthracite. Very dense coal, very effective for coke-making.
-Compacted peat. Dense peat, used to make charcoal and ashes.
-Molybdenite, used to get molybdenum.
-Magnetite-rich sand. Black sand is called that because it contains magnetite. Clusters of especially rich sand can be harvested for ore.
-Native chromium. It does occur.
-Inobtanite. HFS.
-Magnesite. Source of magnesium.
-"Skeletanite". See "other materials".
-Laced platinum nuggets. You won't see them until you mine them.

New cloth:
-Graphite fiber cloth. Processed from graphite, obviously. Isn't going to protect you from magma, but will hardily resist wear and tear. Not used in armor making, only clothes.

New wood:
-Giant cactus. See, I was frustrated with the lack of wood in deserts. This comes pretty close.

Other materials:
-Hardened bone mass. Processed from any bones by smelting with ashes. Used to craft wood-handled weapons at the crafter's. Also, blocks, tables, and various furniture. Hardy, lightweight.

New reactions:
-Gold amalgamation. Either using just cinnabar, or cinnabar and brimstone, you can attempt to get one extra bar of gold from one piece of ore.

Optional components:______________________________

"Magic" infused materials. Currently only Iron and Steel.
You can infuse Iron bars with one of 10 most valuable gems to alter its properties significantly.
You can then smelt infused Steel, using infused Iron in the steelmaking reaction (you need normal pig iron first)
Or you can just infuse steel directly.
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 -.-  » posted by Deon on May 07, 2008, 02:56:44 pm
Great work! 5/5

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