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File Listing: Evil Gameplay Mod
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016, 05:17:31 pm
First Created: Apr 09, 2011, 01:28:52 am
File version: 10
For DF version: 0.40.05
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A mod that adds some new races to play with, and new civilizations for both them and default aces. The mod shouldn't require changing anything in your game, but was written for use with vanilla raws and is dependent on the material, body-detail-plan and tissue files therein. It might not work with a total conversion mod because that so often implies totally converting those files.

There are several new races added by this mod:

Komengs - which look similar to a furry kobold. They're small and relatively fragile.
Paklara - Mid-sized flightless bird men. They are good swimmers and amphibious (Can hold their breath for a long time)
Carp men - amphibious carp twisted into humanoid form. They have various castes specialized for different tasks. They are very fragile and weak.
Vutchnell - Human-sized furry men with the head and tail of a mongoose or similar creature. They're natural climbers and trackers. Their species is divided into three rough groups; low-, average and high-bred individuals. The differences being their average apparent physical health and attributes, as well as skills.
Beastmen - A species divided into many castes with varying body shapes and some attribute and skill differences. They are in general significantly larger than humans, and their raw power should be respected on the battlefield.

The civilizations that can spawn are as follows:
The tundra dwellers - Humans whose homelands are in the coldest, most inhospitable climes on earth. Their culture values warfare and power moreso than other human cultures, but otherwise are not unfriendly folk.
Ancients - A vutchnell civilization which predates all others, they're technologically and culturally advanced, and favor an isolationist mindset. Knowledge is highly valued in their culture, and it is likely they would build libraries.
Hunter-gatherer vutchnell - a loose-knit civilization with little in the way of technology and science. These people respect the natural world as their breadbasket, but don't worship it above all else. Their society values the independence brought by their lifestyle, and reside primarily in shaped forest retreats as elves do.
Modern vutchnell - a recent civilization that takes technological advancements from the ancients and puts them to use in a more active world. Their merchants are unlikely to be seen unless a significant profit can be expected.
Beastmen - As a culture they can be described as barbaric, ruthless, and always looking for a fight. This civilization has the industrial and agricultural base to continue its wars of conquest, but infighting is also common. Foreigners are liable to be killed on sight.
Komengs - Similar to the much larger beastmen, Komeng culture is not welcoming to foreigners. It is also broken into many sub-factions, and unlikely to be unified.
Carp men - The carp men form a weak but populous nation infatuated with their gods of water and nature. Their warriors will harass any foreigners found on their territory.
Paklara - The paklara build almost exclusively by the sea, relying on it as the basis of their industry. They are willing traders, and welcoming to strangers. They favor ranged combat and naval warfare.
Pirates - Another group common to the coastlines, organized pirates cooperate to rule the seas and nearby settlements. Many different races might constitute their populations.
Outcasts - Similar to coastal pirates, there are some few settlements of wanted criminals and refugees of many stripes to be found, often in deserts and other inhospitable climes.
Environmental terrorists - taking elfiness to a new extreme, people following these principals actively make war on other nearby civilizations, in the hopes of preventing civilization's spread into the wilderness.
Hunters - Usually cooperative, small populations of people living in hunter-gatherer societies. They are, for the most part, friendly folks willing to trade.
Monster - Some animal people and bandit populations get out of control, using caves as the base of operations to harass other peoples for their living. They are rarely civilized or friendly, but on the whole they also aren't capable of posing a serious threat.

Installation: Just extract it to your raw/objects folder and generate a new world.
- This mod does not change any pre-existing files in the game.

One may simply delete an entity file, removing a group of civs and preventing those races from appearing in the game.

The beastman group contains 3 different civs; a relatively weak and poorly armed and armored one, a standard one similar to goblins, and a highly civilized steel-using one which you may play as in fortress mode. (note: they might not work out that well in fortress mode.)

Each civ group has new weapons attached, and the beastman civs have a new weapon set that is always difficult and often impossible for smaller beings to use. Unique armor may come soon.

PM me on the bay12 forums if you have any bugs to report or questions regarding the mod

Version 10. Update for DF 43.05.
Reworked beastman race, and most or all civs.

Version 9 Update to work with DF version 40.05.
Added Vutchnell creature; language and entity to come later.

Version 8. Neglected to update for a while, but here it is. A lot of changes, and I won't bother to list all of them.

Version 5. Changed many, many things, including the new arrangement of the beastman civs, changes to the other civs, and to the plants.
Added a new plant.
Added a new weapon: toothed ring blade - a sword-type weapon. Changed other weapons somewhat.
Ogres, minotaurs, trolls, and carp men are now prone to fits of rage. Carp men most of all.

Version 4. Gave the carp men their unique language. Minor edits.

Version 3. Added carp-men race and civ.

Version 2. Fixed a few bugs, added Ettins, made sure everyone shows up and won't starve in worldgen besides the human nomads, because they're based off the original human creature and tundras are uninhabitable by creatures that need to eat right now.
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