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File Listing: Candy Fortress v0.7b
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2011, 06:23:00 pm
First Created: Dec 17, 2010, 09:18:41 pm
File version: 0.7b
For DF version: 0.31.19
Downloads: 154 (175) Size: 8.35 MB
Views: 1,432 (1,660) Type: ZIP
Rating (0 votes): Unrated
A mod designed to replace the world of Dwarf Fortress with a sickeningly sweet world made of candy.

Changes from 0.6

* Mod is now for 0.31.19
* Confectioner's workshop removed. Reactions moved to kitchen and craftsdwarf's shop.
* Many types of eggs can now be made into egg nog at the still.
* New crops that can be smelted, to make up for lack of ore.
* Cake batter added as "clay" types.
* Delicious new glazes.
* Possible flying reindeer sightings
* Possible "brown cow" sightings
* Savage Mountains now home to giant marshmallow peeps
* Candy grasses
* Bumblebee honey should be brewable now.
* Peanuts can now be grown, but have to be shelled at the kitchen by a food processor.
* Cacao beans can be crushed to make cocoa butter, which can be used for cocoa butter soap.

Changes from 0.5

* Fish and sharks replaced with Swedish fish and gummi sharks
* More above ground crops
* Candy hearts fixed
* Hard candy can now be crafted into lollipop axes or sucker maces at the Confectioner's Workshop
* Most "wood" and "stone" can now be turned into food at the Confectioner's Workshop
* Bacon can be alloyed with chocolate
* Metals left in the raws have been removed so you'll no longer have nobles demanding electrum goblets


* All stones and metals replaced with various sweets
* Trees are replaced by candy canes and gingerbread
* Language files have been updated to give civs more "cutesy" names
* Goblins now attack with dentists wielding drills
* New building, Confectioner's Workshop
* Some creatures have been changed into candy versions
* Gingerbread Men are a "Play Now" race for Adventure Mode

Planned Changes

* More tinkering with the inorganic layers and "metals"
* More of a change in the creatures
* Possible tileset
* Easter bunny civ

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