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File Listing: Kobold Camp 2010
Last Updated: Apr 06, 2010, 07:34:37 am
First Created: Apr 03, 2010, 02:27:55 pm
File version: 0.3 ALPHA
For DF version: 0.31.01
Downloads: 971 (1,020) Size: 5.4 MB
Views: 3,367 (3,519) Type: RAR
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Well, this is the initial Kobold Camp version for DF2010. Come to the forum thread here.

Special Thanks / Contributors
lofn - Made fur and fur bedding for the new version.Also made the idea for silver / lead poisoning due to mining.
Deon - Allowed me to steal silver / lead poisoning from his mod. Download his amazing mods here.
Chariot - Allowed me to integrate his amazing mods into this one. Download his wide variety of brilliant mods here.
Warlord255 - Provided the numbers on how to make weapon-able stones.
Kaelem Gaen - Made the land owning and military nobles.

0.3 ALPHA:
  • Gave kobbs more nobles, including military and religious ones.
  • Allowed kobbs to do more interesting things during world gen, although that mainly amounts to them getting slaughtered in the hundreds.
  • Due to popular demand, changed ITEM_THIEF in the kobold's entity file to BABYSNATCHER and gave the ITEM_THIEF tag to elves. This also means that goblins trade with kobbs.
  • Integrated Deon's Dangerous Mining and Chariot's Botany and Angler Mods.
  • Added the ability to make weapons from chert.
  • Made goblins a bit more fecund.
0.21 ALPHA:
  • Added a variety of weapons to the kobolds. All, except slings, are [CAN_STONE].
  • Kobbs can make and use slings.
0.2 ALPHA:
  • Added a good few nobles, thanks to Kaelem Gaen.
  • Added fur, fur bedding and a workshop to make it in, thanks to lofn!
0.165 ALPHA:
  • •Added a toy to the kobold's toymaking, and changed their meals to be more... Fitting.
0.16 ALPHA:
  • Added [CAN_SPEAK] and [INTELLIGENT] to kobolds.
  • Added woodcutting "choppers", which you can make from stone.
0.15 ALPHA:
  • Made kobolds civ and indiv controllable.
  • Made kobolds more prolific in terms of children born, and age at which children grow up. Found the relevant size-increase. Can anyone point me to anything else that changes based on age?
  • Added a bunch of jobs to the kobold's civ identity. ( Carpenter, bowyer, woodcutter, brewer, fisherman, fish cleaner, cook, bone setter, suturer, surgeon, trader, architect, hunter, leatherworker. )
  • Added the ability to tan leather to the kobold's civ identity.
  • Added shovels, to enable kobolds to mine.
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