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File Listing: Dwarvemon Mod (no graphics)
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024, 12:17:45 am
First Created: Nov 22, 2022, 02:23:39 am
File version: 50.2.21
For DF version: 50.12
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Welcome to the world of Pokemon. This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon! For some people Pokemon are pets. Others use them for fights. Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits!

A mod that adds Pokemon and Pokemon related stuff.

* 1025 Pokemon.
* Evolution.
* Abilities.
* Legendary Megabeasts.
* Mythical Semi-Megabeasts.
* Status conditions (syndromes).
* Berries/Plants.
* Items.
* All kinds of Pokemon related FUN.

For playing with Pokemon only (base):
Vanilla Creatures
Vanilla Creatures Graphics
Remove subterranean entity (For preventing errors with Vanilla Creatures disabled)

For playing with Pokemon only (PMD):
Vanilla Creatures
Vanilla Creatures Graphics
Vanilla Entities

Recent changes:

- Fixed Pokemon that where shearable but unspinnable
- Added [ANTLER] where missing
- Megabeast Pokemon not meant to attack in fortress mode now shouldn't


- Chilan Berry whistle, Enigma Berry, and Rowap Berry top reactions now available
- Added instrument / musical form generation


+ Pokemon (9th gen):
Sprigatito (Overgrow)
Floragato (Overgrow)
Meowscarada (Overgrow)
Fuecoco (Blaze)
Crocalor (Blaze)
Skeledirge (Blaze)
Quaxly (Torrent)
Quaxwell (Torrent)
Quaquaval (Torrent)
Lechonk (Gluttony)
Oinkologne (Male: Lingering Aroma / Female: Gluttony) Prevents use of abilities
Tarountula (Insomnia)
Spidops (Insomnia)
Nymble (Swarm)
Lokix (Swarm)
Pawmi (Static)
Pawmo (Volt Absorb)
Pawmot (Volt Absorb)
Tandemaus (Run Away)
Maushold (Friend Guard)
Fidough (Own Tempo) Common domestic
Dachsbun (Well-Baked Body) Has FIREIMMUNE, material HEATDAM_POINT of 11800 U (1000 C 1832 F), no IGNITE_POINT, melting point of magma, and toughness is boosted by Fire type moves
Smoliv (Early Bird)
Dolliv (Early Bird) Common domestic
Arboliva (Seed Sower) Summons Grassy Terrain in combat
Squawkabilly (Hustle)
Nacli (Purifying Salt) Immune to status effects
Naclstack (Purifying Salt)
Garganacl (Purifying Salt)
Charcadet (Flash Fire)
Armarouge (Flash Fire)
Ceruledge (Flash Fire)
Tadbulb (Own Tempo)
Bellibolt (Electromorphosis) 25% chance to double strength in combat
Wattrel (Wind Power) Doubles strength when hit by a wind move
Kilowattrel (Wind Power)
Maschiff (Intimidate)
Mabosstiff (Guard Dog) Intimidation increases strength by 200. Immune to switch / flee moves and items.
Shroodle (Prankster)
Grafaiai (Prankster)
Paldean Tauros (Anger Point)
Bramblin (Wind Rider) Increases strength by 200 when hit by a wind move
Brambleghast (Wind Rider)
Toedscool (Mycelium Might) Status moves ignore abilities
Toedscruel (Mycelium Might)
Klawf (Anger Shell) Has PRONE_TO_RAGE. 25% chance in combat to have tougness decrease by 400 but have strength increase by 400, agility by 200 and speed by 10%
Capsakid (Chlorophyll)
Scovillain (Chlorophyll)
