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File Listing: SL's Tileset/Mod
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2008, 11:13:31 am
First Created: Aug 01, 2008, 08:47:55 pm
File version: 1.1.0
For DF version: Multiple
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This is a 16x16 user character set (if tilesets are evolutionary, this one would be descended from Flying Mage's and Guybrush's), and a ModBase mod which together allow a vastly more enhanced tileset than is possible with just a user character set alone. ModBase was very important in the development of this tileset, as it makes it possible to easily and automatically find and replace (or change) multiple entries in the raws, in addition to allowing the mod to be essentially DF-version-independent.

The primary three goals in making this were:
1. Eliminating graphical bizarreness (levers and other graphics in names, coffee cups for trees/cities, chairs in bridges/catapaults, etc)
2. Having actual art for all rough walls instead of symbols, and for almost all trees. (Continuation of what Flying Mage had done for some rough walls)
3. Improving art further, including adding new art, but keeping things identifiable, ideally without causing graphical bizarreness. (Ex: See the barrel image, ore-in-wall image (to the left of the lobster), hatch image, the levers which now have 'OFF' and 'ON' written above them in tiny text, the single ~ which has only one wave in its image, making it easily identifiable if not as pretty (many previous tilesets had the single and double ~ look identical except for which direction the waves were facing))

See for more information.
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