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File Listing: The Aeramore Expansion Mod V7.1[50.x][Steam/Itch]
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023, 02:56:12 pm
First Created: Dec 14, 2022, 10:30:40 am
File version: 7.1
For DF version: 50.06
Downloads: 201 (695) Size: 4.29 MB
Views: 867 (2,518) Type: ZIP
Rating (0 votes): Unrated
Welcome to the Aeramore Expansion.
This mod takes in the Vanilla concept and adds more spice, culture, and FUN to the game. New Races, Beasts, Weapons, Secrets, Destruction, Chaos, and so much more that is listed below! When you chose to use this mod, make sure you are
either playing on a Medium or Large map if you want the full fun experience of all races, and if you wish to experience all
Secrets that there is to know, you may need to use Advanced World Creation to raise the number of secrets. It's your choice..
but beware.. this world might seem nice, simple, and full of life, but deep down inside, its dangerous. So have fun! This mod also allows you to play as all races except for the Cave related races! Difficulty wise for this Mod, I would say it can be difficult, easy at times with all the new things, but also dangerously hard at other times.

The full set of info can be found on
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