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File Listing: Dwarvemon Mod
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2023, 07:09:33 am
First Created: Nov 22, 2022, 02:23:39 am
File version: 50.2.19
For DF version: 50.06
Downloads: 113 (259) Size: 2.01 MB
Views: 842 (1,764) Type: ZIP
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Welcome to the world of Pokemon. This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon! For some people Pokemon are pets. Others use them for fights. Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits!

A mod that adds Pokemon and Pokemon related stuff.

* 905 Pokemon (Gen 9 to be done).
* Evolution.
* Abilities.
* Legendary Megabeasts.
* Mythical Semi-Megabeasts.
* Status conditions (syndromes).
* Berries/plants.
* Items.
* All kinds of Pokemon related FUN.

For playing with Pokemon only (base):
Vanilla Creatures
Vanilla Creatures Graphics
Remove subterranean entity (For preventing errors with Vanilla Creatures disabled)

For playing with Pokemon only (PMD):
Vanilla Creatures
Vanilla Creatures Graphics
Vanilla Entities

Recent changes:

+ Totem Trevenant & Lucario
+ Alternatives for making sugar. Done at a kitchen using cooking with a bag and one of:
* Barley (plant)
* Coconut palm (wood)
* Date palm (wood)
* Maple (wood)
+ Optional mods in extra (Move from extra into mods folder)
* Disable WerePokemon: Removes WerePokemon from the game who spawn regardless of were curses.
* Cheat Workshop: Adds a workshop for creating every item in the mod for free. Generally used for testing things.
* Cheat Workshop (TCG): Adds TCG content to the Cheat Workshop.
* Cheat Workshop (PMD): Adds PMD content to the Cheat Workshop.
Note: All 3 include files for adding to other entities.

- Iron Chunk reactions shows the ore it uses
- Fixed Cheek Pouch not working with damage resist berries
- Added some more restrictions to Ditto's transform
- Fixed some Pokemon with missing / broken evolution
- Balanced some item values
- Lemonade now requires a bag of dwarven sugar and 3 sour berries
- Adjusted some plant growth durations
- Changed ability to revive to be once within 3 months
- Fixed some incorrect graphics
- Made Hisuian Pokemon appear in groups of just them


+ Pixie Gummi (Found in good biomes. Preferred by Fairy types)

- Grasp given in some way (head / tail) to all Pokemon so they should be playable now
- Disabled secretion to stop the constant "clean self"
- Enabled melting points for fire immunity (I honestly don't remember why these where disabled)
- Fixed single gender / genderless Pokemon so they spawn
* Note that you may see a male/female, but it should be extremely unlikely (1 in 999 trillion)
- Made some evo items work and added missing ones, should be fixed / updated in general
* Harmony scarf and Enemy Evolve / Devolve Orbs now lasts for 10 days and picks equally random for multiple evolutions
* Devolve / Evolve Orbs can target both wild and civs now
- Seeds made not edible to prevent accidental consumption. They become edible when turned into ammo
- Throwable item reaction for adventure mode
- Included siege ammo and trap comps for entities
- Rebalanced aquatic Pokemon land speed to make them a bit faster (and less unbearable to play. They generally arn't as fast as land dwellers, but its relative to their speed stat)
- Made items that come from wild Pokemon actually be there
- Included graphics for orbs, wands, and boosts being applied (this can still be a bit buggy actually showing)
- Updated portrait graphics
- Included translation file (uses human) to fix no name bug
- Changed KILL_ANIMAL ethic to be ACCEPTABLE
- Added LITTERSIZE:1:1
Raw Data: JSON / Text
Checksum / Hash
SHA-256: 42db168ff6df5aa11d0aaa5f75e5da4e5bb7d81f9c612c9195f9dcd4fab214c0
IP: logged
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