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File Listing: [0.31.03] Genesis Mod [v.1.73]
Last Updated: May 15, 2010, 07:58:14 am
First Created: Apr 05, 2010, 02:55:02 am
File version: 1.73
For DF version: 0.31.03
Downloads: 284 (2,062) Size: 699.5 KB
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>>> Genesis Mod Forum Thread <<<
Please comment and share ideas.

- V. 1.73: fixed hercinia/crow graphics; added psychiatrist noble.
- V. 1.72: fixed ants' heads; cave tortoises can breed; added display case building.
- V. 1.71: serpentfolk can open doors now (fix); mayors no longer make mandates/demands; added critters: rhinos, giraffes, eagles.
- V. 1.7: added critters: sand antlions, giant ants, dire wolves, silver foxes; added domesticated cave tortoises; every race has its own language now; tweaks to nail/tooth materials.
- V. 1.61: major plant tweak; manual (with plants' stats).
- V. 1.6: new critters: skunk, crow, hercinia, firebird; semimegabeasts: deep crow; creature: serpentfolk (4 castes); entity: snakemen; graphics for cave animalmen. Additional castes for goblinoids (orcs, orc shamans, orc witch-doctors).
- V. 1.5: dwarves have different castes now, all with unique stats; anubites in deserts (animal people); furniture workshop (dismantles wood/rock furniture, makes rock beds); more library options; most new plants have more "easy" names, with "grain"/"grass"/"flower" added for people to easier understand what do they grow; stone/gem graphics changed to less "iconic" style; new vermin/plant tiles.
- V. 1.45: blacklung is much less deadly; rabbits give meat when butchered (fix); boars can be trained into war boars; quadruped creatures missing joints got them.
- V. 1.4: added ferrets, boars, turkeys, leechs, minnows; plump helmet men breathe paralyzing spores; all races have different hairstyles; graphics' problems fixed; "hero" dwarves may be born.
- V. 1.3: fixes some Nord problems, adds cave carps and niths, and a swimming pool.
- V. 1.2: adds new workshops; graphical fixes (graphics for vultures and buzzards; abberrations' graphics are fixed); dark dwarves as an underground race; also stones/gems tiles are reworked and are accompanied with an appropriate character set for better visual experience.
- V. 1.1: renamed some bodyparts for mod compatibility; graphics for 2/3 of "new underground" critters, mammoth and rabits graphics fixed, new gem golems.
- V. 1.0 : Graphics.
- V. 09 : adds Ezrakim elves civilization; Critters: sand lion, jackal, monitor lizard, ghoul, swamp troll, gargoyle; megabeasts: red dragon, frost wyrm, wyvern.
- V. 086 : adds training dummies.
- V. 085 : adds healthcare mod (by me :D); two new workshops to train crutchwalking and medical skills.
- V.08 : adds white lion, rabbit, mammoth, mountain lion, mummy, balor.
- V.07 fixes vanilla bugs (feathers are on wings now, meat is cookable etc.) and adds new spiders for aboveground biomes. 07b fixes spider bites and adds a new underground undead-like creature "lost adventurer".

If you remember, Genesis Mod for 40d was a mod which created subraces of humans and elves and added race-specific items and heavy flavor. Also it added a bunch of new creatures to populate the world

With the new vesion the field of modding is vastly increased.

Human races: wesman, norman, osman. They depict european/viking/japanese cultural "popular" models.
Wesmans have common medieval weapons; they are ruled by a king who commands warlords, leutenants, captains and taskmasters.
Normans are golden-haired big strong people who live in tundra and glaciers and have superior axes and hammers. They are ruled by king who commands thanes, huskarls and foremans.
Osmans live in jungle and savanna, they have superior swords. bows, lamellar armor, kimono and stuff, they are ruled by emperor who commands shoguns, samurai, ronins and ashigaru.

Elven races: sylvan elves, dusk elves.
Sylvan elves are wild beasts living in trees and using wood items.
Dusk elves live in stone towers they build in woods and they use strong and durable weapons and armor and deadly crescent arrows.

Goblin races: goblin, barghest
Goblin - a common evil goblinoid
Barghest - a bigger goblinoid covered in thick fur.

Since .04 the mod features all Chariot's new plants and trees (150 new plants and 76 new trees total).
Also it uses Lofn's idea of coal dust causing black lung, so now when you dig into bituminous coal/lignite your miner can catch lung diseases, and careful with mining galena: lead poisoning may occur
Also this mod features new underground overly dangerous critters: beholder, illithid, umber hulk and gelatinous cube.
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 [0.31.01] Genesis Mod [v.1.1] (v 1.1)  » posted by Caesar on Apr 15, 2010, 10:53:25 am
You may want to update the version number in the title.
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 [0.31.03] Genesis Mod [v.1.1] (v 1.1)  » posted by Deon on Apr 15, 2010, 12:19:38 pm
Thank you, I totally forgot to rename the mod name according to the game version.

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