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File Listing: Warlocks: Soulforged [47.05] V0.11
Last Updated: Jul 01, 2022, 10:57:56 pm
First Created: Jun 25, 2022, 08:47:01 pm
File version: 0.11
For DF version: 0.47.05
Downloads: 147 (176) Size: 225.27 MB
Views: 652 (774) Type: ZIP
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Play as warlocks!

Everything has a soul, and you know the secrets to harnessing the power of the soul for your own dark magics. Civilized races produce bright souls that can be used in advanced magics or broken into dim souls. Dim souls are the basic unit of soulmagics and are produced by non-civilized creatures. Butcher you enemies and use their souls to fuel your magics!

Build an ever increasing in size series of necromantic altars. At Obelisks and Sanctums you can trap souls in cut gems to preserve them long term!

Use bones, ash, blood, and souls to make new metals at the Corrupted Forge or its magma variant!

Bonemold: Slightly worse than iron. Made from bonemeal and ash.
Bloodsteel: Slightly worse than steel. Made from meat, ash, and bonemold.
Soulforged: Better than steel. Made from dim souls and bloodsteel.

Warlocks: Your base unit, you will never get more of these than what you get at embark. Evil, mortal, and able to learn spells. Sleep and eat as normal.
Ghouls: Learn at 10% speed but have a paralytic bite. Make good cannon fodder. Sleep and need to consume meat.
Imps: Learn normally but only live a year or two! They can cast fire spells but need booze to get through the day.
Corrupted Humans: Created at the Greater Necromantic Altar from 5000 gold and a bright soul. They sleep and eat as normal.
Skeletons: Your basic cheap unit. Made from bones, leather, and a bright soul these skeletons come in three castes:
Skeleton: Basic, made of bone, 50% learn rate
Bonemold: Made of Bonemold! 75% learn rate
Bloodsteel: Made of Bloodsteel! 100% learn rate
Soulforged: Made of Soulforged! 125% learn rate

Summon Iron Men, Blood Men, Amethyst Men, and Gabbro men to stock your dungeon at the various altars!
Gargoyles! Stationary statues that make various effects that can incapacitate your enemies.
Mephits! Annoying little implike creatures that can cast minor magics.
Snakes! Use snakes for eggs or extract their poisons and apply them at the poison vat.

Learn 34 spells at the various altars and destroy your enemies!

Slade and Obsidian Factories:
Generate Obsidian from blocks and generate Slade from blocks and souls, requires magma

Immortality: Seek immortality for 100 bright souls at the greatest necromantic altar
Become a vampire or werewolf! Turn a warlock into a werewolf or vampire, mutually exclusive. Done at the life and blood altars respectively.

Sacrifice souls to meet needs and keep your undead happy, done on a one by one basis at the Necromantic Obelisk or for 30 bright souls at the Sanctum and meet the needs of the whole fortress!

Bugs! Still working everything out, but the mod is stable and functioning in its barebones state. Due note, before spawning any units it is advisable to use the quicksave reaction due to some crashes when spawning in units. This is relatively rare, and only happened twice in my 3-4 dozen test forts.
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