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File Listing: [0.31.25] Genesis Mod [3.27b] - Ironhand
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2012, 04:03:46 am
First Created: Apr 01, 2011, 08:50:38 am
File version: 3.27b
For DF version: 0.31.25
Downloads: 948 (9,215) Size: 25.13 MB
Views: 7,921 (19,379) Type: RAR
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A graphical version - Ironhand tileset.

For the details visit the forum thread.

Forum Thread


** 3.27b
* Rocktip arrows are now considered "wooden" by the game so dwarves can store them in ammo stockpile.
* New "anthracite" coal.

** 3.27
* Fixed a MAJOR typo which removed some subterranean creatures (an all in ASCII version).
* Many small typos and errors are fixed.
* Beetles now breed.
* No more zero value meat.
* dunedwellers no longer use elven armor.
* shield clan dwarves now train properly fast ALL combat skills.
* dunedwellers now use a unique weapon "bladed chain" (sword type, pierces armor).
* pegasi dwell in good mountains
* the birth of

** 3.26
* Fixed a few typos and small bugs (like buffalo gender).
* Animated armor now appears on evil battelfields too (grassland, savanna, shrubland), so you should see it more often.
* New demons by Naryar, tiles by Deon. Bebilith, obsidian colossus, hell hound, nightmare, strige, frost wraith, devilkin.
* New meteorite ore, found in soil and sedimentary layers. Can be smelt into meteoric metal (steel grade).
* Finally the return of the threats mod: now threats and "I have no family" phrases for adventure mode are greatly expanded (again, I kept forgetting about it for a lot of versions).
* Golems and elementals are spread around cave levels a bit better.

** 3.25k
* A big version jump, since mostly only the ASCII version was updated before.
* A lot of rebalances and tweaks.
* Diversified biomes, good/evil regions and caverns.
* New critters to diversify benign/normal/savage and good/normal/evil biome combinations (giant chipmunks and squirrels, various abominations, magical critters etc.).
* New night creatures (more to come soon).
* Ezrakim elves are dunedwellers now.
* Orcs language is finished (thanks Patchouli).

** 3.25d
* fixed GRASSTRAMPLE for domestic animals
* fixed moon silver creation reaction
* orcish language is almost finished

** 3.25c
* obstacle course is fixed
* vocalizations for domestic and some wild animals
* mammoth wool is fixed

** 3.25b
* fixed a typo in a graphical file
* dralthas are grazers now
* grazing animals do not trample grass

** 3.25
* re-added tetrahedrite
* a lot of fixes to entities
* renamed rock grinder to stonecutter's workshop and added stone weapon creation
* added alchemical workshop with an alchemy system
* added 50 placeholder reactions for the future use
* added feldspar (works as cassiterite for glazing)
* added more tree variety to swamp biomes (no more "willow only swamps")
* fixed ironworks
* renamed pure iron to coarse iron
* vilified elves
* beautified some weird-looking custom workshops (theatre, blast furnace etc.)

** 3.24b
* appearance of Phoebus version
* two-handed swords are now properly two-handed
* fixed keepers' trading goods crashing bug
* finally fixed "cave fish skin"
* yet another tweak for keeper profession names (hammerman - paladin, swordsman - knight, maceman - templar)
* latin language for keepers
* added beekeeper graphics
* added platipus child graphics
* added dodo graphics
* fixed centaur/scavenger adventure tier conflict
* made all races playable as outsiders even if they are extinct

** 3.24
* fixed "make wooden millstone" reaction
* goblins do not avoid traps
* sped up combat skill training (TomiTapio)
* skill fixes for some animals (TomiTapio)
* fixed grazer so huge animals no longer starve (TomiTapio)
* fixed kobold/serpentfolk/scavengers outdoor farming
* lashes -> halberds; lashers -> halberdiers
* bread baking now makes 1 bread out of 1 flour, candy making makes 1 candy out of 1 sugar
* added demons as a late enemy (bigger size, black bronze weapons/armor)