Rellor (Compound Eyes)
Rabsca (Synchronize)
Flittle (Speed Boost)
Espathra (Speed Boost)
Tinkatink (Own Tempo)
Tinkatuff (Own Tempo)
Tinkaton (Own Tempo)
Wiglett (Rattled)
Wugtrio (Rattled)
Bombirdier (Rocky Payload) Rock-type moves get 50% extra velocity
Finizen (Water Veil)
Palafin (Zero to Hero) Transforms into Hero Form in combat
Varoom (Overcoat)
Revavroom (Overcoat)
Cyclizar (Regenerator) Common domestic
Orthworm (Earth Eater) Is healed from Ground-type moves
Glimmet (Corrosion)
Glimmora (Corrosion)
Greavard (Fluffy)
Houndstone (Fluffy)
Flamigo (Tangled Feet)
Cetoddle (Thick Fat)
Cetitan (Thick Fat)
Veluza (Sharpness) Edged moves get 50% extra velocity
Dondozo (Oblivious)
Tatsugiri (Commander) Can raise a Dondozo's strength and toughness / speed by 800/400 (20%) for 1 month
Annihilape (Vital Spirit) Evolves from Primape with a 20% chance in combat
Paldean Wooper (Water Absorb)
Clodsire (Water Absorb)
Farigiraf (Sap Sipper)
Dudunsparce (Run Away)
Kingambit (Defiant)
Great Tusk (Protosynthesis) Sunlight boosts the highest stat by 30% (50% if speed)
Scream Tail (Protosynthesis)
Brute Bonnet (Protosynthesis)
Sandy Shocks (Protosynthesis)
Iron Treads (Quark Drive) Electric Terrain boosts the highest stat by 30% (50% if speed)
Iron Bundle (Quark Drive)
Iron Hands (Quark Drive)
Iron Jugulis (Quark Drive)
Iron Moth (Quark Drive)
Iron Thorns (Quark Drive)
Frigibax (Thermal Exchange) Strength increases by 200 when hit by a Fire-type move and is immune to burned
Arctibax (Thermal Exchange)
Baxcalibur (Thermal Exchange)
Gimmighoul (Chest Form: Rattled / Roaming Form: Run Away)
Gholdengo (Good as Gold) Immune to status moves
Wo-Chien (Tablets of Ruin) Reduces all Pokemon's strength by 25%
Chien-Pao (Sword of Ruin) Reduces all Pokemon's toughness by 25%
Ting-Lu (Vessel of Ruin) Reduces all Pokemon's strength by 25%
Chi-Yu (Beads of Ruin) Reduces all Pokemon's toughness by 25%
Roaring Moon (Protosynthesis)
Iron Valiant (Quark Drive)
Koraidon (Orichalcum Pulse) Turns weather to sun and strength is boosted by 33% in sunlight
Miraidon (Hadron Engine) Creates electric terrain and strength is boosted by 33% by electric terrain
Walking Wake (Protosynthesis)
Iron Leaves (Quark Drive)
Dipplin (Supersweet Syrup) Reduces evasion by one stage to all nearby creatures
Poltchageist (Hospitality) Can heal as a greeting
Sinistcha (Hospitality)
Okidogi (Toxic Chain) Moves have a chance to badly poison
Munkidori (Toxic Chain)
Fezandipiti (Toxic Chain)
Ogerpon (Teal Mask: Defiant / Wellspring Mask: Water Absorb / Hearthflame Mask: Mold Breaker / Cornerstone Mask: Sturdy)
Archaludon (Stamina)
Hydrapple (Supersweet Syrup)
Gouging Fire (Protosynthesis)
Raging Bolt (Protosynthesis)
Iron Boulder (Quark Drive)
Iron Crown (Quark Drive)
Terapagos (Normal: Tera Shift / Terastal: Tera Shell / Stellar: Teraform Zero) Transforms into its Terastal Form in combat. Damage is reduced by half for a short time after transforming. Weather is cleared and prevents terrain / weather moves.
Pecharunt (Poison Puppeteer) Poison also causes confusion

