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File Listing: [v0.02] Fortress Defense Mod
Last Updated: Aug 02, 2010, 10:53:04 am
First Created: Jul 30, 2010, 11:20:14 pm
File version: 0.03
For DF version: 0.31.12
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Dwarf Fortress: Fortress Defense

Release v0.03

The goal of this mod is to increase the number and diversity of enemies in the game without changing much else and remaining relatively compatible with other mods. It sends waves of enemies at you that increase in difficulty by race, beginning with pushovers early on and ending with extremely powerful enemies guaranteed to bring Fun!

As a bonus, you can also use the new creatures to adventure with.

The mod uses vanilla items and adds only creatures and civs, based on the ones that already exist in vanilla. In addition, the new enemies have had most useless clothing deleted from their entry so that each siege doesn't clutter up your stockpiles with tons of useless Hoary Marmot Leather Socks or something. It's best to play on a world of at least medium size, on regions rather than islands, if one wishes to experience the full potential eleven enemy civs.

Long worldgens may not be advisable.

10 new, unique, always hostile civs:

Tier 1: These enemies begin sieging you when you have about 20 dwarves. The most they should be able to do is disrupt trade, if you have any form of armor available.

Stranglers (size 40,000)

About 2/3 the size of dwarves and lacking in any form of armor, they are not much of a threat to an early militia. They do, however, have 4 arms and a very vicious bite, and are quite fast. As the weakest of the new enemies, they also attack the soonest.

Tier 2: These enemies come when you have about 50 dwarves.

Frogmen (size: 50,000)

Frogmen are just a little smaller than dwarves. They treat water as no obstacle, and wield iron weapons wooden weapons. However, they are not very technologically advanced. In addition, they cannot make many kinds of armor. They will probably flee when it is clear they are no match for you.

Tier 3: These enemies come when you have about 80 dwarves. The real battles begin here. In addition to the civs below, vanilla goblins will also begin attacking you.

Nagas (size: 50,000)

Half-serpent and half-man, with poisonous fangs. The striking reflexes of their reptilian halves give them a great deal of speed when fighting.They use bronze weapons, and include archers among their ranks. Nagas have developed some armor making ability; however, they cannot armor their snake-like lower bodies as well as dwarves. Also, they are dextrous enough to avoid traps.

Blendecs (size: 60,000)

Finally, an enemy the same size as a dwarf! Foul blendecs, which have cloven feet and eyeless skulls for heads, could only be found in evil areas in vanilla. In Fortress Defense, they attack armed with bronze weapons and armor. Because they are a twisted mix of the undead and the living, they know no pain or fear, and your traps cannot target them.

Furies (size: 60,000)

What differentiates Furies from Blendecs or Goblins? They use bronze and iron, and they are all the same size as dwarves, after all. However, only Furies, like their cousins Harpies, possess the ability to fly. Unlike Harpies, however, Furies come in both male and female forms, and can wield weapons. Because they fly, however, Furies are not as well armored as other races.

Tier 4: The previous tier contained enemies that were about equal to dwarves. Now, the enemies outmatch them significantly.

Werewolves (size: 120,000)

Twice the size of dwarves, the lightning-fast, bronze-wielding werewolves are guaranteed to defeat any similarly armed dwarf in single-combat. In addition, they avoid traps, meaning that there is no easy way to deal with them. If you wish to meet them head-on, no less than steel-armed dwarves will suffice.

Elephants (size: 5,000,000)

No, that size is not a typo. Elephants are massive, and they have come to lay waste to your fort just as they did the fortresses of old, only this time they come in heavy steel armor. Luckily for the player, Elephants do not wield weapons with their trunks, and only rely on their tusks, their powerful bulk, and pure animal rage to kill your dwarves.

Nightwings (size: 120,000)

These jackal-headed fiends combine the worst of many of the earlier enemies. They wield cruel weapons of steel, experience neither pain nor fear, disable your traps, are free of any need for breath or nourishment, and worst of all, they can fly on their leathery wings. Good luck to those who face them in battle!

Tier 5: These enemies are semi-megabeasts who have banded together to crush the dwarves. It will take a strong mountainhome with a veteran military to survive their assaults!

Minotaurs (size: 220,000)

Minotaurs and Giants have [BUILDINGDESTROYER:2], meaning that they can topple anything that is not a constructed wall or floor (or some bridges). The horn-headed Minotaurs, nearly four times the size of dwarves, match your dwarves in steel technology. Through their experience with labyrinths they avoid your traps and can tame underground beasts, but at least they can feel pain, right?

Giants (size: 9,000,000)

The Twilight of the World is at hand! If you reach the point where you fight these guys, you will be lucky enough to experience giants rampage through your fort like they do in Legends Mode. At size 9 million, they are nearly twice the size of Elephants. Worse, they are too large for traps to work and wear steel, while taking neither heat or cold damage. Are you bad enough to face the greatest challenge this mod has to offer and survive?
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