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File Listing: Phoebus' BMP Graphic Set (Pre-Installed Package)
Last Updated: May 03, 2010, 06:11:39 pm
First Created: Apr 05, 2010, 08:41:40 pm
File version: 1.7.3
For DF version: 0.31.03
Downloads: 3,704 (9,485) Size: 6.5 MB
Views: 13,335 (21,684) Type: ZIP
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This package is severely outdated, use the PNG Graphic Sets instead.

* Remember to update your savegames *
After updating the game, run DF_savegame_updater.bat to update your savegames, then play the game.

Graphic Packages:
PNG Graphic Set (Pre-installed package)
PNG Graphic Set (Package without game)
PNG Graphic Set for Linux (Pre-installed package)

Packages containing Phoebus' PNG Graphic Set:
Lazy Newb Pack

Old Packages for v0.31.03:
-> BMP Graphic Set (Pre-installed package) <-
BMP Graphic Set (Package without game)
BMP Unit graphics without background

Mirror of all files on MediaFire

*Updated* v1.7.3
The default font is now Phosasam (a modified version of Bisasam's font with rescaled Phssthpok's numbers.)
I changed the stone layers' symbols.
I changed the masterpiece/rough gem/web symbol.
I fixed the Black Bear Bug.
I fixed the Granite color problem (it's now dark grey/dark grey instead of light grey/black.)
I dropped the solid tileset style (till the merge.)

*Updated* v1.7.1
The default tileset now uses the old dithering style for stone tiles. The new graphic style is available as Phoebus_16x16_Solid.bmp and Phoebus_16x16_Guybrush_Solid.bmp .
The "Dwarf Fortress Savegame RAW Updater" batch utility has been added to both full packages. Run df_savegame_updater.bat to use it.
A Unit Pack with fully transparent background has been added to the list of download.

*Updated* v1.7
Changed the stone, sand and soil layers from symbols to fully graphic tiles. (No more dithering)
Unit graphic tiles now have a solid background color with a transparent outline around the unit.
Reduced the ground dithering by 50%.
Added new shrub and sprout tiles for underground plants.
Redesigned and added transparency to Doors and Hatches.
Reforged the river/road tiles.
Added Sphr's warthogs to the unit set.
Restored obsidian to it's default color.
Fixed the elf unit graphics.
Fixed the camel unit graphics. (Removed Sphr's camel unit graphics.)


1. Install the 'Pre-Installed Package', or patch your current installation with the Package w/o game.

2. Copy the base /raw/ folder over your old savegames /raw/ folders.

3. Delete your old /data/init/init.txt and rename the init.phoebus.txt to init.txt.


*in construction*
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SHA-256: abeeab3ea5765f9607ac86bebe093cccb8462e3ad56b682336a27bcbcd2353fb
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