** 3.23
* bread baking and candy making
* blast furnace is more efficient
* training reactions now have reagents and products (due to a vanilla change)
* obsidian dwarves now REALLY don't have fire attacks
* tweaked dyes to have more avaliable colors
* tweaked plants a bit
* removed archery training from Obstacle Course
* expanded manual with new info (added missing races, farming, metalworking, workshops)

** 3.22a Duplicated raws fixed

** 3.22
* early help file (genesis manual.chm)
* tweaks to castes (ice dwarves removed, skill tweaks for castes, check the help file)
* wild strawberry -> strawberry, klamath -> coneflower
* multiple tweaks to plant values and their products
* re-added magnetite, added siderite (iron ores)
* decorations for adventure mode (you can decorate items with bones/hooves/teeth/gems)

** 3.21 Fixed multibodied deer, mammoth/goat wool now regrows back, new sprites for snakemen (with differentiated soldiers).

** 3.2
* Moving to a new DF version (0.31.25).
*a lot of tweaks by TomiTapio, I agree with most of his ideas.
*genitals have their own tissues and materials.
*material tweaks.
*illithids have a new tile.
*demonic union -> goblins and barghests (goblinoids).
*new hostile entity: scavengers (pigmen).
*common otters in addition to previously existed giant otters.
*dire bears for savage areas.
*floaters, flying jellies with tentacles for caves (by Vorthon).
*updated some graphics for existing animals.
*cave spiders renamed to spiders; "gcs" arachna is now arachna/arachnid.
*changes to dwarven castes (no fireballs for obsidians, skill tweaks for other castes).
*only niths and mephits adopt dwarves now; other verminhunters (cats, ferrets) do not.

** 3.91a4 Fixed glazing (now required for earthenware again); rock grinder has a chance to extract iron/copper/coal from ordinary rocks; graphical fixes.
** 3.19a3 Fixed "no reaction" in Smelter (+ turkey fix later).
** 3.19a2 Added graphics for missing domestic creatures.
** 3.19a Removed beekeeping and new reactions from many non-playable races to fix an adventure mode crash.
** 3.19
* Moving to a new DF version (0.31.19.).
* All reptiles and birds lay eggs now.
* Goats and mammoths have wool in addition to existing wooly animals.
* Brick making reaction removed because of the appearance of clay and clay reactions.
* Tweaks to soils so more types net clays; sandy clay loam is the best soil now because you can find BOTH clay and sand in it.
* Global plant rework; many new plants have seeds which can be grinded into oil and later made into soap.
* Small tweaks to existing creatures.

- 3.18f2 Patch for the mod manager, new ore vein tiles by Wormslayer, removed two unneeded materials.
- 3.18f Stones, ores and metals are now sorted by category in the "stones" menu. Some tweaks to creatures. Two new evil monsters: rancor and leaper. Mod settings avaliable through Valdemar's mod manager.
- 3.18e Werewolves are smaller and come only in winter; new enemy: centaurs; thunderbird max.age fixed; new mosquito vermin (delivers malaria); harmless minnow -> piranha; other minor fixes.
- 3.18d Fixed the "everyone is wrestler" issue, obsidian/ice dwarves now get proper skill increase for both genders.
- 3.18c Attack/siege triggers are fixed, expect to see enemies earlier now; also werewolves will come; plant/plant products tweaked (TomiTapio tweaks).
- 3.18b Merged great amount of fixes by TomiTapio (mostly natural skills for animals and population tweaks), dwarves are not immune to heat/cold anymore, obsidian dwarves are great furnace operators/smiths and ice dwarves are great doctors.
- 3.18 DF 0.31.18 support, ported some raw fixes, some vermins which had non-vermin tiles are fixed.
- 3.17f Hauberk->coif, orcs get proper skin color and fangs, most of animals recieve natural skills, tools are somewhat nerfed.
- 3.17e Tweaks to armor/helmet sizes (you can now wear masks over everything, hauberk under helms, only two chainmails etc.); kobolds got claw hammers, clubs, capes and cloaks (and sometimes tunics/wests); multiple new tomes for the Library; a chance to recieve platinum tomes when writing new tomes; skill to write tomes is now Teaching (was "Student").
- 3.17d Better penetration for weapons. Swapped ezrakim maceman<->hammerman tile (fix). Added ghosts, zombies and skeletons for races to the tileset. Fixed issues with soldier bodies looking like walls.
- 3.17c All races are now of the same size, they can now use adventure-mode crafted clothing. Genitals are external again. Bite if you wish.
- 3.17b Fixed a local banditry oversight which made other towns of your nation except for your native one to treat you like a raider.
- 3.17 DF 0.31.17 support, a new version's tool is incorporated in adv. crafting (replaced the old carving knife), a fix for snakes' castes.
- 3.16 DF 0.31.16 support; truetype font graphics + graphic tiles for letters (optional).
- 3.14 DF 0.31.14 support.
- 3.13 DF 31.13 support, ents now respawn, tweaks to graphics and creatures, minor fixes which are important, some civs get dark towers instead of towns until Toady fixes towns.
- 3.12 a lot of tweaks to existing creatures and entities, graphical improvements (noble graphics for other races, new orcish graphics), three new critters by TomiTapio (boa, python, bronze statue); sorry for a bad changelog, I am currently ill. Also metalworking line was finally balanced; check the wiki for more info.
- 3.1