+ Variant Pokemon:
Bloodmoon Ursaluna (Mind's Eye) Moves are quicker to prepare and skill rolls can't be lowered

+ Items:
* Ability Shield: Made with an iron bar and shield at a metalsmith's forge (using armorsmithing). Protects Pokemon from ability nullifying effects
* Booster Energy: Made with a steel bar, Electric Seed, and a Heat Rock at craft workshop (using metal crafting). Activates Protosynthesis / Quark Drive
* Clear Amulet: Made with a piece of thread and cut clear glass at a craft workshop (using glassmaking). Makes Pokemon immune to stat reducing moves / abilities. Can be worn as an amulet
* Covert Cloak: Made from a cloak and a Ghost Gem at a clothier's shop (using clothes making). Protects Pokemon from additional effects of moves
* Mochi: Made with a certain stat-reducing berry, 5 rice, and a bucket of water at a kitchen (using cooking). Increases an attribute by 100
Health (Pomeg, endurance & recuperation)
Muscle (Kelpsy, strength)
Resist (Qualot, toughness)
Genius (Hondew, strength)
Clever (Grepa, toughness)
Swift (Tamato, agility)
Fresh-Start (1 of each) currently non functional
* Binding Mochi: Dropped by Pecharunt. Boosts strength by 10% but causes erratic behaviour and reduces their willpower to 0. Also changes a creature's personality to be more greedy and draw out their deepest desires
* Fairy Feather: Made with a Fairy Gem and a Pretty Feather at a craft workshop (using stone crafting). Boosts Fairy types by 20%
* Loaded Dice: Made with an iron bar and a die at a craft workshop (using stone crafting). Increases a Pokemon's skill rolls by 25%
* Punching Glove: Made with a glove and 3 pieces of cloth at a craft workshop (using clothes making). Increases a Pokemon's strength by 10% if it has a punching move
* Tera Orb: Made with a Ball Capsule and 5 Stellar Tera Shards at a craft workshop (using glassmaking). Allows the use of Tera Shards
* Tera Shard: Found rarely anywhere. Increases a Pokemon's strength by 50% when used with a Tera Orb.
* Stellar Tera Shard: Found within Tera Shards. Increases all types of Pokemon's strength by 50% when used with a Tera Orb.
+ Evolution:
* Auspicious Armor: Made with a Fire and Psychic Gem and an iron breastplate at a metalsmith's forge (using armorsmithing). Evolves Charcadet into Armarouge
* Gimmighoul Coin. Dropped from Roaming Form Gimmighoul. Use 1000 to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo
* Malicious Armor: Made with a Fire and Ghost Gem and an iron breastplate at a metalsmith's forge (using armorsmithing). Evolves Charcadet into Ceruledge
* Leader's Crest: Dropped from Bisharp. Evolves Bisharp into Kingambit
* Scroll of Darkness / Waters: Made with a Dark / Water Gem, scroll rollers, and 1 sheet of paper at a craft workshop (using bookbinding). Evolves Kubfu into Single / Rapid Strike Style
* Syrupy Apple: Found in any temperate biome (no tree). Evolves Applin into Dipplin. Can be brewed into syrupy apple cider
* Unremarkable/Masterpiece Teacup (25%): Made from ceramic material (clay) at a kiln (using pottery). Used to evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha
* Metal Alloy: Made from 1 steel, nickel, and lead bar at a metalsmith's forge (using metal crafting). Used to evolve Duraludon into Archaludon
+ Plants:
* Herba Mystica: Found very rarely anywhere. Increases a Pokemon's size by ~5x along with other effects. Use all of them together to change Koraidon / Miraidon into their powered up form
Sweet (reduces nausea)
Bitter (cures infections and increases disease resistance by 1000)
Salty (reduces pain and heals nerves)
Sour (gives NO_SLEEP and NOEXERT for 1 month along with a happy thought)
Spicy (cures infections and gives NOEXERT for 10 days)
* Mirror Herb: Found rarely anywhere. Can be brewed into Mirror beer
+ Special:
* Masks: Made with an adamantine wafer and a certain type Tera Shard at a craft workshop (using stone crafting). Changes Ogerpon into different mask forms
Teal Mask (Grass)
Wellspring Mask (Water)
Hearthflame Mask (Fire)
Cornerstone Mask (Rock)

+ Graphics is now part of the main mod
Workshop graphics
Vermin graphics
Pokemon + gender difference
Variants / Interactions
* Alpha
* Shadow
* Totem
* Noble
* Dynamax
* Pokerus
* Z-Powered

- Added reaction for turning large gems into small ones (Done at a crafts workshop for free. Use a feeder stockpile to do specific gems)
- Included entity reactions for PMD and TCG
- Fixed some incorrect graphics
- Weak Armor lowers Toughness instead of Strength
- Max Elixir no longer requires a spray bottle
- Dire Hit now also requires 2 Direshrooms
- Added graphic for Skarmory wing
- Added feeling apathy to Pokerus
- Increased Macho Brace value to 200
- Corrected Grit Pebble's value 80 > 8
- Changed Tumblestone balls value 3 > 15, 8 > 20, and 16 > 30
- Green & Pink Aprijuice now increases strength by 150 and not 50%
- Ethers now increase endurance by % and not flat
- Fixed Noble Spiritomb
- Low Sweep now reduces speed
- Berry dye reagents now say the berry name
- Pokemon with fish item equivalents now usable / spawnable
- Changed fishable Pokemon to be a variant
- Big root now works as intended
- Alpha Pokemon can no longer be common domestic
- Fightinium Z reaction now appears
- Corrected Leftovers value 20 > 2
- Gave vanilla entities the Make Magmarizer / Electirizer reactions
- Poke Beanstalk seeds require the previous phase seed to make
- Dynamax now has a display name
- Shadow Pokemon added as a condition for arena
- Changed were Pokemon to be an extra. Being disabled by default (due to graphics not being able to be cut)
- Zygarde Cell / Core moved to vermin
- Fixed material on some Pokemon (mostly Dragon types) who are FIREIMMUNE and FIREIMMUNE_SUPER to not take damage from normal fire
- Made some items actually get stockpiled
- Alpha / Noble transformations now work
- Hisuian Decidueye can now be Z Powered
- Arena restricted some castes which are essentially identical
- Fixed workshop work locations
- Fixed materials like blood on those who modify temperature of them

= Removed Wooper and Surskit as fish items


- Added [CHILD:0] tag to prevent buggy children appearing
- Reduced price of Emeras 100 > 10
- Portrait updates
- Weather items now requires a Damp Rock
- Revive All Orb requires one more cut clear glass
- Made all PMD Pokemon have a minimum gait of 10 kph (6 mph)
- Alpha is now effected by evolve / devolve orbs (Noble is immune by design)
- [STRANGE_MOODS] given to all fully evolved starters and Steel types
- Fixed some common tags across all Pokemon that prevented them from being played / spawning
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