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File Listing: Beefmo Repack for DF2012. Even More Animals!!!
Last Updated: Dec 26, 2012, 03:52:46 am
First Created: Apr 13, 2010, 02:04:01 am
File version: 0.54
For DF version: Multiple
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I was disappointed that I couldn't use Beefmo's graphics this version, as there are no healthcare professions. Well, I fixed that.

Here is Beefmo's dwarves, goblins, elves, humans and kolbolds.png, along with the graphics.txt files set for the new professions.

A preview of the new dwarves:


From left to right:

Top: Arsenal dwarf, chief medical dwarf, ghost dwarf(having problems displaying), armorsmith, weaponsmith.
Second row: Militia commander, militia captain, general, lieutenant, captain.
Third row: Diagnostician, suturer, surgeon, bone doctor, and general doctor.
Bottom: Shearer, spinner, potter, glazer, presser, beekeeper, wax worker.

New format!



Got tired of trying to find where each of the graphics were in the old format. Now I can find what ones I'm missing faster! Also, I filled out the missing and duplicate positions for dwarves, humans, and goblins, and the missing domesticated animals. The Chicken, Pig and trained horses were taken from Ranting Rodent's pack, and the Reindeer, Sheep, Cavy and Rabbit from Phoebus's pack. If I've forgotten any others, let me know.

I'm still having trouble getting the militia lieutenants and fortress guard sprites to show up in my fort. They just look like regular army. Let me know in the forum thread if you have similar problems. I don't have a fix yet, but if it's just me, it's not a big deal. If it's not just me, it might be a DF bug, or I screwed up somewhere (most likely the latter). Also, I've never gotten any land holders in my previous fort, so I haven't been able to test the army leaders. let me know if you have any problems.

Also included is some work on the elven military, and their undead counterparts.


The elephant, snake and crow masks were originally made by Taritus and modified to fit. The alligator I found among Beefmo's stuff.

Note: This is 99% me cutting, pasting and recoloring pieces of Beefmo's original set. Beefmo, I love your work, and I'm sad you haven't continued it, forcing amateurs like me to try and match you. :-D

You can give me input on my work here:

Version info:
V0.54: Completed Large Temperate and Large Tundra animals, most of which originally came from Doren, and arena tested for DF V0.34.11. Happy Holidays!

V0.53: Added more animals, and tested for DF V0.34.07.

V0.52: Was, for some reason, crashing when I tried to load a world. Hopefully, this should fix it.

V0.51: Some bug fixes found by Phoebus. Also, Penguins!

V0.5: New format! Complete Dwarves, Humans and Goblins! Complete Domestic critters!

V0.41: Here's the new professions!

V0.40: Some undead elves as well as the forest and druid guards have been made. Also fixed the newbeasts not displaying correctly problem. Also, clear PNGs!

V0.32: Now with new flavor! You can choose between BMP and PNG! Just delete the .txt file you don't want to use.

V0.31: I miscounted the line that the military leaders are on, and such they had only black squares. Sorry, and fixed.

V0.3: Added paladin style army leaders, and also new graphics for the armorer and weaponsmith, because I got tired of having to (v)iew them in order to know which was which.

V0.2: Put in militia commanders and captains. Started doing previews with black backgrounds, because it gives a better sense of how they look in game, and magenta makes my eyes burn.

V0.13: Borged the underground beasties from Magnut. You have been assimilated. Also corrected the more literal bone doctor bug. (That is to say, a purple skeleton instead of the doctor sprite.) I swear, the next update will be militia.

V0.12: Added the animals from Mike Mayday's DFG to the pack. With permission, of course. :-) Thanks to Mayday and Sphr!

V0.11: I forgot to replace FORTRESS_GUARD and ROYAL_GUARD with LAW_ENFORCE and TAX_ESCORT. Fixed. Also put in preview.

V0.1: First upload.
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