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File Listing: Relentless Assault Mod[Repack:40d+Graphics+Addons]
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2009, 05:55:57 am
File version: 1.1
For DF version:
Downloads: 303 Size: 17.19 MB
Views: 1,907 Type: RAR
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This is a Relentless Assault mod 1.1 with graphics (tileset from SFE, major races from Ranting Rodent, creatures from Sphr, other races by Chariot).

It also features:
1) Uncut/deblock mod (Metalax). You can buy only blocks/cut gems from merchants, but with this mod you can turn them in raw material for moods.
2) Economical stones (Sean Mirrsen). Every stone may be toggled on/off for constructions/craft in the "z" menu.
3) Additional creatures (Deon). Just a bunch of creatures by me, they are not gamebreaking or overly weak, various undead and fantasy beings for fun. All are playtested.
4) Stonebed mod (Deon). You can turn any stone to a bed in a smelter, in case you lack wood or want your dwarves to sleep on stones. However such bed has a low value.
5) Elfcoal mod (Deon). You can burn any wooden armor pieces/weapons to charcoal in a smelter. Way to dispose of those elven belongings with a productivity.
6) Fishing industry (Deon). A very early version of my mod, currently it just adds liver oil to some fishes (codfish[new], sharks), caviar (black caviar for sturgeon and red caviar for salmon), adds a "dwarf wedgemussel" (because I like it :D) and a codfish (for cod liver oil), plus a few more extracts from mussels and such. Not a lot but still you should be able to process your fish better and have more food products.

Also I've gone through all the raws and assigned special tiles to all the vermins so birds look like birds, flies as flies etc. (they are in SFE tileset, which was modified by me because I've added a few more tiles like a tile for small mammal vermins).

These small mods almost do not alter the gameplay, just add small useful things.

It comes shipped with DF Companion, DF Tweak, Dwarf Manager, Stonesense and Spellcraft (allows to encrust magical gems into things to generate mist, turn corpses in zombies, regenerate organs etc.).
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