* a major weapon overhaul; weapons are less deadly now, spears/hammers/whips are a bit better in comparison to old slashing/blunt damage output
* tissues bleed much more; now it's harder to walk off wounds (balanced with weaker weapons which do NOT always dismember)
* graphical fixes for those critters which had no graphics (10)
* fixed caste problems on 3 critters which caused crashes
* made peat IS_STONE so it's listed in stockpiles properly
* new critter: penguin
* multiple fixes to creatures (LARGE_ROAMING, size tweaks, NOEXERT to megabeasts/semimegabeasts and other minor things)
* removed leather from vermin (so you don't get rat leather armor and knuckle worm leather gauntlets)
* new red steel alloy (steel+bauxite, in "magma crucible" furnace only)
* werewolves do not use animals (and mounts)
* illithids have a bit worse biome settings for expansion; also they require level 5 triggers to appear now

* you can now turn a leather in 5 vellums in tanner's shop
* added a scriptorium where you can use 2 vellums to make a tome of some profession
* library studies now require an appropriate tome to study a profession; there's a 5% chance that the tome will be destroyed when used

- 3.03 new creature: ent; graphical fix for eland/ostrich; new graphics for turkey.
- 3.02

* new creature: ent; graphical fix for eland/ostrich; new graphics for turkey.
* new "giant sandworm" savage desert huge predator (hiding).
* dragons, sea serpent and hydra get "dragonscale" which can be tanned and is twice stronger than a leather.
* animated armor for graphical version has its body fixed.
* ironwood density 100-600, feather tree 100-200.
* lady's fingers plant -> okra plant.
* cocoa tree adjective: "cocoa tree wood" -> "cocoa tree".
* sandstone and conglomerate aren't "aquifery".
* no training weapons on other civs.
* goblins get bronze.
* cave crocodiles and alligators get NOPAIN.
* fire imps are dog-sized and have horns.
* kobold fix to attr_rates.
* dread trolls and ogres get tough materials, lower frequency for ogres.
* sasquatches' caste names fixed.
* dragons and hydra get higher speed (780).
* giant tigers live in temperate forests and taiga and get higher petvalue.
* desert scorpion and cave tortoise description tweaks.
* tigermen speed is increased.
* fixed double "NATURAL" on some vermin.
* floating guts are no longer a pet.
* cave crawler & cave ogre & manera & cavedragon & rutherer get tough materials.
* flying hungry head gets 600 speed and tough materials.
* giant earthworm gets [LARGE_ROAMING][BENIGN][MEANDERER] and 1,5 million size.
* reacher gets LARGE_PREDATOR and tough materials.
* black bears are no longer in wetlands
* bluefin shark double cluster size is fixed.
* fixed body size on monitor lizard and double MOUNT.
* sand cobra lives only in deserts.
* rock lion is not a mount now.
* dire wolf gets NOFEAR, LIKES_FIGHTING.
* giant eagle and eagle get 40 tiles view range.
* albatross, turkey and wild turkey size is increased.
* pelican no longer lives near all rivers.
* ostrich becomes bigger and gets longer legs.
* swamp troll is more agressive and gets tough materials.
* tweaks to domestic animals' sizes and milk names.
* dwarven skill rates are increased.
* seal description fix.
* horned beasts like minotaurs get tough horns.
* genitals' size is lowered.
* ezrakim elf prince now commanders dunespeakers instead of windwalkers (as he should do).
* d_init tweaks to make engravings to start obscured.

