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File Listing: Flarechannel Save, Year 500
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2010, 08:26:26 pm
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This is the saved game for Flarechannel, year 500.
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I uploaded year 500 because two interesting things are happening at this exact point in time.
First, Catten and the Eagle are both still alive. I recruited Catten and stationed him on top of the Temple of the Sun, and saved once the Eagle caught up to him. This way people can see if they can figure out what might be going on between the two. If there is an explanation, let me know!

Also, at the top of the Temple of the Sun is a poor mason who somehow was teleported on top of the Sun Diagram while working. There were never any stairs or ramps, so this is clearly a bug. He and Catten are the only people who I know this has happened to, although Catten somehow escaped leaving behind his clothes while this current mason is in the process of dying.

The save game should be centered above Catten, and if you want to check out the mason just go up a z-level and slightly to the right.

Anther upload will follow when and if I finish my current underground project.

Also - Adventure mode is somewhat unplayable in this area due to the excess of items everywhere, but feel free to explore that way.
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