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File Listing: Fortress Defense Mod II R + Challenge/Bonus
Last Updated: Sep 09, 2016, 01:03:27 am
First Created: Sep 08, 2010, 07:20:45 pm
File version: 0.21
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Dwarf Fortress: Fortress Defense Mod II R

For Dwarf Fortress version 44.12+

Forum thread:

The goal of this mod is to increase the difficulty and fun of the game by adding more enemy civilizations in the game for the player to war with. No more boring years of peace because the goblins decided your fort was too scary!

-Ten basic mode civs
-Four bonus mode civs
-Four challenge mode civs


-For changes, please check the readme



Individual entity files : (Using these with the entity_fortdefense.txt, entity_fdchallenge.txt, and entity_fdbonus.txt may cause a duplication error)
graphics_fd : Contains files necessary to install graphics + installation instructions


The following are instructions to install Fortress Defense Mod and set up either of two possible levels of difficulty. Remember that you have to generate a new world for the mod to take effect.

---Simple/Complete Installation

The complete installation of Fortress Defence II requires that you copy all txt files except the txt files in the three folders and the readme into the raws/objects folder. For instruction on the installation of individual parts of Fortress Defence II, read the sections below.

---Installation - Basic Version

To install the Basic version of Fortress Defense, copy only "body_fdbody", "building_fdreactors", "creature_fortdefense", "entity_fortdefense", "inorganic_stone_vaporstonefd", "item_armor_fd", and "reaction_fdmetals" into the raw/objects folder.

The Basic version of Fortress Defense adds ten races to the game for a total of eleven automatically hostile races. The difficulty of the enemies should increase gradually over time, though the vagaries of Dwarf Fortress world gen tend to mess this up.

---Installation - Challenge version

To install the Challenge version of Fortress Defense, copy, in addition to all the files required for the Basic version, "entity_fdchallenge" and "creature_fdchallenge" into the raw/objects folder.

The Challenge version of Fortress Defense adds four civilizations almost guaranteed to destroy your fort unless you hide away with crossbows...or you have a military hardcore enough to take them in hand to hand combat. It is recommended that only those in search of Fun rather than victory in battle attempt to face them in battle.

---Installation - Bonus

To install the Bonus entities, copy "entity_fdbonus" and "creature_fdbonus" into the raw/objects folder in addition to any other modes you are installing.

The four bonus entities are designed to be a bit more challenging than goblins, but to be within the capability of a well-prepared dwarven militia that survives to the point where it faces them. Either one may be installed individually by copying only the file for that entity from the individual entity files folder instead of the "entity_fdbonus" file.

---Installation - Individual civs

To install only a subset of Fortress Defense civs, first copy all txt files EXCEPT the files beginning with "entity_" and the txt files in the four folders and the readme into the raws/objects folder.

Then, copy any desired "entity_" files from the individual_*_civs folders into the raws/objects folder to complete the installation.

For example, if I wanted to install only ferric elves, white tigermen, greater badgermen, and nightwings, I would copy over:


Long worldgens might not work well due to the potential for genocidal wars and the game slowing down due to the tracking of so many civs.

As a bonus, you can also use the new creatures to adventure with.

The mod uses vanilla items and adds only creatures and civs, (along with a few trivial reactions and items needed to get around Dwarf Fortress bugs) based on the ones that already exist in vanilla. In addition, the new enemies have had most useless clothing deleted from their entry so that each siege doesn't clutter up your stockpiles with tons of useless Hoary Marmot Leather Socks or something. It's best to play on a world of at least medium size, on regions rather than islands, if one wishes to experience the full potential eleven enemy civs.
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 Fortress Defense Mod II + Challenge (v 0.04)  » posted by schedal on Nov 24, 2010, 05:17:17 pm
Hello, trying out your mod, I have copied all the files over. When I gen a world, it crashes right after the "ageing the world" part is finished.

I haev tried several gen settings, including "vanilla" defaults, still crashes. Any ideas?
This is with just the "basic" files, not challenge files.
comment last edited by schedal on Nov 24, 2010, 05:17:53 pm
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 Fortress Defense Mod II + Challenge (v 0.05)  » posted by darkflagrance on Feb 16, 2011, 02:33:56 pm
If you have problems using this mod, I urge you to check out the Fortress Defense Mod II Thread, which I check more often.

It is here:

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