** great thanks to TomiTapio for totally awesome bughunting **.

- 3.01: fixed camels' graphics and pillar tile. Added graphics for lasse. New creatures: seal, animated armor, dama gazelle, eland, kangaroo. Giant ants are savage and less frequent.
- 3.0: wesmans->keepers; osmans->orcs; new reactions: make plant fuel, make bricks. Plant fuel is made from two new plants (hearth bush and desert rose bush). Some of weird trees are removed. New graphics (0.48 Ironhand) and creature tiles (new war/hunting graphics, dog breeds' graphics, updates to old creatures, orc tileset etc.). Five new animals: asp, rattlesnake, desert cobra, parrot and ostrich. Male/female specific bodies; other body tweaks. Creature biome tweaks. Adventure mode brewing. More study options in the library (+architecture, herbalism). "Potted plant" decorative workshop. No more exotic pets.
- 2.99b: a correct gfx for goblins; updated animal tiles (elephant, warthog, hippo, gnomes, mountain goat etc.) with the latest Sphr works (graphical version only). New medical dwarves' tiles, new priest/high priest tiles; new skeleton/zombie dwarven tiles; new sylvan elves' tiles.
- 2.99: goblins replaced with demonic civ with goblins, vampires, trollkin, imps and other critters; new castes for werewolves; biome tweaks to entities; new training reaction: study medical notes (diagnosis) at library.
- 2.98: new df version; illithids are fixed so they take over the world normally; a new megabeast (thunderbird); a new enemy: werewolves' civ which sieges immediately; a few new prefstrings and a new reaction (a wooden millstone).
- 2.97: new df version; glass beds and glass grates in furniture workshop; crossbow/bow training in obstacle course (temporary).
- 2.96: fixed illithids spawning; tree material naming tweaks by TomiTapio.
- 2.95: illithids are back; ant/antlion chitin is properly fixed; new reactions for adventure crafting; monitor lizards' size is fixed.
- 2.9: adventure crafting and spellcraft; tougher materials for semimegabeasts and megabeasts; new goblin caste; "common goblins" avoid traps; tweaked weapons to follow DF fixes; new critters and adjustments supplied by TomiTapio; illithids' nation temporary removed; weight set workshop by Coinith.
- 2.8: new creatures (swans, pelicans - TomiTapio); adjustments to materials; smaller birds cannot be used for leather/bone industry (but cats still can... it's sacred); minor bugs are fixed; the newest Ironhand's tiles are used.
- 2.6: adjustments to pet sizes and values; three new wild birds: a wild turkey, a seagull, an albatross; a domestic bird: a chicken; compact peat appears only in swampy soil types.
- 2.5: new version of DF; stronger teeth/nails/horns/hoofs; animals now can carry much more items; tree tiles redrawn a bit; the soundtrack is back. Multiple material fixes.
- 2.3: fixed missing ironworks buildings; fixed stone/metal template value causing weird stuff like unavaliability of certain items; fixed ilmenite and goethite values; cave turtoises are breedable.
- 2.2: crematorium removed totally; added apatite and two new lead ores.
- 2.1: blacklung diseases removed properly, new speech strings.
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Hey, I can comment on this! Great work, Deon! :pint:
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 [0.31.25] Genesis Mod [3.25b] - Iro (v 3.25b)  » posted by Deon on Apr 15, 2011, 11:32:19 am
Great work of us BOTH :).
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 [0.31.25] Genesis Mod [3.25d] - Iro (v 3.25d)  » posted by TomiTapio on Jun 05, 2011, 05:45:05 pm
I am making weekly updates! Whee!

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