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File Listing: File 16143: WITCHER
Last Updated: Nov 06, 2022, 06:00:31 pm
File version: 1.0
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 233 Size: 682.1 KB
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A total conversion mod that turns Dwarf Fortress into the world of the Witcher. This is the 0.47.05 version.


- Fully translated Witcher languages in DF, including Elder Speech, Dwarvish, Common, and Gnomish.

- Over 70 unique creatures and plants from the Witcher universe recreated in DF, from basilisks to golems to higher vampires.

- Lore-friendly materials like thunderbolt steel (meteorite steel mentioned to be a prime sword material)

- Unique cultures reflecting Witcher ones, including Scoitael, Aen Seidhe, Nordling Humans, Nilfgaardian Humans, druids, dryads, witchers and more.

- Fully functional Witcher potion and toxicity system. Non-Witchers experience deadly side effects when taking most potions, while Witchers must choose the best 3 potions for a task or else run the risk of overdose.

- Magic and sorcery, from functional Witcher signs to the creation of magical golems

- Functioning "Trial of Grasses" system for Witcher civs; use the "Sad Albert" table to expose male humans to a gas that may transform them into Witchers... or lead them to die choking on their own blood.

... and more!
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