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File Listing: Direforged Original
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020, 03:57:39 pm
First Created: Apr 11, 2010, 12:47:00 pm
File version: 47.0X preliminary
For DF version: 0.47.03
Downloads: 475 (4,378) Size: 1.27 MB
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Direforged Original (preliminary release)

The Chaos Age has passed. Whether it has lasted millennia or centuries, few can say, as historical records are few and incomplete, and civilization as it once was has crumbled during the Chaos Age. Only now, at the dawn of a new age, do the people of the world set out again to colonize the savage wilds, to reclaim what was lost to time and tide. Hamlets once again grow into cities, and towers of the dark forces rise high again as well. Mystic chants and fey trickery fill the woods, and picks and shovels once more strike the earth in search of ore.

A world has been forged through a dire age. An age that led to elves devouring their foes and goblins worshiping demons. An age that saw the emergence of the undead itarin and the rise of the Carmine Court from a minor fey court to a great force. An age that people like the humans, aurides, and encars barely survived. Now, the world passes into a new age. In which way will this new age reforge the world?

Direforged Original (renamed to avoid confusion with Forgotten Realms Direforged, which includes content from Direforged Original) is a mod that aims to add a great variety of all objects to Dwarf Fortress. The current release for Dwarf Fortress version 0.47.0X+ contains:
* A new fortress-playable race, activated through an options file
* New industries - cut logs into planks in the sawmill, or seek magical aid the Halls of Light and Flame or the Alchemist's Lab; new reactions for the kitchen, the still, and the smelter; and usable scale and chitin.
* Decorative workshops - have statues or pedestals hold your artifacts in your rooms.
* New items - your dwarves can now wield the ball and chain, get skewered with tridents, or put sharp fans into weapon traps. Direforged adds a total of 8 weapons, 7 pieces of armor, and 3 trap components for all races, along with new toys and tools.
* Fifteen new crops and their products - brew starberry wine, extract ocular essence from eyestalk colonies, and smoke coalhollows into coal tubes. Beyond that you'll find eleven new trees and a new underground grass.
* New inorganic materials - two ores with their metals, two alloys, and flarestone - be careful when digging it, but it is a good fuel. And then there's magic light...
* Five major new civilizations, many with their own languages - meet and trade with the Golden Folk, the wurad, and the reptilian encar, protect your fortress against the hobgoblins and the fey of the carmine court. Not to forget the lyroakas and the Deep Evils...
* Create many objects in adventure mode thanks to Lofn's Wanderer's Friend mod, from backpacks to your own weapons.
* Cast magic spells as an adventurer, if you can find or make an arcane rod. Spells of light, fire, nature, and water await!
* About 33 new beasts, 9 new vermin, and 20 megabeasts, semimegabeasts, and night creatures threaten or help your fortress and adventurer - the domestic shellok provides shells and eggs, the oshkras and frost wyverns freeze with their breath, and the dew spider webs provide alcohol. The gods keep the secrets of slaughterwar undeath and vermancy for those they deem worthy, and curse others to roam about as a wendigo. Nine more creatures exist only as fanciful art images... for now.

The mod comes with a manual detailing all of the new contents. No third party utilities are required to run the mod.
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